In case you were wondering ….

The market for Matt Holliday will be expensive. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has reported the Cardinals are discussing a six-year, $96-million contract. If that’s the club’s starting point, you know it will only end up higher, especially with Scott Boras being his agent.

Holliday’s deal will end up north of $100 million, which I think is too rich for the Mets’ blood. That’s a lot of money, which could improve other areas of the team. As important as adding Holliday would be, the Mets could upgrade their pitching and add a lesser bat, which in the big picture would improve their situation.

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  1. I heard the Mets are not picking up J J Pootz’s option, they will buy him out. Which is understandable. But another Minaya move that failed.

  2. (1) But was universally praised. Unfortunately Omar decided to ignore that elbow thingy condition that Putz had. On another note, I hope last night’s start by Pedro stopped the whining retrospective Met fans that can’t believe that Omar didn’t resign him.

  3. Abreu resigns with LAA.

    As for Putz, if not for throwing 95 mph in March due to the WBC, and the front office ignoring the medical advice to have surgery in May, it may not have blown up.
    I liked the trade, none of the pieces given up were all that great (beyond the Catch, Endy is simply not that great a ballplayer). It was a smart move. Had he not gotten hurt, he would have locked down the 8th, and increased his trade value for this winter.
    But the fickle finger of fate intervened. And the stupid WBC.

  4. (2) The bone spur was pre-existing, but guys pitch with them a lot. The problem was throwing 95 in March during the WBC, followed by the front office telling him to take the cortizone shot instead of opting for surgery in May.
    Serious case of Omar covering his ass.

  5. I didn’t like the Pootz move because it involved moving a closer to a set up job. Pootz at one time during the season was saying how he couldn’t get the same adrenaline
    from setting up as he could from closing in Seattle. Players want to close (or start) because that is where the really big money is.

  6. If they don’t go out and get Bay or Holliday then what are they going to do?

    The pitchers out there all have warts.

    They should save the money. Get some short contracts to plug a hole and spend on the draft and hope the scouts know what they are doing.

    Our darling of the year is Davis. If we get more like him in other positions, even if they never get to Shea at least they can be used to get major league players to help us win.

    We have enough latin 20 year olds masquerading as 12 year olds that we sign who never make it past A ball.

    And by the way the above paragraph is not a knock against latin players. Just the approach that these signings outside the draft will save us. It has been 5 years and clearly that has not worked.

  7. One thing the Mets should not do is listen to the WFAN afternoon blowhard who is saying the Mets have to have an announcement by December 15th signing a big time free agent. If you have one who fits the team’s needs, then do it. But as Bill James once said, some of the worst moves teams make are signing someone to “show our fans we are trying to do something”. For what, to sell 500 extra season tickets.
    Us long time Mets fans remember how in the winter of 1971-72, lots of teams were trading big names like Lee May and Gaylord Perry. Writer Jack Lang implored the Mets to do something and they traded Nolan Ryan for Jim Fregosi. Later when the trade blew up, Grant reminded Lang about his urgings and Lang said “I told you to make a trade. I didn’t tell you to make THAT trade.”

  8. Congrats to Abreu. The man showed he is actually a man of his word. He said he liked Anaheim and wanted to stay, and unlike most players, made a deal without testing the waters.

    As for the Putz trade, a trade is judeged after the results are known. In this case we know now Putz was damaged ggos, we know Green was worse than Heilman (as hard as that is to fathom), we know Endy got hurt but Reed was a hideous pick-up, Smith is still young and Carp is still young. Jason Vargas (I think he was in the trade as well) was rather mediocre but certainly as good as Tim Redding and a heck of a lot cheaper At best this trade turns out to be a nothing but more likely a slight loss. The trade made us a little worse of a team. Omar played the prayer game on Putz’ arm and lost.

  9. 9, Chiti, The Angels gain is the Mets loss. He would have been a perfect fit in LF and The 3rd spot in the order. 2 yrs for 18m is a lot better than the 100m contracts Holliday and Bay are looking for. btw Heyman writes that Omar wishes he could have a “do over” with Randy Wolf instead of re-signing Ollie. Do ya think?

  10. Ray,

    Good point. But the Mets didn’t want him last year either when we had the same need for a LF.


  11. (7) Keep in mind that the international free agents are usually signed at age 16. So, 4 years into GM Omar, the early guys are now 20. And the others who have signed are still under that age.

    How many players become MLB starters at 20? That is extremely rare.

    Those guys were not supposed to save anything. It was simply a manner of tapping into another well of possible talent. Fans need to be a tad more patient with minor leaguers (IFA’s or draft picks). And the org needs to stop rushing/touting them so agressively.

    Will they all be stars? Of course not.

    Just like there have been a lot of drafted guys who have crapped out. Eddie Kunz springs to mind, Humber, others.

    Oh, and most late round entry draft draftees never make it past A ball either.
    Very few Mike Piazza’s out there.

  12. ed(13)

    it is well known that latin players shave several years off their true age as well as pumping them with drugs at a young age.

    so when we sign a 16 year old I assume he is at least a few years older.

    I remember reading some years ago when our esteemed gm mentioned that he was going to use the latin american signings to improve our system.

    obviously they have not done a good job drafting, signing and developing players, they seem to put more energy into developing talent in these other pools.

    but if you are a gm and your team sucks, you have no minor league system that can help your team, other organizations laugh at what you offer in trades, you clearly are not doing a good job.

    a gm has a limited shelf life. if your strategy is to sign 15 year olds that will take 10 years to contribute as your main strategy you will not be around for anyone you acquire to help.

    that makes you a stupid gm.