Mets vs. World Series teams match-ups

Sure, it might be piling on, but with today being an off-day in the World Series, I think its a good time to see where our heroes rate in comparison to the Phillies and Yankees. If Omar Minaya and Jeff Wilpon are watching they can’t be happy how the talent yardstick is measuring their team.

If you were to select a starting team between the Mets, Phillies and Yankees, I believe the Mets would place only two players, Carlos Beltran and Johan Santana among the starters with perhaps a few bench players.

Here’s how I look at that team:

C: Jorge Posada, Yankees.
Mets note: Omir Santos would be a distant third.

1B: Ryan Howard, Phillies.
Mets note: Daniel Murphy would be a distant third.

2B: Chase Utley, Phillies.
Mets note: Luis Castillo would be a distant third.

SS Derek Jeter, Yankees.
Mets note: Right now I’d have to go with Jose Reyes third.

3B: Alex Rodriguez, Yankees.
Mets note: David Wright would be second.

LF: Raul Ibanez, Phillies.
Mets note: Whomever the Mets throw out there would be third. That’s how weak they are at the position.

CF: Carlos Beltran, Mets.
Mets note: When healthy Beltran is clear cut, because of his power potential.

RF: Jayson Werth, Phillies.
Mets note: Jeff Francoeur would be third.

Johan Santana, Mets
Cliff Lee, Phillies
CC Sabathia, Yankees
AJ Burnett, Yankees
Cole Hamels, Phillies.
Mets note: Right now, I’d have to place Andy Pettitte, Joe Blanton and JA Happ ahead of any Met candidate. That’s a pretty good indictment about what is wrong.

Mariano Rivera, Yankees.
Mets note: I’d put Francisco Rodriguez second.

Of course, the team the Mets need to immediately concern themselves with are the Phillies. Being healthy would close the gap a bit, and going crazy in the free-agent market would close it even more, but not enough to where you can say the Mets are close to their level.

So, if Minaya and Wilpon are watching and making comparisons to where they rate, they can’t be pleased. Let’s just hope it prompts them to follow through on their words at the season ending press conference.

3 thoughts on “Mets vs. World Series teams match-ups

  1. John,

    Excellent post.

    C Santos wouldnt be on the team
    1B ditto Murphy
    2B Castillo 3rd
    3B Yes. David can’t throw and doesnt have the power.
    SS Jose has the better talent. Derek makes better use of his.
    LF No met would be on the roster.
    CF Clearly Beltran here.
    RF I think Jeffy will be on the team. He has a good arm and glove.
    SP Santana is the only good arm there.
    RP Overall I think the Mets win. Yes. KRod had a bad year and may not be as good, but I think our relief core is better than theirs.

    Bench We have none. Cora not much else.

  2. Which manager would you choose? Since there are a lot of self-starters on this team, I’d go with Manuel although a lot of criticism of “Joe Girardi is over-managing” seems a bit extreme. He has his $200 payroll team in the world series.
    Obviously Luis Alicea would not be the first base coach since Jeff Wilpon and Omar Minaya have identified him as the cause of the 2009 mets problems.