Where should the Mets throw money?

As many of you would like to see the Mets throw money at all their issues – starting pitching, left field, first base and catcher – veteran watchers of the team know they aren’t the Yankees and can’t address them all.

Some reports have the Mets focusing on left field – read Matt Holliday – but I still see the team needing to focus on its starting pitching. There’s no lamenting watching Pedro Martinez pitch Game 2 of the World Series tonight as his tenure in New York ran its course.

Mets on their butts again next year without pitching.

Mets on their butts again next year without pitching.

However, there are no definitive reports on John Maine, Oliver Perez and Mike Pelfrey. Maine finished the season strong, which is encouraging, but there’s no guarantees; Perez is coming off surgery, but they haven’t been able to give him a heart or head, not to mention control; and Pelfrey is an enigma. Plus, there are a handful of candidates as the fifth starter.

Go ahead, sign Holliday. Go ahead, add a catcher. But, if the Mets don’t fix their pitching they’ll be watching the Phillies again next October.

I’m still saying the greatest need is on the mound.

10 thoughts on “Where should the Mets throw money?

  1. I c the team spend on a LF if they spend at all.

    I c them take the attitude that Ollie will bounce back and Maine will be healthy and effective. Pelf will fix his issues and Johan will be the Ace he was in year one.

    This leaves #5 up for grabs with either Niese or some other young guy grabbing the spot or one of the rejects from last year or someone like them finishing off the rotation.

    I do not see them signing both position and pitching.

    They should also get a defensive catcher, so they will have to trade or FA that too.

  2. dave (1): I can see them taking the “crossed fingers” approach with their pitching which would be bad. Still, they need a No. 5. … The money should go towards pitching.-JD

  3. John(2)

    I like pitching too. I don’t know what is out there besides Lackey. He will cost. I do not think they want to spend that much. After him is …

    I know Wolfe is out there and he will cost more than last year.

    Otherwise it is the trade route which we all know cannot happen because we have no chips.

    This and the piss poor defense we play is why I think the team will go offense to shore up the OF and cover up their deficiencies.

  4. It’s like a game of Tetris, trying to slot the team’s needs in the context of what’s in their system, what’s likely to be available on the trade market and who they are capable of signing from the free-agent market.

    If, for example, you’re going to sign Frenchy to an extension, then you have to decide whether you want Holliday or F-Mart in left field over the long haul. If you’re going to sign Holliday, then F-Mart most likely becomes trade bait, since you will have no place to play him. It would then follow that F-Mart would likely be dealt in a package for a pitcher. So, in essence, signing Holliday might allow them to acquire a starter via trade.

    Organizationally, it might make sense to hold onto F-Mart and Ike Davis, with the hope that both could develop into homegrown, middle-of-the-order sluggers. But that would dictate short-term solutions at first and left field, respectively, and wouldn’t provide them any trade bait to address pitching. Theoretically, they could try to sign someone like Lackey and the fill the holes at first and in left with stopgaps — but you have to wonder whether Omar and Jerry, their jobs already on the line, will be taking a long-term, conservative approach.

    With this back to the wall, I see Omar trying to top his Bartolo Colon trade (Brandon Phillips, Cliff Lee, Grady Sizemore) by packaging F-Mart and others for a pitcher who either doesn’t re-sign with the Mets or injures himself shortly thereafter.

  5. Ed(4)

    In principal I agree. I do not think that is available this year. Come to think of it, it may not be available in any year. Teams seem to be holding on to their guys or trading them when they have no money. We have nothing to trade.

  6. (7) Dave: It’s because he’s been injured and hyped since they signed him at 16. He needs a full year in the minors, healthy, and then be ready to come up in 2011 with Ike Davis and Thole.

  7. I think no matter what they do, the Mets will be watching the Phillies again next October.