TALKIN’ BASEBALL: We have a series in the AL.

There is nothing quite like the drama that is playoff baseball, where seasons fade and stay alive with a swing of the bat. There is an ebb and flow of emotions in baseball unlike any other sport and we saw them all last night when the complexion of both series changed on the game’s final play.

The Dodgers, one pitch away from tying their series at Philadelphia, are now in life support and face elimination tomorrow night. The Angels, who stared at the end of their season at the beginning of last night’s game, have fresh life.

SABATHIA: Going on three days rest.

SABATHIA: Going on three days rest.

Last night Jimmy Rollins sent the Dodgers closer to winter, and hours earlier the Angels turned the ALCS from a blowout to a series that could be for the ages. After gift-wrapping two victories to the Yankees, the Angels are alive and in position where they could knot that ALCS at two games apiece tonight after Jeff Mathis’ two-out double in extra innings Monday.

The Yankees could regain control and send Los Angeles to the brink of elimination with CC Sabathia on the mound or the Angels can get us back to square one behind Scott Kazmir.

“This is the type of series we expected it to be,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said.

KAZMIR: Pitching to keep Angels alive.

KAZMIR: Pitching to keep Angels alive.

Sabathia, who will be going on three days rest, is 6-7 with a 4.42 ERA in 15 career starts against the Angels. The Yankees are going with a three-man rotation in the ALCS meaning if there is a Game 7 in New York, Sabathia will get the ball.

Kazmir, who represents one of the worst trades made by the Mets, is in position to be a postseason hero for the Angels. Kazmir, who gave up five runs in six innings against Boston in the ALDS, was acquired from Tampa, Aug. 28, and went 2-2 with a 1.73 ERA in six starts for Los Angeles. He is 6-5 with a 2.66 ERA in 14 career starts against the Yankees.

Regardless of what happens tonight, Game 5 is Thursday at Anaheim.

47 thoughts on “TALKIN’ BASEBALL: We have a series in the AL.

  1. Hi John –
    Yes, both series turned on the very last play of their games last night – very dramatically in the Phillies/Dodgers game.

    I can’t wait to see what happens tonight…

  2. Did you read where Ramirez was in the shower during the ninth inning last night? He was taken out for defense and didn’t see fit to watch the final inning on the bench with his teammates. Manny being Manny, which is the same as Manny being an ass.-JD

  3. John (2) Yes, I did read that, but I haven’t taken Manny seriously for a long time – and I put a lot of blame on the Managers who tolerate this bad behaviour.

  4. John (5) Unfortunately there are many like that in pro sports – only a few Cal Ripkens or Mike Mussinas.

  5. John (6) I have a feeling that tonights game belongs to the Angels and that we start anew on Thursday.

  6. Yankees are going to lose this series. They are wound up too tight like their manager. They are striking out swinging at curveballs in the dirt.

  7. John (10) I think CC is the key to tonight’s game – the longer he stays, the better we are.

  8. FOURTH INNING: Two on, no outs. Kazmir worked out of a similar situation earlier. I don’t like his chances this time. Yankees will score at least one. Don’t have a good feeling for Kazmir.-JD

  9. Dan (18): Good throw gets him. That’s all part of playing good defense. … Leads to a big inning. The way Sabathia is throwing the Angels will be hard pressed to get to him. Kazmir can’t get into any deeper a hole.-JD

  10. Melkman swings at two pitches down low on two strikes. One is fouled off, the other is a 2 run single.

  11. Yet another call goes the Yankee way. When was the last time the Yankees got robbed by an umpire? Nippy Jones getting hit with a pitch in 1957 before Eddie Matthews home run?

  12. Dan (22): I don’t want the Yankees to get robbed. I just want them to get it right. …. That smells of a make-up call because Swisher didn’t leave early. Umping is bad. Real bad.-JD

  13. Chili (26): Nice to see you post again. His pants aren’t looking good, but he sure is. One would think on three days rest the Angels would make him work, but they are swinging early and often and letting him coast.-JD

  14. FIFTH INNING: Rodriguez is a special player. He always has been. Too bad about the steroids. He’s forever tainted. Too bad. This would be so much sweeter for him had he stayed clean. The fact he’s now hitting in the clutch after all those moments would have drawn people to him. I don’t see a groundswell of new worshipers for A-Rod now.-JD

  15. John (27) CC’s looking good in those pants, and he’s doing his job – that’s all that matters for him.


  17. BOTTOM FIFTH INNING: Angels have a run in and a runner on. If they are going to do it, they have to make up four runs by the eighth inning because they won’t touch Rivera in the ninth.-JD

  18. John (38) I don’t think the Angels are going to get Sabathia tonight. He looks as comfortable as though he was playing catch with his kids in the back yard.

  19. Girardi made a ton of errors last night but his decision to start Sabathia on three days rest was a good one. I doubt Chad Gaudin could have done better. Of course you wonder if they could have handled the Joba Chamberlain as starter better.

  20. Was McClellan the umpire who threw Roger Clemens out of an ALCS game in 1990 for arguing pitches?

  21. Guess not. BB-ref lists Terry Cooney as HP umpire for 1990 game 4 ALCS.

    If the Yankees have a 4+ run lead into the bottom of the ninth, will Girardi use Rivera?
    Day off tomorrow.

  22. Tonight CC Sabathia looked as comfortable on the mound as anyone can during a MLB post season game. Yankees got a good guy as well as a great pitcher when CC came to this team.

    Final Score: Yankees 10, Angels 1

    Tomorrow’s game is the Phillies/Dodgers at 8:07 PM in Philadelphia.

    Yankees/Angels will play on Thursday at 7:57 PM in California.

    See you tomorrow.

  23. Tomorrow night I will be watching something even more incompetent than MLB umpires: the New York Islanders. I’ll be back around 10PM..just in time to see the second inning.
    At least if the Phillies win, Manny Ramirez can take a shower anytime he wants for the next 4 months.