Enough with the Valentine mourning ….

I am so bored with this Bobby Valentine talk and those lamenting him interviewing with Cleveland because they want him back with the Mets. Cleveland might not happen, but neither will Mets, The Sequel.

VALENTINE: Wrong number with Mets.

VALENTINE: Wrong number with Mets.

Valentine had his run with the Mets and fizzled out. Maybe it was the Valentine-Phillips chemistry, who knows? But, the Mets got as far as they were going to go with the Valentine and then regressed.

It’s not that I dislike Valentine, but when it comes to baseball, love the second time doesn’t always work. The expectations are too high and rarely attainable.

I don’t know if Jerry Manuel with a healthy team will put the franchise back into contention, but we will find out. In the interim, good luck to Bobby in his interview with Cleveland and wish him well. But, give up the ghost already, he’s not coming back so stop living in the past, which by the way, was ringless.

8 thoughts on “Enough with the Valentine mourning ….

  1. Speaking of Steve Phillips, read all the stuff in the last couple of days about the fallout from his latest extramarital dalliances? As you all will read, in this link, his young mistress — an ESPN production assistant — got “Fatal Attraction” on him.
    If only Phillips had focused half as much on building the Mets as he did cheating on his wife, we might be talking today about a Mets dynasty of the early 21st century…

  2. I wouldn’t mind if Bobby V came back but I am amazed how many fans and writers keep calling for his return. One even said he was worth the huge dollars that Cox, Leyland, Torre and Baker get. No mention was made of the fact these guys have rings and numerous first place finishes. Even Dusty Baker made it to game 7. I must be the only one who remembers the long losing streak at home in August 2002 and how Valentine kept saying it wasn’t time to get excited or panic, despite contrary claims by Mo Vaughn.
    Each of Billy Martin’s returns became less and less effective. Earl Weaver wasn’t able to turn the Orioles around. Joe Gibbs couldn’t do it for the Redskins. The only one who was really successful his second time around was Danny Murtaugh and he left for health reasons.
    Steve Phillips’s fall is interesting in that 10 years ago he looked like he was on the way up with two straight post season appearances. A subject for some would-be Shakespeares.

  3. I would only want Bobby because we are so bad with Jerry.

    I do not know who would be a good coach for us, but it isn’t the current group.

    How can you get worse than a 70 win season?

  4. So now Steve Phillips is about to blow his job with ESPN the same way he blew it with the Mets? Is anybody actually surprised by this story? The only question is, why is his wife still with him? What a jerk!

    Unless Bobby V can bring a whole farm system with him, I don’t see how much of a difference he could make here.

  5. Jeff (6) ESPN apparently didn’t mind hiring Phillips in the first place – wonder if they realize that Jim Nantz is also available for the same reason….

  6. BV would be an excellent fit for this team because we need someone who can fire this team up and get it out of its douldrums. I already know what Jerry can do, and the fact that this team is still under the same management after the last three years is truly unacceptable.

    How do the fans not deserve a clean break from this team after what we have gone through since the fated game 7 of the NLCS?