TALKIN’ BASEBALL: Game #5; will the bubbly flow?

Game 5: Burnett vs. Lee.

Game 5: Burnett vs. Lee.

The Philadelphia Inquirer printed an ad congratulating the Phillies on winning the World Series. It was a three-quarter page ad that said “Back To Back World Champions.”

Down 3-1, it will take a monumental Yankees’ collapse for that to happen. The Phillies would have to win tonight with Cliff Lee and then win two in New York. The 2004 Red Sox overcame a 3-0 deficit to win, including Games 6 and 7 at Yankee Stadium.

It’s possible, but who is running to their bookie? I didn’t think so.

The Yankees’ approach is simply to score early to deflate the Phillies even further and take the crowd out of the game. The Phillies have had leads in this Series but have been unable to put the Yankees away.

These are tough games to watch because most everybody has written off the Phillies and believe the suspense is gone.

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  1. Watching the FOX pre-game. Ozzie Guillen needs a clue. He just said Derek Jeter is the greatest Yankee ever. Babe Ruth? Lou Gehrig? Joe DiMaggio? Mickey Mantle? Maybe the greatest shortstop, but not the greatest player.-JD

  2. John (1) It seems to me in retrospect that every one of these Yankee/Phillie games has had some unexpected result, or play, that amazes me – and I’ve seen lots of games. These teams are really after each other in every way they can think of – and yet, I read that many baseball fans are not even watching because they hate the Phillies and/or the Yankees. Makes no sense to me – it’s the World Series and it is most watchable.

  3. Paul O’Neill was the greatest Yankee ever. They always talk about how fresh the air smelled coming out of their dryer vent in the backyard when he was growing up. His mother allegedly washed, rinsed _and_ repeated with his hair, too. What’s more, the family never had any problems with their septic tank, either. Not a one.

    Tell me this: If the Yanks win tonight, will this blog provide a blow-by-blow coverage of their victory parade?

  4. John (1) Ozzie Guillen tells some wonderful stories, but I’m not sure they have any truth to them – Derek is a terrific Yankee, but there is still a long line of Yankee greats ahead of him. I think Ozzie is just looking for face time.

  5. Assuming Lee wins tonight, they have to win the next two with Pedro and who going in game 7?

    Very tall order.

    The Phils had their chances.

  6. Well Ozzie has a WS ring as a manager. I think he has a clue about what matters most in baseball. I’m sure Derek Jeter was the best yankee Ozzie saw play. Unless of course he was there to witness the great Horace Clarke.

  7. Who cares about the Babe or Gehrig? They are legends of the game.

    Derek is the true legend.

    He is a gold glove winner every year he has been in the league. He has won the batting title more times than I can remember. He is the reigning HR champion and he has set the record for most HR’s in a single year.

    Yes, Who cares about those losers?

  8. dave (5): I have to think you’re right. The only things I root for during the World Series are: 1) it goes seven games, 2) the games are well-played, and 3) the umpires don’t decide it.-JD

  9. FIRST INNING: That’s twice tonight somebody from FOX said the Yankees have never lost a World Series when up 3-1. In 2004, they were up 3-0 then 3-1, but lost. The only team to do that.-JD

  10. John (11) Maybe he does, I’m sure he’ll get attention for it. What an awful sound those hits make.

  11. This is NOT hindsight — I really was about to say I think the Phillies will come back and win tonight, BEFORE the 3-run homer!

    I just feel the combination of the Phillies not wanting to be eliminated at home, and the Yankees not really wanting to win it on the road, will send the Series back to NY.

  12. Jeff (14): Should the Phillies win, I wonder if Pedro Martinez can pitch in Game 6 as well as he did in Game 2. It would make for a great story.-JD

  13. John (18) Shouldn’t that hand be x-rayed? Tim said there is a machine available in this ball park.

  14. Jeff (20) did you see that Jeff Francoeur finally had that surgery on his left thumb torn ligament? Why does it always take the Mets so long to treat their players ailments?

  15. (21) According to Adam Rubin, Met players “uniformly’ believe they were asked to play with injuries that would have landed them on the DL in other organizations. That’s not good for morale, nor will be it a selling point with potential free agents.

  16. Annie (19/21): Victorino went into the clubhouse, so I assume he had an X-Ray. …. From what I hear, hand injuries can be tricky. They burned a month that could have been used for recovery time.-JD

  17. Tiffany (22): Supposedly, the Mets will address their medical protocols this winter. … I still recall the Church debacle. As poorly handled an injury as there could be. … You’re right about it possibly scare off free agents. … One more thing, all players have the option of seeking a second opinion.-JD

  18. John (23) You could see that Victorino was in pain and uncomfortable.
    Yes, hand injuries can be tricky – think about how many fragile little bones are in there.

  19. (24) I heard Jeffie say that the problem was with how they _communicated_ the extent of the injuries to the media. In other words, the Mets think their medical staff is just fine, as evidenced by their recent willingness to complain about the Dodgers’ staff.

    The translation of Jeffie’s end-of-season comments are as follows: We were profitable in 2009 and see no reason to make any major changes.

  20. John (23) at the moment it looks like a game 6 will be played back at the Stadium – Martinez will be ready, but will he be facing Pettitte or Gaudin?

  21. Who is this pitcher Chad Gaudin who was mentioned as perhaps starting today? Would he be a possibility for Wednesday if Andy is not available?

  22. Tiffany (26) I saw that same statement. How many ways are there to say “He just doesn’t get it!” ?

  23. Nice work by Chan Ho Park. He didn’t take to the bullpen while with the Mets. Part of that is because the Mets looked at him as both a starter and long man. Had they just looked at him as a long man it might have been difference.-JD

  24. John (42) Just checked the weather forecast for Thursday – it seems there is a possibility of snow…

  25. This game seemed to put the Yankees at a loss about what to do with Pitcher Lee and Utley the home run hitter. Consequently the Phillies led from the start and the Yankees never caught up. Burnett was gone in the early innings and a parade of fill-ins followed while Lee went eight..

    Final Score – Yankees:6 Phillies: 8

    Next Game – Wednesday night at Yankee Stadium (pitchers to be named later)

    See you then.

  26. POST GAME ANALYSIS: The Phillies survive to fight another day. Facing elimination, the two best players in this Series – Cliff Lee and Chase Utley – carried the Phillies past the Yankees. … Utley’s three-run homer set the tone and the Phillies kept the pressure on all night. It was key that Lee worked deep into the game to stay away from the Phillies’ bullpen.-JD

  27. Enjoy the rest of the series. I’ll be traveling and probably won’t be online — though, you never know!

  28. I accidentally caught some of last night’s game. Glad to see Victorino and Utley giving another team a big fat huge headache.

    I wish we didnt have to wait the 2 years it will take the Met’s to rebuild to a point where they can actually make a play for the series. unless of course the miracle happens and they start playing as a team. 😉

    Lets Go Mets Go!

  29. (43) JD: I don’t remember Park throwing 97 MPH when he was a Met. Don’t bust their chops for not keeping Park for goodness sakes. Anyway, watching the kid Robertson pitch for the Yanks? He is everything you want Bobby Parnell to turn into. 63 K’s in 43 IP this year.