TALKIN’ BASEBALL: Game #3 starts with news of Game #4.

GAME 3: Pettitte vs. Hamels.

GAME 3: Pettitte vs. Hamels.

Joe Torre used to say Game 3 was the pivotal game, that it is the game where the momentum swings one way or another. Nine of the last 10 teams to win a Game 3 when the Series was tied went on to win the title.

The Phillies are home tonight, but the Yankees’ might have psychologically off-set that advantage with the announcement CC Sabathia will be the Game 4 starter on three days rest. Joe Blanton is scheduled to go for the Phillies in Game 4, but will manager Charlie Manuel reverse course and go with Cliff Lee?

If he does, the argument would be, and it wouldn’t be wrong, that the Yankees are now dictating what the Phillies will do. Should the Phillies lose tonight, absolutely it wouldn’t be surprising for Lee to be moved up in the rotation. Lee has never pitched on short rest.

SABATHIA: Starts tomorrow on short rest.

SABATHIA: Starts tomorrow on short rest.

That puts the pressure on the Phillies, who obviously can’t relish the idea of facing Sabathia to stay alive in the Series. Let’s face it, if they lose tonight, they are looking at falling down 3-1 and needing to run the table, including two games in New York.

Yes, they do play those kinds of mental gymnastics.

Sabathia has been a horse during the playoffs, going 3-1 with a 1.52 ERA in four starts, including beating the Angels in Game 4 on three days rest.

“CC has pitched extremely well for us this year,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said today. “We wanted to see how he came out today, how physically he came out today, and he physically feels good.”

HAMELS: Needs to get back in form.

HAMELS: Needs to get back in form.

Should the Yankees lose tonight they would’ve gone with Sabathia on three days rest anyway. This just takes the doubt out of it, which is probably good for Sabathia’s mental preparation.

If the Yankees lose one of the next two games, count on them also going with AJ Burnett and Andy Pettitte on short rest, with Sabathia pitching again on three days rest in a Game 7.

The Phillies can go back dictating their terms, which would include staying with Blanton tomorrow, if last year’s World Series MVP, Cole Hamels, wins tonight. A slamdunk last October, Hamels is 1-1 with a 6.75 ERA in three playoff starts this year. Manuel waited to start him at home because he was reluctant to go with him on the road.

“It’s been a growing process,” said Hamels, who grew up admiring Pettitte. “It’s just coming back and delivering, and I still have an opportunity to help this team out and win some big games.”

Pettitte is underrated as a big-game pitcher, but he shouldn’t be. He won his record 16th playoff game when the won Game 6 of the ALCS against the Angels. He’s 2-0 with a 2.37 ERA in these playoffs.

“He doesn’t seem fazed by anything,” teammate Derek Jeter said. “He’s pitched in every kind of big game you can think of.”

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  1. I often wonder about Joe Torre and his memories of the early days of the remaining four players who were in those early World Series with him.

    Remarkably, except for Bernie Williams, they are still here – Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte and Derek Jeter – and they are still the heart and soul of this team.

    Somehow, it seems like only yesterday…

  2. This sure is an easy out for FOX replaying the ninth inning from Game 2. Now that’s done, what will they do now? How about having some features made up and interviews. Nah, why would they do that?-JD

  3. cc is the best pitcher in the post season. lee may end up better, but cc is great.

    if hamels has a good game, as you say the yanks are in trouble.

    lee looks like a given, can pedro repeat?

  4. dave (5): Right you are … this tells you how much FOX really cares about its baseball coverage. But, as long as they write the checks, MLB doesn’t care.-JD

  5. dave (5): I don’t know about Pedro. Maybe it’s all down hill from here for him. … But, people keep forgetting about Pettitte. He’s a big game pitcher.-JD

  6. OK … this is better. Getting Thompson to talk about what his hitters are doing during the delay is good. Of course, Mark Grace needs to go.-JD

  7. Two minutes later … serves me right for giving kudos for FOX. Now we’re watching the Cleveland Show … all those people who turned into the Series are watching this. Are you telling me FOX couldn’t have anything prepared? …. You know, there were press conferences today with tomorrow’s pitchers. They could have shown that.-JD

