TALKIN’ BASEBALL: Dodgers try to stay alive in NLCS.

Two nights ago the Dodgers were one out away from tying their NLCS at two games each with Philadelphia until Jimmy Rollins did what money players do.

Down by a run in the ninth with two outs, Rollins lined a two-run double off All-Star closer Jonathan Broxton into the right-center gap to push the Dodgers onto the brink of winter.

Hamels vs. Padilla

Hamels vs. Padilla

“This is big,” Rollins said. “The pressure’s all on them. … We understand we still have a job to do. We look forward to trying to close it out.”

With a win tonight, Dodgers manager Joe Torre said the pressure reverts back to Philadelphia because the series would return to Los Angeles. Torre knows it is possible. While managing the Yankees in 2001, New York lost its first two games against Oakland in the ALDS, but ran the table to advance. Then, in 2004, his Yankees blew a 3-0 series lead and lost to Boston in the ALCS.

Game 6 Friday in LA is contingent on the Dodgers beating Cole Hamels, who has given up eight runs in 10 1/3 innings this postseason.

“Any time you hand him the ball, I think he’s capable of going out there and shutting the other team out,” Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said of Hamels, who is 5-0 with a 2.19 ERA in seven career starts against Los Angeles.

Vicente Padilla starts for Los Angeles, and his biggest obstacle is Ryan Howard, who has driven in at least one run in eight straight postseason games, and is 5-for-13 (.385) with two home runs, eight RBI in this series.

29 thoughts on “TALKIN’ BASEBALL: Dodgers try to stay alive in NLCS.

  1. Hi John – This game is either the end of this series or a trip to LA for the Phillies. Wonder which it will be…

  2. John (2) I’ve already muted the TV – that crowd is loud.

    (3) It could come at any time now.

  3. Can you see the Mets playing ball like the Phillies next year and being one game from the World Series? Not me. Don’t see the same type of gamers and talent. Sorry.

  4. wonthedamngame (6): No need to apologize. I don’t see it either. I see only three quality players … I mean real quality. Wright, Beltran and Francoeur. I don’t know if I see Reyes back, and if he does, how good he’ll be.-JD

  5. Wonthedamngame (6) Gamers and Talent? A bunch of it in the mid 80’s and some more recently when Piazza and Olerud and Robin Ventura played.

  6. FIFTH INNING: Three solo homers. That’s not going to do it. They need to get some guys on base. Thinking ahead to the Phillies vs. Yankees …. there will be some runs scored there.-JD

  7. Geez I come home from the Islanders game where they actually win (what a shock!) despite blowing a 2 goal lead with less than 6 minutes left (not a shock). Fillies are up 8-3?? What happened? Many blown umpires calls? Did Selig and whoever is umpires PA boss answer questions about what happened and how to fix it??

  8. John (12) OK, I’m beginning to believe it now, 8-3 is a pretty big hurdle for a Dodger team that hasn’t been scoring, but I don’t want to declare a ‘winner’ here too soon :)

  9. Dan (14) Actually not much has happened except the Phillies are hitting homers and the Dodgers aren’t.

    There was umpire talk on WFAN all day, but no word from Selig that I know of.

  10. Dan (14): No blown calls tonight. Dodgers have been cooked for several innings now. Werth has hit a couple of homers. …. Yankees on-deck for Phillies.-JD

  11. There likely won’t be anything coming down from MLB on the umpires until after the World Series. I just hope the Series doesn’t come down to a blown call.-JD

  12. Dan (19): After this at-bat …. I have to wonder if this is his last at-bat as a Dodger. Do you really want him back for what he’s making next year?-JD

  13. Ramirez has the opt out option doesn’t he? Does he take a chance someone will pay more then $22 million for him? It worked last year but I think teams will be even more frugal than last year. Corporate Sponsorship deals take a couple years to expire so teams will have less revenue. Attendance was down almost 7%. Dodgers may figure Kemp, Either, Loney are the future and they look good.

  14. Before we leave this game, I’d like to thank some of the TBS crew – particularly Ronnie, Cal, Dennis and David for their good humor, good sense and facts of the game during the past couple of weeks. You guys were great!

    Final Score here: Phillies:10 Dodgers:4

    To the Phillies – see you next week at the World Series

    And, to the Dodgers – see you next year.