Keeping up with the Mets ….

Catching up with the Mets:

* Minor league outfielder Fernando Martinez, who had season-ending surgery on his right knee in July, is expected to begin playing for Leones del Escogido in the Dominican Winter League in November.

F-MART: Not ready, yet.

F-MART: Not ready, yet.

Martinez played in 29 games for the Mets this summer and hit .176 with only seven extra base hits. Clearly, that’s not a big enough sampling to say he won’t make it, but it is fair to say he’s not ready.

Martinez showed glimpses of his talent, but it was apparent his on-field judgment in terms of base-running and defensive fundamentals need improving. To say he’ll be a star if just given the at-bats is premature.

* The Mets would like a veteran presence behind the plate to replace Brian Schneider and complement Omir Santos. Bengie Molina and Rod Barajas are on GM Omar Minaya’s short list. But, wouldn’t it be just like the Mets to made another run at Yorvit Torrealba?

* VP of scouting, Sandy Johnson, who considered retirement, will be back for another year.

* The Mets are still interested in adding former major league general managers Kevin Towers (San Diego) and J.P. Ricciardi (Toronto) to their staff.

* Reportedly, Chip Hale, former Arizona third base coach at Arizona, will be offered that position by the Mets to replace Razor Shines. It’s not a done deal Shines will be named bench coach as there are reports the team is considering former Diamondbacks manager Bob Melvin for that role.

5 thoughts on “Keeping up with the Mets ….

  1. As far as the catcher goes it seems you mena they want to replace one old worn out catcher with another old worn out catcher who will cost more and produce as little as Schneider.
    Bob Melvin would be perfect for the lesser Manuel NOT. One over managing guy who nit picks every liitle thing to not counter another over managing nit picker. Sounds like a perfect fit for another dismal year.

  2. LOL about Melvin Harry. I think that even though the D-Backs won the series in 2001, he was villified for his managerial skills wasn’t he? I don’t know much else the Mets can do about catching unless trade for someone else’s young prospect or get another vet in to platoon with Santos to see if Thole can become a major league starter. Otherwise, there isn’t much help on the horizon in the minors for the catching position.

    JD: I don’t remember much about F-Mart having problems baserunning or in the OF. Regardless, the kid needs a FULL year in the minors, injury free, to see if he can be the real deal. He did slugg .540 in AAA with a respectable OBP at the age of 20, so that is definitely promising. It’s too early to give up on him, it’s just that people get impatient because we have been hearing about him since he was 16.

  3. IIRC, F! (I refuse to use the -Mart appelation) had 1 baserunning fiasco, on the pop up. After that, he was fine.

    He needs to spend a full HEALTHY season in the minors. He has yet to play a full season, at any level. There is no reason at all to rush him. He has lost too much time.
    And let’s also remember, he is 20. Not too many players are instant stars at 20.

    And please, for the love of pete, do not hire Bob Melvin as bench coach. I do not want him as manager-in-waiting.
    What does Ken Oberkfell have to do to get a job on the ML staff?

  4. John,

    Your point about the lack of fundamentals with FMart is well noted. He is not known as a defensive wiz, he is not great on the bases, he has not always dominated at the plate in the minors and he has always been injured.

    This team does not teach fundamentals. Hopefully he can stay in AAA for at least a while and work on different things all players need. Tuefel was not a great 2b, but was a lunchpail guy who presumably had to work to get his time. Those guys tend to know the basics because their talent would not cover their mistakes otherwise.

    My biggest problem with FMart is he is always hurt. This means he cannot get the playing time to get better and even though he is promoted as a 5 tool guy from what I have read he really is not.

    They should not rush him. Keep him down there until September so he can learn the basics and get good at them. For example, I do not think he knows how to bunt. These are basics that only time and practice can teach.