Slogan stealing ….

Yes, Tug McGraw coined “Ya Gotta Believe,” during the 1973 pennant race. And, yes, the Phillies are using it now.

Question: Who cares?



Yes, that was a part of Mets Lore, a part in which a team barely over .500 snuck into the World Series. But, it was a Series they lost (yes, Yogi started the wrong guy in the end). However, I don’t recall either McGraw or the Mets copywriting the slogan. Fact is, McGraw re-used the slogan in 1980 while with the Phillies.

So what if Phillies’ fans are using it? Isn’t imitation the most sincerest form of flattery?

I find it puzzling Mets’ fans would be upset by this. Afterall, we’re talking about a slogan nearly 40 years old. In that span, the Phillies have won two World Series and the Mets only one.

I believe Mets fans should be more upset the Phillies have the superior team rather than them using a tired slogan.

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  1. John –
    This is my recollection of the history of the slogan “You Gotta Believe”.

    Tug McGraw first coined the phrase and used it in the 73 Mets World Series. Then, when he was traded to the Phillies in 1975 he announced that he was “taking it with me to Philadelphia” and he did, and used it again in the 1980 Series.

    I agree that Mets fans need to give up this pettiness and try instead to regain some of Tugs’ tenacity for the current team.

  2. Annie (1): Mets fans shouldn’t care that the Phillies used one of their slogans, but instead that their team is so much inferior to theirs.-JD

  3. Jd- this is an easy one….

    after all the trash phillies fans,players, organization has spoken about the mets in the last few yrs any reason for the mets to be mad at philly will be accentuated…

    are mets fans upset the phils have been superior, damn right. BUT ya gotta believe is the mets slogan and having the philthies try and take it is another slap in the face…i wonder if phillie players will STILL talk about the mets should they win another series..yes i guess it should be flattering but assholes from philly are just that..assholes and having them win another WS makes me wanna be sick.. i know NY has plenty of A holes but man going to a philly game in any sport is a disaster because of the rude fanbase

    yankee vs. phils WS…could it get any worse for a met fan?

    who is everyone rooting for in that likely scenario?…. its like rooting for to be eaten by a shark or a whale..not much of an option

  4. I have always associated Ya gotta believe with the boys from flushing.

    The phillies need to grow up and come up with their own jingle.

    I agree that the mets need to come up with a formula for a winning team. that of course trumps stupid slogans which they seem to spend a lot of energy on every year.

  5. Jim(4)

    I don’t care who wins a yankee/phillies ws matchup.

    of course i didnt care much about who won each league this year.

    i was disappointed the two west coast teams did not bring it in the last round.

  6. For the phillies can we suggest

    P on me?

    As their slogan?

    that would have made a great poll…

  7. My memory is Mets Chairman of the Board M Donald Grant addressed the team in mid season 1973 and told them not to give up, there was time to turn the season. Tug McGraw stood up and said ‘that’s right, we can do it, you gotta believe’. I was upstate New York in 1973 and only saw NYC newspapers occasionally (fortunately the college dorm tv had a cable so we could WOR-TV 9 to see Mets games when we had enough Mets to take control, no Yankee fans were around to want the tv turned to WPIX-11 to watch Horace Clarke and Fritz Peterson, they knew their place back then). I wasn’t aware of it until the season ended and we saw some newspapers saying that was what the team slogan was.
    I am mildly annoyed the Phillies fans are using it but more annoyed that in the last three seasons the Phillies have moved from a second place team to winning the NL East three times and at least one world championship. Most of the regular players are least 30 but most of the starting pitchers are under 30. We may be seeing Philadelphia vs the Dodgers several more times in the next 5 years. Let’s face it, if the Phillies beat the Highlanders (or Angels of Anaheim) that Rollins double in game 3 is THE hit of his career. The question is how GM Jeff Wilpon and his public face Omar Minaya get the team on the right track.

  8. Both times that we finished 2nd to Philly, we would have won the division if we had just played .500 ball down the stretch. Thats why I don’t feel this anit-Phillies thing at all. It just doesn’t feel like they beat us out. They just jogged across the finish line after we fell down and couldn’t get up.

  9. In Phillies’ favor: They play real baseball (no DH). They’re in the National League.
    In Yanks’ favor: They play in NY. They have some players — Jeter, Rivera, Posada — who have been around a long time and are like family. Girardi came up through the ranks and appears to be a down-to-earth guy. And perhaps most important, Francesa kept saying that the Yankees’ pitching staff was really questionable and if they got into the post season, they could be in big trouble.

    Bottom line: Would I feel bad if Yankees won? No. Would I feel bad if the Phils won after the Mets fell apart? Yes.

    Yankees in 7!