Davis is Mets’ rising star

The Mets do have a good prospect and his name is Ike Davis, who was named to the Arizona Fall League’s 2009 Rising Stars Game.

Davis is batting .340 with three home runs and 10 RBI in 12 games with the Surprise Rafters in the AFL. This, after hitting .298 with 20 home runs and 71 RBI between Single-A St. Lucie and Double-A Binghamton in 2009.

Baseball America rated him the best first-base prospect in the Double-A Eastern League and 13th-best prospect overall.

Of course, there are no sure things, but the Mets have reason to be optimistic. We could see him sometime this summer, but the target is 2011.

Given that, it makes more sense to throw money at an outfielder instead of a first baseman. The Mets don’t want to spend their minor league chips on that position, especially when they have one developing. The Mets don’t want to do anything that would impede Davis’ path to the major leagues, such as signing a first baseman to a long deal.

Daniel Murphy showed enough where he could plug the hole for another season. If they aren’t happy with Murphy, and there are no indications that is the case, then signing a middle-tier FA like Aubrey Huff would be the way to go.

22 thoughts on “Davis is Mets’ rising star

  1. Davis has already played a portion of a season at AA, which is considered finishing school for prospects these days; as such, I would anticipate him being called up in May or June, after he gets his feet wet with 100 ABs in AAA.

    I strongly disagree with the idea of Murphy at first base. Eight of the top 14 offensive performers in the NL this year were first baseman: Pujols, Fielder, Gonzalez, Votto, Lee, Berkman, Howard and Helton. Those are the elite, who were followed by good, solid years from LaRoche and Johnson and a better-than-average year from Cantu. Then you get Loney, who was league-average, and Murphy, who was below league-average.

    In short, the Mets cannot be competitive with Daniel Murphy playing first base and producing the way he did in 2009. End of story.

  2. (1) From reports I have read, he is still having trouble handling the breaking pitch. He needs a full season of AAA without being rushed thru the system. I’m pretty sure the Mets will try to acquire a RH platoon player with Murphy at 1b for this year. Jorge Cantu would be a great pick up IMO. If the pitching holds up and they can add Holliday or Bay, the Mets will be competitve with everyone regardless if Murphy is the 1bman or not.

  3. Tiffany (1): The bottom line is the Mets won’t be a playoff caliber team unless they improve their pitching, regardless of who plays first base. … If they can get an elite first baseman in a trade that would be great, but they don’t have the chips to trade, and wouldn’t have anything left if they want to pursue a pitcher or left fielder. … May or June is too early, unless there’s an injury and the Mets have to scramble. … The point is Murphy’s good enough as a stop gap for one year until presumably Davis would be ready. Then, they’d have to find a spot for Murphy or deal him.-JD

  4. They don’t send prospects to AAA, if they can help it. AAA is for aging insurance policies like Wilson Valdez and Ricky Ledee. Teams try to keep their best prospects out of AAA, preferring to see them struggle in the bigs than be scarred by the atmosphere in AAA.

  5. Steve (2): I like the idea of Cantu. He won’t break the bank for one thing. … Davis does need a full season at Triple-A, because as good as the reports are, he still has holes in his game, of which hitting the breaking ball is one of them. … I think you’re being optimistic if you think the pitching holds up they’ll be all right. I’m assuming by that statement that they won’t add anybody. … From what I hear, Bay will stay in Boston. Holliday is doable if they want to spend the money, but pitching remains their priority.-JD

  6. Tiffany (4): I agree Triple-A is for aging players, fill-ins. The Mets have shown that lately. However, the caliber of play is higher in Triple-A than Double-A and prospects still need time there.-JD

  7. See if you can name the last Mets prospect to spend an entire year at AAA before being called up to the big club.

    Now, see if you can name any who have been called up either directly from AA or after having a spent a month or so at AAA.

