Crawford could be available ….

In this lusting over Matt Holliday, who could still stay in St. Louis as Albert Pujols desires, let’s not forget Tampa Bay’s Carl Crawford, whose speed skills would come into play in every aspect of the game.

CRAWFORD: Good glove in left; solid bat.

CRAWFORD: Good glove in left; solid bat.

Crawford has a $10 million option for 2010 with a $1.25 million buyout. That’s reasonable, so the assumption must be made they way to get him would be in a trade. The Rays, like everybody else, want young talent. Would you be surprised to see them ask for Fernando Martinez? I wouldn’t, as everybody asks for him.

That’s a tough call, but Crawford’s production (four 50-steal seasons and six years with 180 hits) is what the Mets would hope for from Martinez.

I like Crawford for his speed, defense and ability to be a table setter on offense. There’s no question he plugs the left field hole, and he, Reyes, and Carlos Beltran bunched at the top of the order will create many RBI opportunities for Beltran, David Wright and Jeff Francoeur.

No, he doesn’t have the power potential of Holliday, but he helps the Mets in other areas. He’s not going to be a one-year pick-up, either. So, if the Mets could obtain Crawford without giving up Martinez, then having him would give the team the flexibility to deal him for pitching or power.

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  1. 50 steals and 180 hits is what the Mets would hope for from Fernando Martinez?

    I don’t think anyone in the Met organization projects Martinez to be a similar player to Carl Crawford.

    I think you’ve been spending too much time thinking about the Yankees.

  2. Tiffany (1): All the reports on Martinez are he’s a blossoming star, and those numbers aren’t out of line to anticipate. It’s one of the reasons they’ve been reluctant to discuss him in trade talks.

    Not thinking about the Yankees. Thinking about the World Series and they just happen to be in it.-JD

  3. If you’re saying Crawford for Martinez only a horrible GM would say no. Potential vs actual proven ability. Don’t you think the Rays would want something more than a 20 year old who has only shown the ability to be injured?

  4. Something to think about.

    I do not think the org can think of FMart as untouchable anymore.

    He may turn out to be good.

    but a bird in the hand and all that.

  5. No one is projecting Martinez to be a top-of-the-order, 50-steals guy as your original comparison with Crawford suggested.

    Rather, he projects to be a 3-4-5 hitter with 30 HR/30 2B power.

    So, Crawford isn’t “what the Mets would hope for from Fernando Martinez.”

    They are two different types of players.

    Re the Yankee reference, most Met writers would readily understand this distinction. I’m guessing that you get it, but are too consumed with the Yankees at this moment in time.

  6. Tiffany (6): I have gone back and re-read some of the scouting reports on Martinez and might have over estimated his stolen base potential. … About the Yankees, I will never win with you or anybody else when it comes to the Yankees. I post daily on the Mets, but at this time of year I also post the playoffs, of which the Yankees are a part of. It has nothing to do with being consumed with them, or even being a fan of them. We talk about other things on this blog than just the Mets. We also talk baseball in general. … That being said, I hope you’ll join us tonight for the game.-JD