About Last Night: We have a Series.

There’s a chance I could get my wish and this thing will go seven games. Those that know me understand that the only rooting interest I have is for a playoff round go seven games.

UTLEY: Two more bombs last night.

UTLEY: Two more bombs last night.

Last night was about the resiliency of the Phillies which was something the Mets have seen the last three seasons. With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, a play here or there the other way and the Phillies could have won already as they held leads in the games they lost.

The Yankees got to Cliff Lee for five runs, but it took them until the eighth to do it. We could see him again in Game 7 as a reliever, as that is his throw day. Lee has thrown well north of 200 innings this season and maybe they are catching up to him. The Phillies won because he pitched deep into the game to keep the Yankees out of their bullpen.

Last night, we also saw Chase Utley, who I’ve said several times throughout the season that he’s one of the top position players in the game. If I were starting a team, Albert Pujols would be my first choice and Utley probably my second. Maybe A-Rod.

I’m looking forward to Game 6, which is often the most intense of the playoff games because of the sense of urgency. The key tomorrow night will be Andy Pettitte, who has pitched well this postseason, but not well over his career on three days rest.

Joe Girardi gambled by going with a three-man rotation. It could still work out for the Yankees, but Burnett was hammered and Pettitte has a losing record on three days.

6 thoughts on “About Last Night: We have a Series.

  1. I said yesterday that the Yanks were making a mistake by throwing Burnett on short rest..on the road, instead of saving him for normal rest at home where he has been fairly dominant. Pettite is 37 and hasn’t pitched on 3 days rest in 3 years. Fortunately for the Yankees, the Phills pitching except for Lee is in shambles. They have no one trustworthy to go to and I don’t believe Pedro has a duplicate game 2 start in him. I think whatever momentum the Phills might have gained by winning last night was squashed by the Yankees almost coming back to win. There really is no reason why the Yanks shouldn’t win tomorrow night. I’m hoping they don’t. Go Pedro!!!!!!!

  2. Being a lifelong fan of baseball, the more I can see, the happier I am. Since yesterday loomed as the possible last day of the season, but turned out differently, I welcome Game Six, and am especially interested in the two pitchers who may face each other there.

    Pedro Martinez -age 39, and Andy Pettitte -age 38 are the probably starters. Both have had long and successful careers – Pedro is a lock for first ballot HOF, and Andy might have been had it not been for the steroids he took from Clemens – the HOF really doesn’t like that.

    Again, I would plead with those fans who are boycotting this series because they are not fans of the Phillies and/or the Yankees. Look at the larger picture – aren’t you a baseball fan? Don’t be parochial – the World Series is an American tradition – show up.

  3. Steve (1): Yeah, I wonder about Pedro, also. They are hoping for lightning in a bottle there. If he gives them an outing like last time, they’d take it. He gave up two homers, but they were solo. It would be a great story if he does. … The real Phillies enigma to me is Cole Hamels. What happened there? Game 7 would be his turn, but I don’t know if Charlie Manuel will give him the ball. They might go with Happ and a cast of thousands, including Lee.-JD

  4. Annie (2): I hear you. I guess a lot of Mets fans, including some of my readers, just can’t stomach Yankees-Phillies. I just don’t get it. I grew up in Cleveland and followed the Indians, but they were horrible. I still watched the World Series because it is the best baseball has to offer.-JD

  5. 1. steve you let your phillie hatred blind you to reality. Lets see the Pedro you keep telling us will g et bombed every outing has had one great outing and one good outing in the post season. Big fatty blanton had a good outing. The big powerful yankee lineup blooped him for their runs. His pitching was fine. The only starter who has been is hamels and he’s bad bad almost all year.
    Meanwhile your criticsm of the Yankees for starting everyone on 3 days rest omts the simple facxt that they have only 3 starters. Where would you get your mysterious 4th from. Joba who hasn’t had a good start in months and has started any game in over a month? Maybe Rivera? They don’t even have a 4th.