Taking a look at the Mets free agents

Mets Free Agents

Mets Free Agents

It was hardly a surprise Carlos Delgado and Brian Schneider filed for free agency yesterday, the first day of the 15-day filing period that began yesterday.

Delgado, who missed most of the season with a hip injury, expects to play next season, but won’t be re-signed by the Mets. Schneider could return to Washington.



Ironically, Schneider is a veteran back-up catcher, something the Mets need, but they want one who could hit.

Both are Class B free agents, meaning should they be offered arbitration and decline, then sign with somebody else, the Mets would be rewarded a draft pick from the Sandwich Round, which is between the first and second rounds. It’s a moot point, because they won’t be offered arbitration in fear they accept.

First base next year will be Daniel Murphy and a right-handed bat they sign on the cheap. It could be Fernando Tatis, who is also a free agent.

Other Mets free agents are Alex Cora, Gary Sheffield, Ramon Martinez and Elmer Dessens. In that group, I only see Cora being re-signed.

FELICIANO: Could get deal.

FELICIANO: Could get deal.

The arbitration-eligible Mets are Tim Redding, Jeff Francoeur, Angel Pagan, Cory Sullivan, Pedro Feliciano, John Maine, Brian Stokes and Green.

Redding’s status, based on more than six years service time, is if he’s not offered arbitration by Dec. 12, he can become a free agent. The others are under the Mets’ control. In that group, only Francoeur and Feliciano are being considered for multi-year contracts.

23 thoughts on “Taking a look at the Mets free agents

  1. So the Mets are looking for a backup catcher that can hit. Of course they are looking for something that doesn’t exist. Backup catchers can’t hit. If they could hit they’d be first string catcher. oh its nice to see Omar and his cronies looking back to the days of Johnny Blanchard, but alas they are long gone, as are the Met prospects to win next year.

  2. I have read various articles/comments on the catchers available in the offseason. Without spending a lot of $$ I do not see much of an upgrade from Schneider. I would not be too surprised if they end up retaining him and would not be averse to offering him arb.

    Of your Met free agent list I would only talk to Cora.

    From listening to your comments on what we need and what we will bet, it does not sound as if we will be serious players for Lackey/Holliday/Bay.

    If that is what happens they should just get whatever average talent they get on 2 yr or less deals and go agressive in the draft and actually sign quality prospects.

    That may be the only way to get a better team, but it won’t be this year.

  3. (1) I think what JD meant to say was that they are looking for a platoon catcher, not a back up. I nominate Gregg Zaun. He might be on the older side, but he can still hit and hit righties. If you want more of a power bat, you could go for Rod Barajas though he is a righty.

  4. Ah, the opportunity is at hand. Omar’s next opportunity to overpay for a guy whose career is sliding away, is now here. yes, indeed, the White Sox have paved the way. Jermaine Dye, the man Omar has to sign, is now a free agent. Come on Omar, he’s the next Franco/ Moises/ Delgado etc. You gotta do it. You have all the phony press releases, just change the name.

  5. (4) Harry: I know what you mean about Dye. It looks like he is on the downside. However in all fairness, he did have over 500 AB’s each of the last years and he gets on base. IF the Mets truly believe in F-Mart, then Dye is perfect for a year in left in Flushing.

  6. Schneider made $6 million last year. No way they offer him arb, since he would get a raise (no salary cuts in arb)

    Cora can come back, but at a pay cut.

    Frenchy can come back on a 1 year deal. I want to see him prove himself before giving him big $ and long years. He is a 6th place hitter, no more. Not a lot of power, and refuses to walk. Don’t be deceived by a couple of good months, like we did with Murphy.

    Pagan can come back on a 1 yr deal. As a 4th outfielder. I fear though they may sign him to start in left, if they miss on Holliday and Bay. :shudders:

    Pedro F to a 2 yr deal is fine.

    Redding can leave, and take Stokes and Sullivan with him.

    Green on a 1 yr deal.

    Maine on a 1 yr deal. I fear they may non-tender him though.

  7. Ed (6): You’re right. There’s no way they offer arbitration to Schneider. … Don’t agree with you on Francoeur. I’d give him two years with an option for a third. … Pagan would return, but not as a starter. If he starts that’s not a good sign. … They are so thin on pitching that they have to bring back Maine.-JD

  8. Harry – Delgado did a lot more here than Franco and Alou did.

    Yeah, the hip sucked last year, but the dude hurt it hustling (remember that triple early in the season?), which was something he took heat for not doing in 2008 early on.

    At the cost, he was a good deal for last season. He had a great 2nd half of 2008.

    Hindsight is 20/20. No one could have foreseen that he would miss so much time with an injury.

  9. John – oh, I like Maine. I just wonder if they think he can recover. He seems to get hurt every year, and the mystery around what ailed him late 2009 concerns me. I recall a story where he laughed when asked about if it was a weak muscle (or whatever the explanation was) like the team said.

