Umpires hit new low ….

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, Major League umpires show they really are minor league. Although their ineptitude didn’t factor in the outcome of the game, what happened last night in Anaheim can’t be dismissed much longer.

Time for more widespread use of instant replay.

FIRST SWISHER PLAY: Not even close.

FIRST SWISHER PLAY: Not even close.

There were three more blown calls last night in the Yankees’ rout of the Angels. These calls were so bad you have to wonder what these guys were thinking, much less seeing.

“I’m just out there trying to do my job, and I’m doing the best that I can,” third base umpire Tim McClelland said after the game. “Unfortunately, on instant replay, it was two missed calls (by me).”

At least, McClelland was standup about it.

In the fourth inning, replays clearly showed Nick Swisher was picked off at second base, but Dale Scott, who had to have been no more than six feet from the play, ruled him safe. The phrase “out by a mile,” could apply here.

Later that inning, in what would seem to be a classic make up call, McClelland ruled Swisher left the bag early on a what would have been a sacrifice fly hit by Johnny Damon. Again, not even close on the replay, which also showed McClelland out of position.

FIASCO AT THIRD: I still can't believe it.

FIASCO AT THIRD: I still can't believe it.

The next inning, McClelland blew it big time on a play at third when Angels catcher Mike Napoli tagged both Jorge Posada and Robinson Cano, with neither on the bag. McClelland unbelievably called Cano safe.

It’s not as if these guys have an agenda, but you have to wonder when you see calls such as those last night. Maybe, it will take such a bad call that will cost a team the Series before something is done and instant replay is used more widespread.

The Yankees are on the road to another World Series, and they dominated last night. We should be talking about them, and a potential meeting with powerful Philadelphia. Instead, we are talking about the umpires.

That’s not right.

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  1. Turns out the Wilpons actually made $48 million profit from their investment with Madoff. The court liquidator may sue to recover that money.

  2. how can they sue?

    unless there is some proof that they knew the game is up, what grounds do they have?

    if they lost money because they had something else to do with the money when they withdrew does that mean they can make a claim for bad forsight?

  3. Beningo and Roberts said this morning that Tim McClellan was involved in the George Brett pine tar incident. I knew that name from some umpiring controversy, I didn’t know where.
    mlb should try using instant replay on tough decisions. Another thing would be have umpires with a better angle overrule the initial decision but that requires an entire mindset change which is not possible.

  4. I love instant replay in theory – get the call right. But in practice its not always so great. It slows down the game tremendously for one. Also whenever the remainder of a play hinges on a bad call they can’t overturn the call because you never know what would have happened after that.

  5. It’s the umpires union silly. Both McLelland and Scott from what I have read are two of the lowest rated umps in baseball. So why are they given this important venue? Once you find out that reason, then you can get to the bottom of the horrendous umpiring. I can’t even fathom the use of replay other than how they have it now. I can imagine that if replay were instituted for everything, then you would never get an umpire that even cares about making the right calls on the field knowing video will clear it all up.

  6. TMS(5)

    I have no idea how much money the wilpons control. when the madoff thing broke the impression i had was that the investments with him was spread over many accounts from different companies associated with the family.

    they may be up 50 mil with those two accounts but down 300 with others. i doubt 2 accounts is the whole story.