11 thoughts on “Who’s going to win?

  1. dont care.

    i hope the phils win so i dont have to see the yankee fans all next year.

    i think the keys you mention in the previous post are key. if aroid has no issues the yanks are touch. cc is the best pitcher in the game. i also think their rotation is deeper. i havent watched so i dont know the relievers, but the numbers say the yanks releivers are better.

    cant believe they are counting on chan ho after how great a pitcher he was at shea.

  2. 1. The Phil rotation is deeper. If game is rained out tonite and they drop the off day who would the Yankees start in game 4?? Girardi has been miliking the extra off days built into the first two series to hide his lack of starting depth. A rainout and he’s in trouble. His big three and pray for Fox days I mean rain days.

  3. As I said in the other entry, Yankees in 6. I pick AL teams when they have the home field/DH

  4. (3)Dan: I posted down below. The Phills have Ibanez/Francisco to DH who are AL players. That negates the concern.

    (1) Dave: I don’t think Chan Ho was throwing 96/97 MPH when he was here. lol.

  5. I also think there’s a calculated gamble in throwing Lee against CC, which Charlie Manuel might be doing three times in this series.

    As noted above, the Phils have the advantage of depth to their rotation; they negate this advantage to a certain degree by throwing Lee against CC. I would like the Phils’ chances better if they were throwing Hamels against CC in Game One, followed by Lee against Burnett in Game Two.

    As it stands now, they face the real possibility of having CC best their ace in Game One and then having to rely on Pedro in a must-win situation in Game Two.

    In short, I would take Lee over every Yankee starter — except CC. And I fear Charlie is wasting his best asset by throwing him against CC.

  6. I guess I’m with Dan – Yankees are at home and their best pitcher is going to be on the mound with a friendly crowd. What’s not to like here?

  7. (7) Phills have their best pitcher on the mound and I bet a ton of fans in the stands. Plus they have heart and talent. That will keep them in it!

  8. 5. Hamels has been moved back due to his Pelfreyian type of season. Except for a short stretch in late July/ August he has been quite the mediocrity this season.
    Ace vs. Ace. That’s the way it should be for all the marbles.

  9. #4 NL pitchers aren’t used to the grind of having to make good pitches to batters 1-9, no let up, like a top AL East team has.

  10. Did you mean “Who’s going to win the game” or “Who’s going to win the Series”?