About Last Night: Reflections on Mets vs. Yankees.

The Yankees are better than the Mets, I won’t insult you to suggest otherwise. But, that doesn’t mean the gap can’t close.

The Mets, when healthy, have talent, but truth be told probably more unrealized potential. When it comes to their abilities, they are an uncashed check.

Yes, yes, I know … the Yankees have the whole check book, but that’s not the point.

Watching the Yankees dispose of the Phillies was reminiscent of watching the Phillies dispose of the Mets. The Phillies had their chances to win the Series. Hell, they could have won without leaving Philly. But, they gave the Yankees too many extra outs and whatever mistakes the Yankees made they couldn’t take advantage of them.

That’s how the Mets played all season.

Yes, they were hurt and battered, but they also didn’t play alert, fundamental, crisp baseball. Too many wasted opportunities; too much giving the opposition extra chances to score. The Yankees, as talented as they are, also play the game the right way.

They are loaded with power, which is the great eraser, but they can also manufacture runs, and when they have the opportunity for a big inning they take advantage. The Johnny Damon steal is one example.

I don’t know what moves the Mets will make in the offseason. I do know adding one pitcher, or one left fielder won’t cut it. I also know getting all their pieces back healthy won’t cut it, either. A combination of both makes them better, but not an elite team.

The Mets won’t win until they start thinking and playing like winners. It’s that simple. Until they play the game the right way, they will still defeat themselves.

Taking away their power – from both the Yankees and Phillies – a common thread they have that’s not woven into the Mets fabric is playing the game the right way. They have the physical abilities, but too many intangibles are missing.

Changes must be made, foremost is the attitude.

The guy who should be thinking about this most is Jerry Manuel. I believe Manuel is a guy who treats players like adults. He gives them leeway, he shows patience. But, he shows too much. The whip has to come down, and he’d better be thinking about to whom and when, because if he doesn’t 2010 will be like 2009 – a wasteland.

10 thoughts on “About Last Night: Reflections on Mets vs. Yankees.

  1. Mets vs Yankees is unimportant. Mets vs Phillies is. I still think adding Bay or Holliday and a return to form by Pelfrey, Maine and Perez (can’t be much worse than last year,) will make the gap between both teams closer. The Phills did not impress me this WS at all as they clearly showed how susceptible they are to Left handed pitching. If the Mets can add a lefty to the rotation whether it be a FA or Niese, it would be to their benefit. Madson and Lidge are questionable and with Lidge being owed I think another 22 million over the next two years, he’s not going anywhere. I also think that after last year, the Mets are finally going to have some luck. It can’t be worse

  2. 1. Steve. You continue to make the same fatal flaws that Omar makes. Pray for improvement of a couple guys who sucked, make ypuir annual big splash of a super name, and clap your hands and declare victory. Then ESPN will jump on your flawed bandwagon. All is well, NOT. The theory forgets baseball is now a game requiring not only depth on the 25 man roster but depth in the farm sysem as well, where you need guys who can peform adequately to replace the injured and the inept. The same flawed philosphy also totally ignores the fact that other teams make moves to improve. Met fans and org just the blew the Braves away and wow, they rebuilt their rotaion and have a deep one now and will probably rebuild their offense now.
    The philosophy also is the same short sighted analysis done by Minaya/Manuel looking at 6 games as the ultimate in baseball fact. It ignores the approximate last 500 games where the Phillies finished first 3 straight years and made Winter and mid-season moves to continue to improve their product.
    DELCOS: I totally disagree with your assessment of Manuel tresatinghis players as men. He treats them as little boys and he’s the school bully using the post game presser to bad mouth each and every one of them every chance he gets. He lies about their roles daily.Heis just a 12 year old middle school bully who knows nobody is going to stop him.

  3. (1) Cmon Harry, did the Phills really impress you during this series? Just by being healthy alone closes the gap. The Phills have no bench and if Hamels doesn’t return to form they have very questionable starting pitching and their pen is in a shambles. And what makes you think the Phills can tweak? Did you know that with all their contracts coming due their payroll is higher than the Mets? The teams are alot closer than you think.

  4. Maybe we should also look at the gap between the Mets vs the Braves and Marlins. And worry on how long it will take the Gnats to catch up to us. I always get depressed when the Yankees win yet another championship.

  5. Dan (5): Good point, since both teams are ahead of the Mets. I get this uneasy feeling too many people are believing if a healthy Mets team shows up all will be well. Hopefully, the Mets’ front office doesn’t believe it, but I’m not betting on it.-JD

  6. I think Steve makes a good point about lefty bats. Their lefties were neutralized by the good lefty pitching.

    As for our manager, I agree with Harry. I do not know if Jerry treats his players as Men. What he does do is play favorites. He publicly berates the players he does not like and dismisses any criticism of players he likes. He is very consistent about this.

  7. John – This quote from you should be the Mets goal for every game.

    “The Mets won’t win until they start thinking and playing like winners. It’s that simple. Until they play the game the right way, they will still defeat themselves.”

    Their laissez-faire attitude needs to go, and they should be playing every game as though it was crucial.

    Because it is.

  8. The attitude is why I have already given up on the 2010 season with Manual at the helm. This team has been listening to the same voice through mediocrity for FAR too long now and the fact that we couldn’t be bothered (or were willing to spend the money) to change the leadership is just pitiful. Yanks miss the playoffs for one year and go out and get an ace a #2 starter and a cleanup hitter. We are wallowing in mediocrity and we get a 3rd base coach.