    With Frenchy, 2 yrs is OK I guess, but I worry about the $. No more than $5 or $6 m per please. I just don’t like his peripherals. Guy had an outrageously high BABIP as a Met. That comes down to earth, well, people are gonna turn on him, like they did in Atlanta.

    Agree on Pagan. If he comes back to start, well, we’ve got problems.

  10. 9. He sure did, and omar was the fool who thought he’d never age. and gave him the option year instead of taking the buyout. Good move to get him bad move to keep in ’09 when he didn’t have to. Hindsight is what fans have. Foresight is what GMs are supposed to have. Unfotunately, ours is a fan. I totally agree with you about Francouer. 1 year no more. He couldn’t take the heat in Atlanta. He had a free ride in ’09 with the Mets. What happens when their in a race and he starts feeling the NY heat? Until someone knows, he better not get a long term deal.

    Steve, I fear your thought process is in sync with Omar. BUYER KEEP AWAY FROM aging outfielders. Keep him in AL where, if hurt can DH like Matsui. No DYE in QUEENS. Plus one year. Omar, come on. He’ll give him 2 maybe 3 with an option. NOPE.
    Delcos I( liked your backup hitting catcher better. Johnny Blanchard would be perfect. Don’t you remember the 61 Yankee catchers all had over 20 HRs. Thats’ over 60 dingers from catcher. I know the Yogi man played left a bunch but still….
    And 2 years for Francoeuer makes no sense for him. He knows the Mets ain’t non tendering him so he gifts the Mets one year and an option that, if he stays good will be a lot cheaper than being a FA. He doesn’t deserve it anyway. He ain’t a star. If he’s your core guy you suck, oh wait the Mets do suck, i forgot.

  11. Harry (11): Love your hindsight/foresight line. Mind if I borrow it. … I re-read what you wrote about Francoeur and I think I might be wrong there. I do like your reasoning better.-JD

  12. Not on the subject but there is an article on Chris Botta’s islanders Point Blank website talking how Daniel Murphy came to his son’s Little League Award dinner Thursday night in Rockville Center. Murphy was very generous and friendly to all in signing autographs, answering questions and spending 2 hours with 400 children. Good job, Daniel!

    There is also an article on espn website on the troubles the Jacksonville Jaguars are having in drawing fans and rumblings about moving to Los Angeles. Especially bad since in the early 1990s the NFL gave them an expansion franchise instead of Baltimore, who then decided to get the Cleveland Browns to move to Baltimore.

  13. John – yeah, he auditioned well. But I still worry about his injuries, and how many innings he can go each time out. If we are looking at the below rotation


    the pen is going to get a lot of work.

  14. Harry – the difference between the option and buyout was less than what it would have cost to sign a replacement 1b. No one could have foreseen his hip going that bad. One has to wonder if he hadn’t legged out that triple, what might have been. I recall him getting up after the slide hobbling.

  15. Harry: The key is F-Mart. If they sign a Holliday or Bay then Martinez is as good as gone in a trade. I think it’s way too early to give up on him. One thing we have seen from this regime is lack of patience, and trading him will show the lack of patience again. Signing a guy like Dye for left will give him more time to grow. And who knows, the NL might help Dye more. I think we tend to forget because he has been hyped for so long, that F-Mart is still only 20. And in his 180 AB’s in Buffalo slugged .540 which for his age is very good. What is your game plan for this team Harry? If you were Omar, what would you do?

  16. 16. Ed I don’t believe one play destroys a hip….
    17. Wrong stev my man. The key is building depth. Signing a one year deterioating has been just means that Fmart, if he is ever in playing condition will be called up again to soon when thie next bad signing goes down next year. Signing a stud gives you something GOOD franchises desire and build, the ability to trade from strength. You sign a Holliday you can have FMART develop and then you can trade Mr Brave when FMART is ready or you can trade FMART for another need without having to desperately look to fill that new hole. I know its been so long since that has heppened in Queens that Met fans have forgotten the concept, but it does indeed work. SSign the old broken warrior and you have no optiuons again. Sign the long term star you then sudddenly can loom at filling your needs without desperate and bad moves. Oh, we need a real GM one who understand sthe big picture.

  17. 17, Got it Steve? That’s the concept. Develop depth. Can’t do it everywhere overnight. But the Mets actually can start to do it with the outfield. But you’ll get your man. Next year 5th place. Don’t look back, the Nats have new owner with deep pockets and a new GM with ideas other than signing all the ex Reds and a lot of kids getting closer, if not next year they’ll be in the hunt in ’11.

  18. Harry (20): I second what you’re saying on the Nationals. They’re getting better, and if they really are willing to spend that improvement will be accelerated.-JD

  19. Harry is right.

    you do not make signings on a hope and a prayer like we have the past few years,

    if you want a lf, go get him. why wait on fmart who is always injured and may never arrive? if he does arrive it is a good problem to have. he will have to fight for a spot which is a good thing rather than have something handed to him like murphy and that idiot lastings.

    if he does force himself into the lineup your club is stronger and he will be better for it.

    ed –

    i think you are right about the arbitration thing. no way schneider is worth 6