Does it end tonight?

Does Pedro Martinez have one more good effort left in the tank? What’s in Andy Pettitte’s tank … can he do it on three days rest?

Martinez feels confident pitching in Yankee Stadium, where he had a quality start in Game 2, giving up three runs on six hits in six innings. He only walked two, but gave up solo homers to Mark Teixeira and Hideki Matsui.

The crowd will be all over him, but Martinez loves that stuff.

As for Pettitte, he’ll be going on short rest, something he hasn’t done. It is something he’s done 16 times and is 4-6.

Pettitte was the winner in Game 3, giving up four runs in six innings, but he also drove in the game tying run with a single. I’ll never underestimate Pettitte. I can see him losing, but I can also see lights out.

5 thoughts on “Does it end tonight?

  1. Don’t know. I see both as being equal here. Both are aging, but they are also effective. Can Pedro make it to 5?

    The Phils are done. Let us say they win this game. Who pitches in game 7?

  2. I don’t see any way the Yanks don’t close it out tonight. On home turf, the pitching matchup favors them, and they still have the only dependable bullpen arm in Mariano. I know Pettite is on 3 days rest, but Pedro is doing something he hasn’t done in a month, which is to pitch on regular rest. He has 15 and 12 days respectively between his NLCS and Game 2 WS start. Now with only 5 days rest, that might hurt him. Like Dave said above too, even if the Phills make it to game 7, who is going to pitch? Hamels/Blanton/Happ? not too scary against CC.

  3. Two events this week made me realize how late in the year it is to have an unfinished World Series – Election Day, and The Breeder’s Cup entries for Friday and Saturday. There have also been some half-hearted snow warnings, but I am discounting them.

    So, we are faced with two pitchers – either of whom could have a big finale or never make it through the fourth inning, various bull pen guys who often fail on a World Series Stage, and one teams’ closer who may – yes may – be asked to go three (3!) innings.

    Anyway, this could be the last baseball game of 2009 –

    Don’t miss it.

  4. John

    You are late.

    I have seen xmas decorations in stores for a few weeks now.

    Just in time for Halloween.