Welcome to November ….

It is November and tonight is Game 4 of the World Series. There are so many things wrong with that picture.

We know this is all because of greed and MLB prostituting itself for the bucks. We also know that as long as Bud Selig remains commissioner things will not change. Hell, regardless of who is commissioner things will not change.

That’s because the owners are running the game in all capacity, and the Players Association, once powerful, doesn’t stand up anymore because they are getting their share.

Yes, the World Series scheduling is dictated by the network, but so are the earlier rounds. With both FOX and TBS broadcasting, MLB will not schedule conflicting games as to interfere with each other’s ratings. That also necessitates spreading out the scheduling. God forbid they broadcast in the afternoon (there were some, but not nearly enough).

There is another solution, but it is doubtful MLB will go in that direction because it makes too much sense.

MLB can cut a week off the season – and STILL keep it at 162 games – if it implemented day-night doubleheaders throughout the season for division games. Interleague play and the unbalanced schedule has provided enough opportunities because teams within the division play each other up to 19 times.

We know MLB won’t go for the traditional doubleheader because of its insistence of not wanting to lose a gate. So, schedule the day-night variety once a month. In doing so, over the six-month season you’ll free up six days. That means starting the postseason a week earlier.

Even better, would be doing it every other week. That could free up to 12 days.

MLB says the Players Association won’t go for it, but they never asked. I’ve spoken to numerous players and they like the idea because it would mean more off days during the season.

Returning to the old way of starting the World Series on a Saturday would be a prudent thing to do. IT’S THE WORLD SERIES!!!! People will watch on the weekend, and they’ll watch during the day, too.

MLB, in capitulating to the networks, says the ratings will go down. Who’s to say? Will the drop be that significant? We won’t know unless they try it.

Instead, MLB doesn’t want to compete with college and pro football. In taking that approach, the sport is saying it isn’t good enough. Nonsense. Baseball is plenty good enough to compete, and if the match-up is good, it will win. If the match-up is bad – and MLB defines that as anything without the Yankees – they won’t watch anyway.

This weekend, the games are in the National League city. Had Colorado made it, we’d still be stuck on Game 2.

MLB should say, “this is when we’re playing, if you want to broadcast the games, show up. … If this isn’t good enough for you we’ll get somebody else to televise the games.”

Instead, MLB just takes the money and rolls over.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to November ….

  1. Disagree with several points: If you add 6day/night DHs to cut a week off the schedule you do not get any more days off. If you go to 12 you are truly spitting in the faces of your season ticket holders. Day night DHs are pue crap to attend.
    I think the networks know when ratings are highest. If they thought day ball would draw better than night bal, there would be day ball. Night ball also gives Fox less nights for reruns. If they moved the night games to the day they would have more nights to fill. Why do you thinbk ABC and CBS and now NBC have filled their netwroks with Saturday night College ball. Relatively cheap and original programming.
    If MLB did as you suggest and say we demand day playoffs in the new contract, they’s get one with less $$ and why should they do that?
    Your regular argument about the weather might have done something somewhere else is not credible. In ’89 were you wailing about baseball moving to the Bay area? Afterall, had the A’s never left Phiily or Kc and had the Giants stayed in Manhattan then we wouldn’t have had to deal with the earthquake delay.
    All season have stretched ot to allow the leagues to make more money from TV. The NBA used to play 50 games. So did hockey. The NFL didn’t always have the bye week.
    You don’t like the night games put it on your DVR and watch in the morning.

  2. Harry (1) We are all a bit confused – I’m awake when I should be asleep, it’s November when it should be October, night instead of day etc.

    If Arlen ever regains a position of power in the Senate, I’d ask him to revisit some of these sports issues – and there are many.

    One more thing – your suggestion about putting night games on DVR and watching at another time really puzzles me – baseball is meant to be seen LIVE.

  3. John, in response to your statement in the game 3 thread about being overwhelmed about me posting at 529AM. Keep in mine I get off at work at 4AM. So that is “evening time” for me. I am one of the few people on the East Coast has no problems with games not finishing at 1AM. But I understand and support most of your ideas. Harry Chiti’s argument about day/night doubleheaders sounds logical.
    After getting hit with declining attendance and lower races, NASCAR has announced that in 2010 more races will start at 1PM local. Recently more races have started at 3PM to “get the California audience” which really hasn’t appeared. They have also been hit with rain in late afternoon which forces them to delay/cancel the races (At the race in Watkins Glen, NY) people just sat their watching radar screens for a storm to come in from Canada that hit at 230PM when the race started).
    Judge Landis was wrong on some things but one thing he did when he took over was force the owners to return the World Series to a best of seven format. They had changed it to a best of nine three years later. But the old judge said “one week of post season baseball is enough”. But you will notice there are no Judge Landis’s as commissioner in any sport. They have learned their lesson not to get any independent people who may interfere with them in making money.

  4. Harry (1):

    A – Of course the networks know when the ratings are highest. My point is I don’t give a damn about the ratings. I want what’s best for the game.

    B- Sure, day-nighters are pure hell to attend. Most season ticket holders are corporations who give away or sell those tickets. Odds are they won’t go to both. Most season tickets are sold in packages, which could easily be divided in splitting the games.

    C- In the D/N double-headers, you could easily shave a week off the season and have more days off during the season, especially if you do it every other week.

    D – Of course, this is all about money. I believe I stated that from the outset. I’m saying that shouldn’t be the driving factor for everything. … Hell, if MLB had its druthers, they’d move the Series to a warm, neutral site location, much like the Super Bowl, which is also crappy.

    E – I am fully aware they might get less money. But, just how much nobody seems to know. My point is to make some adjustments on the postseason package that doesn’t irk fans and alienate future fans. But, I know how these things work. I just don’t have to like it.

    F- Bite your tongue about the DVR. Never happen.-JD

  5. Dan (3): I hear what you’re saying. I also understand what Harry said. It’s all about money. Always has been and always will be. That’s because the commissioner’s job is to first make money for the owners. The reason the MLBPA doesn’t care is because they are getting its cut. … I know it won’t change. I’m just being idealistic and that doesn’t work.-JD

  6. john is giving some ideas that would help the season not to end the day xmas falls.

    as he says this will mean less money.

    the point is how do you grow the game. how do you get kids excited about baseball rather than basketball or football?

    playing the world series on a school night so that it ends at 1am is not the way to do it.