TALKIN’ BASEBALL: Yankees going for the kill in ALCS.

The last time the Yankees were this close to their mission statement they folded in one of baseball history’s greatest collapses. Up 3-0 over the Boston Red Sox in 2004, the Yankees couldn’t close the deal.

OK … few expected the Red Sox to be swept, so staying alive in Games 4 and 5 weren’t a shock because the Yankees would take care of business at the Stadium.

“If you have the opportunity to get something over with, you’d like to do it,” said Derek Jeter. “It’s not always going to happen.”

Curt Schilling won Game 6 in the Bloody Sock game, and the Yankees were cooked by the second inning in Game 7.

BURNETT: Pitches for the Series tonight.

BURNETT: Pitches for the Series tonight.

The Yankees, who could’ve lost the first two games of this series had it not been for Los Angeles’ faulty defense, can close it out tonight with AJ Burnett going against John Lackey. Should the Angels stay alive, Games 6 and 7 will be this weekend in New York.

Burnett has pitched well in the postseason, but is winless.

“This is why I signed – the opportunity to pitch in the postseason,” said Burnett. “The first year over here, I have an opportunity, so I’m taking full advantage of it.”

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  1. Hi John – Here we go -it would be nice to close out the series here…(“going for the kill” sounds very extreme)

  2. I just can’t see the Angels pulling a Red Sox-type comeback. This Yankees team has much more of a feeling of destiny about it, and the LA-California-Anaheim-LA at Anaheims seem to have a long dark cloud hanging over them. Even the tribute to their young dead pitcher strikes me as more of a bad omen than a rallying cry.

    And I’m saying this despite the fact that at this moment they are clobbering A.J. Burnett.

  3. Jeff(2) Well, I guess I was wrong last night at around 2AM on WFAN when I told Tony Paige that I didn’t think Burnett would make it to the 4th inning..

  4. SECOND INNING: Notice how Lackey shut the Yankees down after his team gave him a big inning. I immediately thought of Pelfrey and Perez.-JD

  5. Does Girardi keep Burnett in and concede game at some point in order to save bullpen?

  6. John (10) I already know that, but I’m not sure I can handle the waiting here. Yes, there is something special about Game 7 in the World Series once you are there.

  7. yes things are good here thanks for asking…not much to talk about – this is our annual limbo stage – season over -free agency hasnt started and enjoying someone elses post-season

  8. I feeling pretty dismal about our chances moving forward… I have absolutely no faith left in Omar to rebuild this team, develop players or select draft picks…all aspects of this team are horrible and were looking up at three better teams

  9. (27) Burnett is an older version of Pelfrey – some days he’s great others he’s rattled

  10. Ed (29) He’s been rattled since the start of the Angel’s barrage of runs against him.

  11. ed (29): I wonder about Pelfrey. If he’s like he was this season in 2010, you have to think it might not happen for him. He was Perez-like this season.-JD

  12. (32) Mets did this to him they rushed him to the majors and never allowed him develop, of his draft class he’s the most accomplished pitcher despite his struggles- he never had a chance to gain confidence in his secondary pitches and had the curve ball taken away for two years – once he started getting beat up he had no life experience to draw upon causing gaps in his confidence… pelf has the talent the question is how much damage did the mets do in rushing him which could be asked about several top prospects

  13. ed (33): The Mets are a desperate franchise. They do desperate things. Injuries forced the use of Pelfrey, but the flip side is they didn’t have anything to draw from in the minor leagues.-JD

  14. John (32) now that they are putting Posada in to bat for Molina, will Burnett stay on the mound?

  15. they drafted him spring of 2005 had him in the majors in 2006 – that was by design – they believe in rushing there players – something called challenging them to develop – i believe it has a neg. effect resulting in poor fundamentals, bad compensatory habits and confidence lapses- not one of omar’s draft picks or signings has developed properly yet and that includes those he trades

  16. John (38) OK – that’s true… who was the only Angel’s pitcher to win a game in this series so far?

  17. ed (37): He only threw 21 1/3 innings in 2006. That’s not a lot. If I recall, they just wanted to get his feet wet. He made four starts. He also pitched at all three minor league levels.-JD

  18. JD – he has 176 minor league innings- compared to 479 innings in the majors – in 2007 when he clearly wasnt ready he endured that 0-7 stint – of the 2005 draft only pitcher with that many innings in the majors is Garza – Volstad is still under 250 innings – Bucholtz 150 innings and bowden 20 innings – everybody else barely in the majors

  19. ed (41): I don’t disagree with you that he’s been rushed and the Mets are impatient at times. I don’t know how much of Pelfrey being rushed is the organization or injuries.-JD

  20. John (42) Lackey really didn’t want to leave the mound, kept saying ‘This is mine’ to Scosia, but is now gone anyway. He did pitch a good game.

