TALKIN’ BASEBALL: Game #4; Sabathia trying to put Phils in hole.

Game 4: Sabathia vs. Blanton.

Game 4: Sabathia vs. Blanton.

The New York Yankees made CC Sabathia the richest pitcher in history for moments like tonight.
Working on three days rest for the second time in the playoffs, Sabathia, who signed a seven-year, $161-million free-agent deal last winter, has an opportunity to pitch the Yankees to a 3-1 edge in the World Series.
Sabathia was 19-8 with a 3.37 ERA this summer and the heavy favorite to win his second Cy Young Award. He is 3-1 with a 1.52 ERA in the playoffs, and was the ALCS MVP.

Sabathia is a horse. He is 5-3 with a 3.16 ERA in eight starts throwing on short rest. The Phillies decided not to start Cliff Lee on three days rest, instead opting for Joe Blanton. Lee has never worked on short rest.

SABATHIA: Trying to put the hammer down.

SABATHIA: Trying to put the hammer down.

“It feels good for them to have confidence in you, especially in these situations,’’ Sabathia said about working on short rest. “It gives you confidence when your team has confidence and the guys want you out there and everybody is asking: ‘Are you pitching today?’ and ‘Are you pitching tomorrow?’ ’’

Should the Phillies extend this to a seventh game, Sabathia would get that start in New York.

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  1. Not a good start for the Phillies. Rodriguez has been hit three times in two games. Why would Blanton want to hit Rodriguez? He’s just one more potential run to be scored.-JD

  2. John (4) When I talked with my brother this afternoon, he had concerns about Sabbathia pitching on less rest and cool weather in Philly. Not sure if that’s the reason, but CC doesn’t look comfortable out there yet.

  3. That was a ball to Ibanez, just like it was a ball to Posada. He’s missing them for both teams. … Phillies are letting this opportunity get away from them.-JD

  4. Buck and McCarver are right. Howard didn’t touch the plate. But if the Yankees made no effort to tag him there’s nothing that could be done about it. The umpire can’t tell the Yankees he didn’t touch the plate.-JD

  5. John (7) You’re right about the hypocrasy of the Networks re: the hours of the games, but I also see parents with children out way past what would be a normal bedtime for a child.

    Yankee stadium is also full of ‘invited guests’ tonight – no entry fee, but the food is not free. There were crowds outside waiting to get in – all concession stands open etc.

  6. John (11) are you serious??? At night, to watch an outdoor screen of what you can see at home on TV? And people actually were there – a lot of them.

  7. Why the change in the pitcher’s routines/schedules during the post season/World Series, or is it the dearth of pitchers who can deliver in these situations. I noticed they yanked Phil Hughes off the mound quickly and brought in Mariano last night. I suppose they also figure that the pitchers have months to rest up…

  8. John (16) I’m pretty much up to date on the Yankee players, but the fourth starter is someone whose name I didn’t even recognize – Chad Gaudin.

    This is management a la Girardi – so far, so good – I was wrong about him.

  9. SIXTH INNING: This game, along with the Series, is close to being over. Phillies letting opportunities slip away. Sabathia earning every penny of that contract tonight.-JD

  10. John (18) Yes, Sabathia has settled down nicely.
    (Every time I watch him on the mound I am reminded of David Wells – must be the baggy uniform – although I don’t think David is as big as CC – is he?)

  11. EIGHTH INNING: Phillies can’t afford to let another run in. They have to do it in the bottom of the inning because of the presence of Rivera. It looks as if Rivera will go only one inning.-JD

  12. John (25) suddenly this game got very interesting – runs being scored all over the place – 7-4 now, with Mariano on the way.

  13. I guess with what we’ve seen in the Series so far, the Yankees are proving to be able to make things happen for them.

  14. Yankees win an amazing game. They just kept coming back, several times.

    Score Yankees 7, Phillies 4.

    Game tomorrow at 7:57PM

    This series has been well worth watching

    See you tomorrow.

  15. POST GAME ANALYSIS: The Yankees were simply better. They have a lot of weapons, but the biggest one tonight was Johnny Damon. The Yankees have been very focused and determined. They got off the ropes in Game 2 and took control in Philadelphia. Only a monumental collapse prevents them from winning now.-JD

  16. You knew at some point Brad Lidge was going to pitch like the batting practice pitcher he was in 2009. He couldn’t have some slip ups in 2008 when the Mets had a chance? Nnnnnoooooo!!!! Had to do it when the Mets are on the disabled list.
    Phillies fought back but against this $200 million team, that means only tying.
    Just a hunch but I think the Yankee offense goes on an explosion Monday night.

    The funny thing is right before the Feliz home run, John Sterling said he has home run power.
    I know several teams have rallied from a 3-1 deficit and a number of the teams that lost were defending world champions (1925, 1958, 1968). But I think if the Fillies rallied, it would be the biggest upset.

  17. The biggest flaw to the philosphies of modern managing is the failure of managers to remove closers from the game when they don’t have their stuff. They overmanage their pen to get to the guy but then he’s in there do or die. The Phillies lost the WS to the Blue Jays because Mitch Williams had nothing in the tank and their manager wouldn’t end it and last night the same with Lidge. Did Charlie M really think that Rivera would give up at least 3 runs in the 9th inning?

  18. What concerns me is the parochialism of some fans who refuse to watch the post season/World Series games because “their team” is not in them.

    And yes, the TV money determines the time and schedule of these play off games, and no it’s not fair for certain time zones etc.

    But a real baseball fan wants to see the level of play for each team, and each player as they move toward the final game of the World Series Championship.

    That’s why they play the game of baseball — where you play until the last out of the game, not the last tick of a timeclock.

  19. I think the Yanks are making a big mistake throwing Burnett on short rest , especially on the road. He’s been pretty dominant at Yankee Stadium these playoffs and was shelled in Anaheim. If the Phills can win the next two and somehow get it to game 7, it will be interesting to see if CC’s arm falls off. It did look like he labored to me a bit last night.