Hamels: What was he really saying?

I’ll be honest, there are some in the media who take a quote and run with it without dissecting what was really said. There’s more to a quote than just words. There is context, and that must be part of the equation.

HAMELS: Has had better times.

HAMELS: Has had better times.

The media likes Cole Hamels because he’s a good quote. He says what’s on his mind without always using a filter. Nobody will ever forget his Mets as “chokers,” comment last winter on WFAN.

After he was ripped in Game 3, Hamels went on a radio show and spoke of his miserable season. Last year’s World Series MVP isn’t having it so good these days and it’s not a given he will start a possible Game 7, despite it being his turn.

Hamels was 10-11 this season, and is 0-1 with a 7.58 ERA in four starts in the playoffs. The Yankees got him for five runs in Game 3.

It was obvious to me what his meaning was when he said: “I can’t wait for it to end. It’s been mentally draining. At year’s end, you just can’t wait for a fresh start.”

However, Hamels will look at this season through a different set of glasses if he pitches, and wins, Game 7. I don’t see how anybody, including his teammate Brett Myers, could think he was saying he didn’t want the ball one more time.

I can’t imagine anybody believing Hamels saying he was quitting.

After all this, I would think Manuel would want to start Hamels, who would take to the mound with anger and added incentive.

5 thoughts on “Hamels: What was he really saying?

  1. A filly family feud. too bad, bad boy brett will only be wearing the red and white for one or two more games. then he can go home and hope his wife doesn’t press charges next time as he sits on the baseball players unemployment line.

  2. really?

    u mean the media is not about sound bites and twisting what is said to make a headline?

    i always thought the headlines for the post or news were so true.

  3. John (3) That quote really caught my attention just now. It’s very powerful. I wonder who wrote it? I didn’t think there was ever anyone at the Post who could pull at your heartstrings like that.