Mets talking Chapman ….

When you’re young, left-handed, and can throw a ball 100 mph., you’re going to get the attention of major league scouts. And, because he escaped the attention of those assigned to guard him, Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman, is starting to make the rounds.

He’s talking with the Mets today.

CHAPMAN: Fishing for a ML deal.

CHAPMAN: Fishing for a ML deal.

Edwin Mejia, Chapman’s agent, says his client has a two and four-seam fastball, curve, slider, change and forkball. That’s a hefty scouting report, but until we get the same report from major league scouts take it with a grain of salt.

It has also been reported Chapman will get a contract up to $50 million, which is a lot for somebody who hasn’t thrown a pitch in the major leagues. Let’s also not forget he has left behind a wife and daughter, parents and sisters. Who is to say he won’t be distracted by being away from them. Orlando Hernandez and Jose Contreras had separation pangs.

It’s reported he’s 21, but there’s no real assurances yet, of that. Latin players are notorious for lying about their age. Hey, Hernandez still is.

While there’s no disputing there’s a wealth of talent in Cuba, remember it is not major league talent. We do not know what Chapman is capable of against major league hitters. We also don’t know how he’ll deal with the pressures and anxieties of living away from home.

If he’s the real deal, the Mets should be interested. But there are a lot of variables, so buyer beware.

5 thoughts on “Mets talking Chapman ….

  1. ok

    so he is 20-30.

    still that is a lot of pitches to choose from.

    the good news is that it is only money.

    of course the team has a high payroll and the org lost a lot last year in the ponzi thing.

    I guess we will take a pass.

  2. How many good players have defected from Cuba in the last 25 years? 25 years ago Jose Contreras was the subject of intense bidding war between the Yankees and Red Sox. Has he been worth the money?
    Maybe Chapman is the real deal. There were great players who came out of Cuba before Castro: Luis Tiant, Tony Perez, Tony Oliva. But for some reason there haven’t been a similar quality since.

  3. LOL! Steve: Great line about Alay Soler. Remember he gave up that homer to A-Roid at the old Yankee Stadium that hasn’t yet landed? Remember his walking practically everyone in a Phillies’ uni at old Shea at the start of that classic Mets ’06 extra innings win that Beltran won with a 16th inning walkoff HR?
    Seriously, though, if the Yankees are in on the bidding for Aroldis Chapman, I wouldn’t excpect the Mets to win that war.