  8. dave (10): They don’t care about the real baseball fan. It’s pretty lame MLB just accepts this. Don’t you think there are thousands of people tuning in late from their trick-or-treating, see this and assume the game is rained out?-JD

  9. 11 the knicks are terrible.

    i dont think they will get lebron. they bet the franchise on getting him and if i were him i wouldnt come to a lame franchise like the knicks

  10. 12

    they need a marketing person to run the show. a marketing person would figure out what the product is and protect and promote that product.

    as you say, you dilute and destroy your product by going for short term money.

    just like wall streets focus on what can get this months bonus was a huge catalyst for the last 2 recessions.

  11. john

    perhaps if that is his focus, but i would rather c if the lakers could get me the money i want. it would be like garnet in minnesota.

  12. dave (19): I don’t want him on the Lakers. I’m a Celtics fan. Then again, I don’t see if James and Kobe could get along with one ball.-JD

  13. if u want to go to ny, the nets are or at least were a much better franchise. if they ever get to brooklyn the knicks are done.

  14. Hi John/Dave – You guys are right in saying that FOX should have been prepared for this delay – I’d like to see those news conferences. Weather was threatening all day long, and you could see this rain coming on doppler radar on

    The Knicks are after LeBron James? He’s too smart to get mixed up with them.

  15. john

    i hate kobe. good player to much navel gazing.

    by the way i thought you werent a sports fan?

  16. the white house released a list of all those who visited the president or his advisors in the past 6 months.

    quite a list.

    interesting that they would do that. it will invite a lot of comments.

  17. Rain has stopped here, just a bit of drizzle remaining, and no more wind. Might as well turn back the clocks now …

  18. every administration has their supporters and money ppl.

    they just dont make that list public nor consolidated.

  19. They let people into Yankee Stadium again tonight for the game on TV – wonder how many are still there?

  20. John (33) Oh yes, they do :)

    Since Tuesday is election day, there were a lot of candidates going door to door around here this afternoon, but no trick or treaters tonight.

  21. dave (36): I’m sure of it. Also sure that Clinton had his list. I’m sure every administration has one. Like the saying goes, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”-JD

  22. John (40) Ah a Godfather quote – very appropriate.

    I’m finding that those towels or whatever they are waving is disturbing my vision of the game. I hear that Suzyn is doing some play-by-play – think I’ll listen in.

  23. Dave (51) – I have no idea where it came from, but I first heard it in Godfather I in 1972. (I haven’t read much Machiavelli)

  24. annie,

    i would have to look it up. but it sounds like machiavelli. very sneaky guy.

    i think they say something similar in art of war.

  25. dave (54): I just Googled Machiavelli quotes. Didn’t find that one. He did say some fascinating things, however. I first heard it from the Godfather.-JD

  26. Bases loaded, one in, one out. This is a very important juncture in this game. They can break it open. But, Victorino swung at crap the first two pitches.-JD

  27. Dave (59) Thank you – I’m going to bookmark that page. Good research/memory on your part.

  28. just read in the times that the ford union rejected the deal ford wanted.

    dont understand it. in return for certain concessions, ford would guarantee work goes to certain plants saving 9000 jobs.

    with 10% unemployment they are stupid not to take a deal that guarantees ur job and salary.

  29. dave (66): I wonder what the concessions were. … Speaking of unions, the Philly transit union agreed to continue talks and not walk out today. That would have been ugly, especially tomorrow with the Series and Giants-Eagles all in the same area.-JD

  30. john(67)

    it was not too specific. it said that the union would agree not to strike for better terms until 2015, freeze pay of new hires, change some work classifications to allow work flexibility.

    in return the save 7000 jobs ( misquote above) , get a 1k bonus next year.

    again not a lot of specifics, but u keep your job, they wont fire you, you get a guaranteed extra payment. the company gets some cost savings which they will need to compete against 2 govt supported companies which have cheaper work rules because they were bankrupt.

    i c ford offshoring some jobs. not good for this country.

    as for the phillie thing, i forgot about it. surprised they didnt do something. it is great leverage to have.

