Good afternoon …. football on your mind?

Sunday football on the tube.

Sunday football on the tube.

Watching some football this afternoon until the game tonight. Giants losing and Eagles just picked off Manning and took it in again. I’m waiting to watch Favre back in Green Bay. I think the ratings will be high for that one.

Up 13-0, it’s too soon to say it will be a blowout. Giants score and we’ve got a game again.

The Green Bay-Minnesota game is the one with the most interest to me. There aren’t too many players as magnetic as Favre. Everybody knew last year, or had to at least suspect it, that the Jets were just a rest stop on the Turnpike for him.

Watch. Enjoy. If you want to comment on anything that would be great. Thanks.

10 thoughts on “Good afternoon …. football on your mind?

  1. the team that was tabbed a few weeks ago as having the best defense in the league looks pretty shabby.

  2. dave (1): Down 16-0. It could be worse. It’s still a game, but the Giants have done nothing to show they are emotionally in this thing.-JD

  3. is that a 23 point game?

    wow. the giants need to keep it on the ground. that is their strength. eli is not a great quarterback and they dont have a good receiving crew.

    when winter starts it has to be ground and d.

  4. Jets managed to lose to the Dolphins. As one Bills fan once told Joe Beningo on WFAN: Jets, Bills and Patriots fans all agree on one thing. We hate the Dolphins the most. Is Rex Ryan still running his mouth?

  5. Dan (9): Misguided hate, I might add. The Jets’ fast start is but a memory. They are an average team, at best, right now. This was said about his father Buddy: “empty barrels make the most noise.” Rex needs to fix his team because they don’t get to play Oakland every week.-JD