  8. Tiffany (7): Swing and a miss …. you proved my point. Triple-A is the last stop before the majors. C’mon, Tiffany, give up the ghost on this one. There’s a reason why it goes rookie league, Single-A, Double-A and Triple-A. It’s because Triple-A is the last stop. I’m not saying nobody goes from Double-A to the majors. I’m saying that the last stop is Triple-A.-JD

  9. Yes — David Wright got 114 ABs at AAA before being called up to the bigs. Jose Reyes got 160 ABs. Lastings Milledge probably got about 100 ABs before being called up in May 2006. Likewise, Carlos Gomez probably got less than 100 ABs before being called up in early May 2007. Daniel Murphy got 4 ABs at AAA before being called up. Pelfrey went directly from AA to the bigs, while Niese got 39 AAA innings in before coming to the Mets.

    So, what’s the ghost here, outside of your inability to understand this?

  10. So Tiffany what you are trying to say I think is that the Mets as an organization are truly flawed because they rush their prospects and they don’t get a chance to develop them?

  11. (11) You can make the value judgment as to whether this approach is flawed; I’m just pointing out that the process exists and is currently being implemented, despite what Delcos thinks.

  12. Well I guess that i’ll let that be my value judgement then. Look at the Phillies roster:

    Howard: Parts of 2 seasons, over 300 AAA Ab’s
    Utley: Two full years at AAA
    Victorino: Two pretty full years at AAA
    Werth: 240 AAA Ab’s

    Etc..etc..etc…AAA should be IMO, the place where the top prospects should prove they can handle the next step into the bigs. Guys you set forth like Carlos Gomez and Daniel Murphy aren’t really the best guys to use in a positive light. I’m sure they both could have benefitted from a year or so in AAA.

    Hey, if Davis goes out and dominates AAA in his first 150 AB’s, I say let him come up. But he has already proven he can hit in AA, there is no reason at all to send him right up here especially if he struggles with a breaking pitch.

  13. (13) Again, I’m not making an argument as to whether it’s good or bad; rather, I’m trying to bring Delcos into reality. Wish me luck, would you?

  14. (14) LOL Tiffany. What happened? You and JD go on a bad date or something? lol

  15. Tiffany … I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately. I’m not sure what context that last comment was. I’ll assume you’re just tweaking and it wasn’t mean.-JD

  16. I agree.

    Unless the Mets can get that guy from california why spend on a 1b?

    davis is really tearing it up, but i want to see him play in the minors.

    This was actually a good pick by our gm. interesting how he was a first rounder or a comp pick.

    as for the whole AAA thing, I think players should play there because in AA they still are raw. Our players that Tiffany mentions all were rushed for various reasons. I dont remember david or jose, but everyone else came up because of injuries. CarGo was like the 3rd OF called up cause everyone was in the hospital. ditto with the other guys.

    as we know with the players listed, all could use more seasoning.

  17. The Mets do seem to rush guys through the system, I’ve posted about this before.
    Some players are rushed due to being deemed ready. See Reyes, Wright, Parnell.
    Others are rushed due to injury. See, Murphy, Evans, Gomez, Martinez.
    I do think they need to slow things down. Murphy for instance should not have been in the majors at the start of this season. Granted, he had a nice 2008, but towards the end, pitchers got adjusted to him (hit fastball far, cannot hit slider down and in).
    I worry when I hear Jerry talk about possibly using Meija in the pen this year. Dude is 20. He has the potential to be a top line starter. Moving him to the pen at this point is foolish, since he will not be able to refine his secondary pitches. We know how that usually turns out (see Pelfrey, Mike).
    And of course, there are times guys who have shown promise are then glued to the bench so guys like Sullivan and Reed and Tatis can get playing time. There was no reason Nick Evans should not have played more in September. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  18. Ed

    I agree. Meijia has been getting killed in winter ball. The big league hitters will destroy him.

    I also agree on Evans. Instead of giving him a look, they introduced him to Mr. Pine.