  31. dave (69): From your details, odd they didn’t accept. Jobs are paramount now. … As far as the Philly thing, yes they did have leverage, but if they used it they could have created a lot of ill will.-JD

  32. john(70)

    agreed. lots of ill will, but you get no points for giving up your ace. the other side just says thanks and bargains just as hard.

  33. dave (75): Getting right is the most important thing. But, Teixeria should have been punched out. Totally right might make it 3-1. But, there will never be replays on balls and strikes.-JD

  34. john(77)

    there may be a deal, these are tough times. things change. every locality has revenues down. things always come up that change the perception.

    transportion is a necessity. look at ny. there is lots of graft in the unions and the quasi public/private corp. yet taxes go up to pay for lower services and rates go up per ride for the same. the strikes always happen xmas time for a reason.

  35. What’s Hamels doing throwing a breaking ball to Pettitte? Just throw the fastball and go after him. If you’re for the Phillies, you can’t like what you’re seeing.-JD

  36. Just realized the radio – John and Suzyn are operating in real time, and Tim and Joe are on delay –

  37. Petitte tied the game himself? Damon gave the Yanks a 2-run lead? This could have those Philly cheesesteaks doing backflips in a lot of stomachs.

  38. Annie, I think the TV signal is always delayed a bit because it has to be relayed from one dish to another for the cable operator to deliver (or your dish provider). Radio waves are direct to you.

  39. Jeff (86): Hamels has spit the bit. He was doing well. Didn’t get a call on Teixeira, then gave up the homer to A-Rod. …. He’s been horrid this inning.-JD

  40. i thought the tv signal is delayed because of janet.

    i noticed this last year when i had the radio and tv on at the same time.

  41. Just scrolled back in the comments. I could have told you that was Lao Tzu’s Art of War right off the bat (so to speak). Sorry I came in late.

  42. Hi Jeff – This has been an interesting game right from the start. Everything happens in Philly.

    Thanks for explaining the TV signal, I am not conversant in that language :)

  43. Sometimes the delay is greater depending on the channel. For example, the NY Fox is about a second and a half later than the FOX in Hartford, which is what I have on.-JD

  44. Hamels didn’t have it tonight. He gave up the homer after the walk. Maybe he was upset at not getting the call, maybe not. … But, throwing the breaking ball to Pettitte was just dumb. Go for the strikeout there with your best pitch. If you get beat, you get beat.-JD

  45. John – I have the Hartford FOX on as well, I don’t get any NY Stations any more. I’m just finding the delay annoying because if I’m in the office, John and Suzyn are ahead of what’s being said on the TVs elsewhere.

  46. Jeff (91) Apparently my education was not as complete as I had thought – we never read Lao Tsu’s Art of War at Albertus Magnus college.

  47. FIFTH INNING: I’m willing to bet Girardi will go with Rivera for two innings tonight to gain control of the Series. That gives the Phillies seven more outs.-JD

  48. Annie (98) The same thing happens if you put the Mets radio broadcast on and turn down the sound when you’re watching TV, as a lot of people do when the games are on Fox or ESPN. (Unfortunately, next season you won’t be able to have the satisfaction of not listening to Steve Phillips by doing that.)

  49. Jeff (105): Honestly, I didn’t mind Phillips as much as I didn’t like listening to Morgan. …. Speaking of quotes, who said: “The Zen philosopher Basha once wrote, ‘A flute with no holes, is not a flute. A donut with no hole, is a Danish.’ He was a funny guy.”-JD

  50. annie

    actually i never read art of war. i dont read much anymore. most of my reading was in the teens and early 20’s.

    i did read a few dante and a lot some of machiavelli’s prince. in college i read the syllabus of my roomates short stories class.

    at some point i will go back to reading, there is a lot out there. just dont have the motivation. there are a lot of good courses in itunes if you want to be more than superficial.

