Don’t rush the kid ….

We had some interesting talk on a thread yesterday about the Mets’ penchant for rushing players through their minor league system, often to his detriment. One name mentioned was Jenrry Mejia, whom manager Jerry Manuel is wondering if he could help next year in the bullpen.


Manuel is being seduced by Mejia fastball. To be sure, it is electric, producing nine strikeouts in 7.2 innings in the Arizona Fall League. Definitely eye opening, as are his nine walks and 11 runs on 14 hits. Ouch.

Numbers like that make you beg for the days of Aaron Heilman and Sean Green.

Minor league expert, Kevin Goldstein, in a report for Baseball Prospectus, called Mejia a “thrower,” and more precisely, “a spectacular mess.” That assessment won’t change between now and Opening Day.

Rushing Mejia to the bullpen would put him in a position where he would become overly reliant on his fastball at the expense of his secondary pitches. That sounds like a description of Mike Pelfrey and Bobby Parnell. And, does anybody remember Eddie Kunz?

The Mets have enough problems as it is without taking a chance to impede the development of one of their best prospects.

4 thoughts on “Don’t rush the kid ….

  1. I feel somewhat honored John :-)

    I’m wondering if some of the trouble Mejia is having is related to the finger issue he had in the summer. It may still be causing him problems. Of course, given the medical staff, the next step may be amputation.

    While Goldstein did use those quotes, he also did mention he sees why the Mets like Mejia. The kid is 20, he needs time to mature, like Brad Holt. And Jeurys Familia.

    Ah, Eddie Kunz. What a craptacular waste of a draft pick.

  2. Ed (1): Mentioning Mejia the other day was the inspiration. Thanks. Who knows, amputation might lead to a great curve or change-up. … Craptacular is simply awesome. I might have to put you on retainer.-JD

  3. I only wish I had invented craptacular John.

    I wish this organization would learn to not rush guys. As I’ve posted here and elsewhere, I feel a lot of the fundamental issues we see are directly related to guys moving up too fast. As well as playing out of position.

  4. 1/2/3: Very simple. Good orgs generally don’t rush guys and bad orgs generally do.