    Teixeira finally gets his hit and 3 runs score.

  21. (42) i think so of the other rush jobs such as Millegde in 2006,Gomez 2007 and Martinez 2009 were rushed due to injuries….

    But pelfrey in 2007 it seemed they believe there own hype and didnt provide adaquate depth so Pelfrey would be the first to be called up – thats the same year they traded bannister and passed on kyle Lohse – after 2007 he was always apart of the rotation

  22. ed (47): You’re right. Another year might have helped in his development. If it wasn’t totally injuries, it was a reflection on the farm system and how they didn’t produce in the offseason.-JD

  23. ed (47): The Bannister trade was a bust. Burgos did nothing. … Another thing to consider, was that Aaron Heilman had some production as a starter but insisted he be a reliever. Heilman was never the same after the Molina HR in the playoffs.-JD

  24. SEVENTH INNING: Who would have thought Burnett would have outlasted Lackey? …. Another thought, is if Lackey had gotten that call how things might be different.-JD

  25. (49) very true of heilman – I think peterson was a very rigid pitching coach and while some succeeded under him others struggled to comform resulting in them being in the doghouse- more then one player was ushered out by Peterson and after others left they complained – i think if rick had it his way heilman would have been gone in 2005 its a tribute to his skill that he lasted as long as he did – and after his mets experience hes a shell of a pitcher

  26. (49) my biggest knock on Omar is his failure to build depth – he tends to bring in the big name and surround them with less then quality complimentary players – he totally skips the B level players

  27. ed (51): The Mets ruined Heilman. There was something there. Now, it is gone. Unless he goes to a really bad team (funny, my first thought was the Mets) he’ll never get a chance to start.-JD

  28. ed (52): Absolutely. There was no greater example than this year when the Mets had no depth, and nothing below to bring up or trade. … Part of the problem, was that much of what could be considered depth – Murphy, Pagan, Tatis – were starting.-JD

  29. Sweet mother of pearl. I have the game on for about 2 hours..Yankees are feeble at 0-4. I go out to buy the three essentials of life: beer, cat food and litter..and I come back to find the Yankees up 6-4???

  30. On a different subj. if we’re stuck with Murphy at 1B ( which I wish we weren’t) and there looking for a right handed partner here’s my picks – any thoughts-
    Giants may look to move Ryan Garko
    Pads may move kevin Kouzmanoff – gold glover level 3B could pickup 1B

  31. This might be the Angels’ best chance. There’s the eighth and Rivera in the ninth. So, the way I see it is they have four outs to play with before they could be cooked.-JD

  32. ed (58): I like Garko, but the Giants are so in need of hitting I can’t see them letting him go. …. Kouzmanoff is a position switch. Do you really want that?-JD

  33. Girardi is the best weapon the Angels have. He messed up using the confused drunk instead of Hughes.

  34. not many right handed first base out there – Kouamanoff is such a good fielder i would be comfortable with him making the change its not like murphy trying to find a position- as far as garko the giants were rumored to be looking at nick johnson and then non tendering Garko

  35. This really has been a great series save the blowout the other night. Angels could have been playing for the Series tonight had they not kicked away Games 1 and 2. … Still, the flipside is the Yankees took advantage of the opportunities which is what championship clubs do.-JD

  36. Angels showing heart. Unlike the other LA team that rolled over once Manny took a shower with the manager alibing it.

  37. ed (65): I don’t know why the Giants would get Johnson. He’s an injury waiting to happen. Every year it is the same thing with him. There’s always a trip to the DL in there somewhere.-JD

  38. Glad to see ARod walk on water tired of hearing the fans complain about the best player currently in the game

  39. defense and OBP his specialty – the guy they have is a butcher out there – forget his name

  40. Dan (67): Yeah, that was weak. Torre never would have let that happen when he was with the Yankees. Ramirez never has been and never will be a team player. I wouldn’t want him on mine.-JD

  41. Aside from the Marlins, the Giants and Rangers were eyeing Johnson as a trade target during the summer. If the Giants non-tender Ryan Garko and want to upgrade on Travis Ishikawa,

    from an MLBTR article

  42. (72) I would take Arod over pujols – because i think there equal players except Pujols is an injury risk and more of a risk to get a 50 game susp IMO