  51. dave (111): Manuel said he’s going with Blanton, but that was before the game. The prospects of being down 3-1 is enough to make managers re-think their positions.-JD

  52. Jeff (105) I actually almost prefer the radio broadcasts of games and the WFAN crew is good.

    This is the second time Steve Phillips has lost a job because he can’t behave properly – remember when he was the Mets Manager?

  53. I’ve never read The Art of War. I just know that quote’s from it. I amass a lot of stupid facts that help me sound smart without actually knowing a heck of a lot.

    Sheesh, now that I’ve looked at that line again, I’m wondering why I’m not on TV making a lot of money.

  54. there are a lot of books i should read. not just for their own sake, but because they help you in life. art of war is one of them.

    i think it is part of the curriculum in a few business schools.

    it is always easier to stand on the shoulders of giants than to do it yourself.

  55. dave (120): Nice post. Is that last line yours or are you quoting? It’s pretty impressive. Currently, I’m reading All Quiet on the Western Front.-JD

  56. john(123)

    paraphrase of something i heard a few times.

    i do not claim to have an original thought in my body.

    i only claim to have quirky connections to different thoughts that people find startling.

  57. Dave (120) – I’m one of those people who needs to read – because I write. I don’t read Stephen King’s novels, but I do have his book “On Writing” in which he says “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others, read a lot and write a lot. Suggests carrying a book with you everywhere.

  58. john(123)

    i think if i start getting serious i will peruse itunes university and pick some courses that pique my interest. low cost. only a few hours rather than the time necessary to read a book.

    a good author tho is interesting to read. at one time i started to appreciate milton, but never finished his book.

  59. dave (128): There are so many books out there I haven’t written. I was thinking maybe I should buy the Cliff Notes and go from there because of the time factor.-JD

  60. annie

    since you write, when you read do you read critically and does it ever interfere with just following the author?

  61. john(129)

    i hate those books. once in hs i tried using it for a report because i ran out of time. never did it again. the writing is sloppy and superficial. if you are reading for pleasure you lose the whole point of reading that particular book which is the author’s voice.

    and by the way, i was never an english major so it is not because i am so into the technicalities of things.

    i just know the mcdonalds approach when i see it.

  62. Dave (131)No, I really don’t read critically, I always follow the author, since this is pleasure reading. Every author is different and expresses him/herself in their own way – I always look for that.

    I write mostly about politics, and that’s always a challenge –keeping current.

    I also keep a daily journal which serves many purposes.

  63. annie(134)

    this pretty much sums up our govt for the past few decades.

    any solutions?

    “The Democratic Party wants to spend more than we can afford; the Republican Party tends to want to cut taxes more than we can afford. So we are stuck.”

  64. Dave (137) I do have a Political Science degree, but I am not a member of any political party, I prefer to concentrate on the issues, and the elected officials close to home here in CT. where there is plenty to write about. Running for office would scare me to death, but I have run campaigns for others.

    What’s your field?

  65. Matsui is showing he wants the Yankees to bring him back. …. His homer in Game 2 and Pettitte’s hit tonight have been the two most important hits in the Series.-JD

  66. dave (144): I think the score prevents Rivera from going two innings. But, he’ll still get the ninth. He might still get the eighth if the Phillies threaten.-JD

  67. computers. comp sci degree. no minor. i took almost enough econ and philosophy classes to qualify for both.

  68. Remember, nine of the last 10 teams that won Game 3 of a tied Series have gone on to win it. With Sabathia tomorrow, the Yankees hold the hammer.-JD

  69. john(146)

    i know. but even if the phils take a run at the pen they still will have to deal with him and beat him.

  70. Annie (143) Interesting that you’ve run campaigns. I write about local politics, and behind the scenes I’ve been heavily involved in a local campaign. We’ll find out Tuesday how that’s going to turn out. If I’d known about your experience I would have picked your brain!

  71. Annie (149): You missed my point. The last time was because of 9-11. This time it was scheduled that way. This is because baseball prefers to prostitute itself to FOX.-JD

  72. John (152) I knew that, but I guess my point is why so many off days during this post season and World Series – I know that Mike Scoiscia was very upset about that kind of scheduling. It’s not fair to anyone this way.

