Blog redesign ….

After the World Series I plan to re-design the blog. After a slow period this summer, I’ve started to write more and do more things. I will continue to increase the content in a variety of ways and also would like to change the appearance.

If there’s anything you would like to see in the form of content or appearance, or any suggestions you might have, they would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, and thanks for your support.


4 thoughts on “Blog redesign ….

  1. One thing you could do is provide a more complete list of links to Mets fans blogs and perhaps other baseball sites. You have a few but others have more and I like this site enough to have it bookmarked.

  2. I agree, more x links would be good. Esp for subjects you don’t cover as much like the minors.

    Polls. That would be nice.

    Multi-media. If you are doing interviews or appearances of any kind like you used to and have rights, it would be nice to have here.

    An expanded sports site so that you can freely comment on non-Mets topics/people and not upset your fan base for going off the reservation.

  3. I would place the recent posts at the top and or recent comments before most commented.

    the most commented section i believe are archives from sites you no longer belong too and are waay old.

    I think the recent activity at the top is more relevant for this site.

  4. love the site..plan to be around more now with my feet on the ground with the business.. if i can help, let me know