Let’s be realistic ….

As a writer, I do a lot of reading, and it is amazing some of the things I see out there. I won’t refute by name, but idea, and the idea I don’t get is John Lackey.

Yes, I think it would be fantastic if the Mets got him, but I see three teams ahead of the them: the Rangers, Yankees and Angels.

Lackey’s preference if he leaves are the Rangers. The Angels would like to keep him, but might balk at his asking price. Then, of course, there are the Yankees, who, if they really want him will get him if he’s open to New York.

When we spoke of the Mets’ real rivals during the World Series – Phillies or Yankees? – there was one thing we neglected to mention. And, that is the Mets really compete with the Yankees in terms of attracting free agents.

If the two teams went head-to-head for a player, the Yankees, because of their willingness to blow people out of the water, would win. Carlos Beltran was the exception, but his preference wasn’t the Yankees. He didn’t want the attention.

However, his agent, Scott Boras, even with getting his price from the Mets, went back to the Yankees. The Yankees seem to have a tacit agreement with agents that before they sign that they give the them a chance to beat that offer.

The Yankees went to a three-man rotation in the World Series because they didn’t have a fourth starter in which they could rely. They’ll be looking for pitching this winter, and it will start with Lackey.

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