  73. Annie (154): It isn’t fair and it isn’t right, but it is that way because FOX wants it that way for its scheduling. It’s all TV. It is the tail that wags the dog.-JD

  74. John (156) In fact I think it is detrimental to the game and the players themselves, when they play a much different schedule for 162 games.

  75. john(155)

    this is the same reason why local stations no longer carry games. I guess most people have some form of cable, but there are no day games.

    the game needs to attract and hold the kids. it goes back to my comment about marketing. the owners are making big money but in my opinion the product is weak. same with the steroid thing. in order to protect the product they should have moved sooner against the drugs.

    or they can go the other way and shrink all stadiums to 250 feet, allow any drugs and ancillary equipment that may help you compete.

    the game is too contradictory. they sell the traditional but they break it at the same time. too much hedging and slippery slope thinking.

  76. dave (159): No argument from me on that. It is 12:37 EDT. If you’re a young fan, say 10 years old, you’re sleeping now. If the Phillies complete the greatest ninth inning comeback in Series history, millions will miss it. Some because they turned off the game when the Yankees seemingly broke it open. Millions others because of the time. … This game should have been schedule to start at 7:30 at the latest. Tomorrow’s game will begin at 8:20 PM. Ridiculous. … Congress puts their nose in millions of things they shouldn’t. But, as long as they butt in, this is an issue I wouldn’t mind. … The whole starting time of games just irks me no end.-JD

  77. NINTH: C’mon Buck, you’re smarter than that. …. You have to bring in Rivera. You want to get the hammer. … Buck just likes saying things about “a big deal will be made in the media,” because he likes tweaking the print media. … Stop being a sensationalist.-JD

  78. This game, which had an early rain delay, started in the direction of the Phillies and made a sharp turn in the fourth inning towards the Yankees, and then the Yankees ran with it, right into November.

    Final Score: Yankees: 8, Phillies 5

    Next Game: Tomorrow at 8PM.

    See you then.

  79. POST GAME ANALYSIS: The Phillies gave away control of the World Series tonight and might not be able to get it back with CC Sabathia going tomorrow night. … A television replay changed a double into a two-run homer for Alex Rodriguez, but it was the right call. The wrong call was the ball four pitch to Teixeira which should’ve been a strike. … Still, Hamels spit the bit after a 3-0 lead. … The Phillies needed a big game from Hamels and didn’t get it. …. And, let’s not forget Andy Pettitte, who once again pitched big when the Yankees needed it most. That’s 17 lifetime playoff wins, most in history.-JD

  80. Jeff (164): You’re right, which is why I said it should’ve been scheduled to start at 7:30. … Of course, this being a Saturday, would it have killed them to start it in the afternoon?-JD

  81. saturday afternoon would be good. they could finish before nightfall so the kids can go out and get their candy.

  82. Hello everyone (3 hours late). I and a few thousand fools went to the Islanders game. They were great..three wins in a row I am amazed.

    I always associate the “Friends close, enemies closer” quote with the “Babylon 5” tv show…G’Kar quoted it once. Haven’t seen the “Godfather” in over 30 years. I am especially fond of the Londo Malawari quote in the “In the Beginning” tv movie “Arrogance and stupidity in one convenient!”

    Like everyone else I think the days off in playing these schedules are flat wrong. Does FOX want this to get games in the “November Sweeps Month”?? Which reminds me..why are sweep months so important when advertisers/rating services KNOW TV networks are scheduling special programs?

    Ironic for all the talk we hear about “American League pitchers have to hit in the world series” that Andy Pettitte got a hit to tie the score. And for the talk about “Can AL managers know when to pinch hit” Girardi knew enough to use Matsui who hit a home run.

    I predicted the Yankees in 6 and it is shaping up to be that way.

  83. Dan (168): In reading your post I am tremendously overwhelmed you wrote me at that hour of the day. I have to post something earlier. No question. …. You are right on all accounts. … Pettitte’s hit was a huge key last night. Your prediction is looking good.-JD