  43. ed (74): Pujols screams he’s clean. I hope he is. I want one of these sluggers to be pure. But, why is Pujols a greater threat for the suspension? We already know A-Rod was on the stuff.-JD

  44. I would sign laRoche to a two year deal and worry about what to do in 2011 when Davis is ready and then either trade or use Murphy on the bench – he’s not a starter no matter how much people want him to be – he’s miguel cairo

  45. #71 I actually listened to Francesa for a few minutes the other day excuse it saying it was nothing and Torre nipped it in the bud. Say what? This is a guy who excoriated Jeff Torborg in 1992 because Bobby Bonilla went into the Pirates clubhouse to talk to his former teammates and was all over Kevin McReynolds for going to the showers in one game when the Mets made a late rally falling just short.
    Some guys just have to play favorites and protect their buddies.

  46. JD- there competitors there always looking for an edge whether its greenies, coke, creatine, rods, hgh i dont look neg. at the players its a competitive nature to try – this falls on the owners, the union and the comish for turning a blind eye – there now acting like hipocrits when they act aghast- I spent many years in the gym and have found very few guys that look like that naturally so im skeptical

  47. especially when half the supplements you can legally take and do help you make gains that are natural and have no ill effect are on the banned list because they havent developed a good enough test – ie creatine makes some guys huge how it reacts to there body its a natural amino but because it can trigger increased testostone production its banned which is ridiculous

  48. (80) Atl. has a prospect much like Davis may only go one year on the cheap – mets if they wanted to should be able to out bid them

  49. ed (85): I’d take La Roche if I could get him, but I’d rather have Adam Dunn. There’s no guarantee Davis will be ready in 2011. That’s an assumption.-JD

  50. I’ll admit, the NYs are not looking good right now — but even if they lose this game, I still cannot see the Angelinos winning — or the NYs losing — two straight games in New York.

  51. If the Rangers can scrape up enough money to make a reasonable offer I think he’s heading there

  52. Im not sure how they get away with only signing one decent player- old business adae you have to spend to earn

  53. The kind of tension in this situation is why baseball is like no other sport. You know the clock will eventually run out in football and basketball. But, here. This could go any way. It could last one more pitch or two more hours.-JD

  54. They have about 40M coming off the books after those press confernece the tickets sales will be hard sales without them equalling that total if not surpasssing it – that should be enough for three big players – a pitcher, LF and 1B

  55. How do they eat crow after the days worth of press conferences swearing they would and then the Madoff results saying they made money – thats hard to pull off and sell tickets

  56. (109) Omar doesnt seem to have the stomach for bidding wars he seems to bow out early – Beltran is the last hard nosed bidding war he got in – krod assured him he wanted to be a met and took a discount, what other big free agents has he out bid anyone on since beltran and pedro

  57. ed (115): I can’t recall a bidding war he really won. The Yankees wouldn’t bite on Beltran. In fact, Boras went back and begged the Yankees to sign him.-JD

  58. This game grabbed you at the beginning, kept a steady pace in the middle innings and ended with a flurry of activity all over the field at the end. It demanded your attention throughout.

    Final Score: Yankees:6 Angels:7

    Next Game will be in New York on Saturday at 7:30 PM

    See you then

  59. its funny he wont get in bidding wars because he doesnt want to make bad contracts but his two worst contracts were his own doing Caastillo and Ollie

  60. I’ll be at work saturday night. I’m sure the Yankee fans there while be having kittens if they are down/lose the game. You have to take small pleasures where you can.

  61. It’s probably unfair of me to say this because I don’t see the Angels play all the time, but it sure looks from this series at least that Scoscia is an overrated manager. Taking out Lackey when he did, walking A-Rod and thereby throwing his closer off after he got the first two outs quickly, not to mention the Angels have been playing sloppy baseball this series really goes against all I have heard about Scoscia being this great manager.

  62. (101) JD: He Isn’t Bonds. Even the one homer he had off of Fuentes in NY was a cheap one. Plus he was only the tying run if he hits one out. I thought the intentional walk was an awful call in that situation.

  63. Steve (121): I wouldn’t say Scioscia is overrated as a manager, but I would say he hasn’t had a great series. I questioned tacking out Lackey, but not walking Rodriguez. It’s not textbook, but Rodriguez had been hot in the clutch.-JD

  64. (123) I’ll agree to disagree with you on the A-Rod thing. Again, he isn’t Bonds and you throw your reliever out of whack which is what happened to Fuentes.