TALKIN’ BASEBALL: LA teams hoping to delay winter.

By midnight tonight winter could be on the doorstep of both Los Angeles teams, as the Angels and Dodgers each hope to avoid a third loss in their LCS match-ups against the Yankees and Phillies, respectively.

WEAVER: Holds Angels' hopes.

WEAVER: Holds Angels' hopes.

The Angels will send Jered Weaver to the mound to stave off the Yankees’ offense, but in reality, the ALCS has been about their inability to play clean ball as opposed to New York’s bats. Game 1 featured three errors and their should have been four; Game 2 watched the Angels’ bullpen kick away the lead.

The Angels, a team noted for playing crisp, alert baseball and being able to hold their own against the Yankees, has been an enigma in the first two games. To advance, the Angels know they must return to the Bronx, but they also know they can be done by tomorrow night.

Torii Hunter also knows the Angels need a short memory.

“We’ve got to calm it down and have some fun,” Hunter said. “You’ve got to have amnesia, and you’ve got to let the past go. … (Against the Yankees) you can try to play too much. You can let that history get in your mind, and their payroll, and you really try to do too much. We have to block that out and play our game.”

Angels manager Mike Scioscia remains confident despite his team’s spotty play.

“We know this thing can turn in a heartbeat,” Scioscia said. “If we win Game 3, we’ve got a different vibe in this series, and that’s what you want to create.”

PETTITTE: Money pitcher goes for Yankees.

PETTITTE: Money pitcher goes for Yankees.

However, they’ll have to do it against Andy Pettitte, a money pitcher going after a record 16th postseason victory.

Pettitte won all but one of those games for Joe Torre, currently the manager of the reeling Dodgers, who were blown out, 11-0, in Game 3 of the NLCS Sunday night. The Dodgers also need a short memory.

“You never want to get your rear end kicked,” Torre said. “But, you don’t toss and turn and wonder if you made the right move. It’s still only one game and we’re in position to tie the series tomorrow.”

That move Torre was talking about was starting Hiroki Kuroda over Randy Wolf. Kuroda didn’t make it out of the second.

WOLF: A future Met?

WOLF: A future Met?

Wolf, whom the Mets by-passed last winter, but might get another chance this offseason.

“They have a very solid lineup, from top to bottom,” Wolf said of the Phillies, his former team. “You know, you’ve got to be really on your game against this lineup because not only do they have guys that hit the ball out of the park, but they have very patient hitters, as well.”

Red hot is Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard, who has six RBI in the series and is batting .385 (10 for 26) with 12 RBI overall in the playoffs.

75 thoughts on “TALKIN’ BASEBALL: LA teams hoping to delay winter.

  1. Jeter starts off a post season game with a home run. Where have I seen that before? Actually I was in the other room putting away laundry but you get the idea.

  2. Dan (5): Hey … how are you? Yankees are off to a good start. They get a couple of more they could deflate the Angels early. I really would like this to go the distance.-JD

  3. John (4) I always knew you knew that.

    Mike Scoscia called him the smartest player as well after seeing him make that throw to home in the Metrodome.

  4. SECOND INNING: I wonder if the Yankees will re-sign Matsui. It’s either him or Damon. Of course, being the Yankees, they could re-sign neither and get Matt Holliday.-JD

  5. SECOND INNING: That was the same pitch he called a strike. Giving Posada a break. …. This is a huge inning for the Angels. They need to get out of this inning without any runs or no worse than one. … It’s not often a critical part of the game comes in this early.-JD

  6. I think of the two it is Hideki, they have some sort of advertising contract with Japan Inc. It’s a win-win situation.

  7. I am fine. Taking the week off from work because of excessive vacation on the books. Use it or lose it.

    From what I read, the Yankees are more likely to keep Damon because he can sort of play the field. But they could decide Holiday’s salary is paid for by shedding Damon, Matsui and Nady.

  8. How about those Jets? I saw the first half of that game and didn’t think they could find a way to lose to Buffalo. Which they did. Rex Ryan deserves a full chance but I am wary of braggarts. Reminds me of what Abe Lincoln told General Joe Hooker when he bragged he would destroy Robert Lee “The wisest animal is the hen because she does not cackle until she lays an egg”.

  9. Dan (13): The marketing in Japan for Matsui is a good point. Damon can only play left and even there he’s not what he used to be. … Holliday is somebody that would hit a ton in Yankee Stadium.-JD

  10. Dan (14): Great line. After a good start the Jets have hit the skids a bit. Sanchez has been throwing the ball all over the place and the defense has been less than stellar. Ryan needs to win a few more before he can start boasting.-JD

  11. Are any Fillies fans still disappointed they had to settle for Cliff Lee instead of getting Roy Halladay?

  12. Dan (18): Probably not. The Phillies could still get Halladay this winter. They have the prospects and the money, and I can’t believe the Blue Jays want to trade him in the division to Boston or New York. …. I think he’ll be moved to the National League.-JD

  13. #19 they did show the number of games so that sort of covers it. But you don’t see anything about how many World Series HR’s Ramirez, Jeter and Williams have. Must be a lot less than 18

  14. THIRD INNING: Speaking of Holliday, how about him going to the Angels? Vlad is on the downhill slide. The Angels can afford him. … They also have to think about Figgins.-JD

  15. looking it up Jeter has 3 world series home runs and Bernie Williams 5. Mantle’s record is safe for a long time. I remember coming home from school and seeing him hit the home run off Barney Schulz in 1964 that put Mantle ahead of Ruth and won the game for the Yankees.

