Is there a real option in left?

The two most intriguing left-field names are Jason Bay and Matt Holliday, and I’m not high of the Mets getting either. Less desirous names are Vernon Wells and Milton Bradley. Both would be a mistake.

Amid reports Boston is offering Bay $60 million over four years, one would think he’ll stay with the Red Sox. Holliday would want more, and with Albert Pujols saying he wants to remain with the Cardinals, that is contingent on being surrounded with support. That Holliday is gone from St. Louis could be a premature assumption.

F-MART: Is it time for him?

F-MART: Is it time for him?

Wells is a bad idea considering his numbers are in decline and he has five years remaining on his contract for $98.5 million. If the Mets are willing to spend that much, I’d go for Holliday, but that’s too rich for my blood.

Bradley’s contract calls for two years and $21.5 million, which would be reasonable if he weren’t such a head case and clubhouse cancer. There’s a

Tampa Bay’s Carl Crawford and Pat Burrell, and the Angels’ Gary Matthews Jr. remain options. I’m on board for exploring Crawford, but I’m also beginning to wonder if giving the position to Fernando Martinez would be reasonable.

BRADLEY: Just say no.

BRADLEY: Just say no.

Reportedly, he’s not ready, but why not push the envelope with him? Say give him until the All-Star break and see where he is? Could that really hurt him?

Yes, the Mets have been accused of rushing players, and Mike Pelfrey and Lastings Milledge are two examples. But, if the Mets don’t seriously upgrade their rotation they aren’t going anywhere anyway.

So, maybe it is time for them to see what they have in Martinez?

8 thoughts on “Is there a real option in left?

  1. because that is not what they want.

    as u know i think the team is serously flawed. they dont have the minors, the pitching nor the bench to compete.

    they need a new direction and it starts at the top.

  2. Delcos Your idea could not work on this team because Jerry Manuel is too lousy a manager to allow a kid time to grow. he didn’t allow Murphy time to grow, he didn’t allow Parnell time to grow with a season that was over and he didn’t even play Evans in September. If you want to play a kid and suruvuve all the growing pains that go along with you better first have a manger who doesn’t make new decisions every inning, and the jerk in the dug out isn’t the guy.
    You’re idea also could only work even with Manuel gone, if the team decided it was rebuilding. If they think they are contending then this guy better stay in Buffalo or Binghamton until he’s ready. He looked not even close to being ready for prime time and he didn’t get the playing due to his billionth injury to develop once again.

  3. Harry (5): I knew there was something wrong with it but I couldn’t place it. … Manuel doesn’t have the patience. … Hope you’ll join us tonight.-JD

  4. Harry nailed it.

    No patience. All these players he mentioned should have been starting every day.

    The season was gone a long time ago, but the manager is cluelessly trying to sell a pigs ear as a silk purse.

  5. I think it’s a misnomer to say that Jerry doesn’t have the patience. Jerry is trying to keep his job, much the way any one of us would do under similar circumstances.

    If you want to talk about lack of patience, pin the tail on the donkey and look at the Wilpons, the ones who are dictating this win-now philosophy to Omar and Jerry. If the Wilpons had the patience, they’d have already built something from the ground up and would have never, ever brought Omar and Jerry back with a one-year, win-now edict.

    Ever since Steve Phillips took the reigns in 1997, this organization has been perpetually in a win-now mode. That’s not Jerry’s fault; that’s the Wilpons.