  16. Anybody know what the new owner of the Cubs will be like? I doubt if Selig would anyone into the club who would spend a great deal of money. But going after a top pitcher would seem like a good idea to show your fans the century of losing is over. It would also benefit the Blue Jays having in in the NL. Supposedly the Cubs will make Rudy Jamarillo the highest paid batting coach in the game.

  17. Jackson had 10 in only 106 PA. He is the only player to hit 5 in one world series which I am sure he will tell somebody everyday of the week (4 straight on 4 swings, I remember those TV commericals).
    On the list of all time world series HR hitters the surprising name is Gil McDougal with 7. He was in a lot of them but was a right handed hitting infielder in Old Yankee Stadium. Only man to ever lead the league in double plays at SS, 2B and 3B. Not that many ever play all three positions but that verstality must have helped them win a lot.
    Frank Robinson had quite a few home runs in not that many appearances. 1960s had a lot of great RF: Aaron, Clemente, Robinson, Kaline, Maris.

    I can stand Jeter hitting home runs and having beautiful women. But not A Fraud.

  18. John (25) It’s amazing to me that Posada and Jeter are still playing at this level after 15 years…

  19. Dan (27) I am in total agreement with the last sentence in your post. I avert my eyes when the steroid cheat is up.

  20. Andy Pettitte is still picking runners off when he is in a tight spot. I know the Angels want to be aggressive on the baes but still….

  21. John (31) I had to check on Brian – he’s back after vacation last week – so we’re back to square one, Andy leaves and Joba arrives.

  22. John (32)

    I have to say I’m surprised that some of the new Yankees seem to be overwhelmed by the post season – Teixeira for one.

    I see the Angels finally got the lead – it was bound to happen…

  23. The Yankees must pay off hotels to allow them to sneak a hypnotist in the night to hypnotize opponents into making base running mistakes.

  24. TENTH INNING: This is a good move to bring in Rivera. That cutter of his is tough to bunt. … If you’re going to lose, lose with your best.-JD

  25. JOhn (44) what a post-season this is turning out to be – every game is simply awesome.

  26. The Angels have had so many chances in this series. They could be up 3-0 already with a little luck. … Instead they could go down 3-0. It could be a long winter of what-ifs for the Angels.-JD

  27. Girardi is getting too cute. Pinch hitting for Rivera with two out and none on. Pulling Robertson after he gets two outs.

  28. Dan (52): Agreed. I would have stayed with Rivera another inning. … Even after that, I don’t understand pulling Robertson. … He’s thinking too much.-JD

  29. I thought Girardi made too many moves – he’s prone to doing so – and this time it backfired on him. John is quite right, once you’ve got Rivera in the game – leave him there.

  30. John (57) OK, now to Philadelphia and seeing how Joe Torre is doing – incidentally, I saw Don Mattingly there with Joe – what role does he have? Thought he was home with his kids.

  31. On a side note, just switched over to Broncos-Chargers. Denver throwbacks are hideous. No wonder it took so long for the leagues to merge.-JD

  32. John (62) I keep thinking about Girardi using up all his players except one this afternoon. Easy to see he’s the newest manager in these games – the others don’t get so hyper.

    Look at Joe Torre, he’s as calm as ever.

  33. John (63) I’m alternating with “Dancing with the Stars” – it’s the music I love – they have a live orchestra on this show.

  34. Annie (68): I saw him. He’s something special. I saw him pitch once. Mets beat him, 10-4. I talked to him in spring training one year and he remembered that game.-JD

  35. John (69) You’re right – the one thing I remember about him walking around the Hartford Golf Club that day is that there is no ego – he is simply himself and rather shy.

  36. Today the Yankees lost to the Angels 5 – 4 in overtime.
    They will play again tomorrow at 7:30 P.M.

    Also today, the Phillies beat the Dodgers
    They will play again on Wednesday at 7:30 P.M.

    See you then…

  37. It’s games like this that make me think Mariano Rivera is the greatest player ever. Hard to say that about an one inning pitcher but Aceves and Broxton both melted down and cost their teams.

  38. I think the Phillies will win the World Series. They seem to just have that knack for winning and not backing down. I thought that Utley’s gaffe in Game 2 might have been the turning point of the series, but they just come out fighting. We may hate the Phills as our rivals, but you can’t take away from the fact that this team is damn good and they know how to win.