TALKIN’ BASEBALL: NLCS Game #3; Phillies send Lee to mound.

After an afternoon of football, it’s time to return to baseball and tonight’s NLCS Game #3 between the Phillies and Dodgers. The Phillies were on the cusp of taking a commanding 2-0 series lead, but their bullpen collapsed.

LEE: Hot pitcher faces Dodgers.

LEE: Hot pitcher faces Dodgers.

Tonight, the Phillies will send Cliff Lee to the mound. He’s been nearly untouchable in his first two playoff starts against Colorado. He went the distance in Game 1 of the Division Series, beating the Rockies, 5-1. He gave up one earned run in the Game 4 clincher.

“He’s a guy that’s a gamer and that’s what I love about him,” said outfielder Shane Victorino. “It’s definitely a nice position to be in to have him getting the ball in Game 3.”

That the Phillies bullpen gave it up in Game 2 wasn’t a surprise. Neither that the Dodgers rallied. They’ve had 43 come-from-behind wins, including 23 in their last at-bat.

“We’ve been doing it all year, it seems like. We’re relentless. We never give up,” Dodgers catcher Russell Martin said. “We go out there and compete, play through 27 outs, and whatever happens, happens. But we never keep our heads down.”

29 thoughts on “TALKIN’ BASEBALL: NLCS Game #3; Phillies send Lee to mound.

  1. Hi John – My afternoon involved household stuff like laundry, vacuuming etc. and I’m really ready for a good game. Actually there have been more than a couple of those this past week…

  2. Watching the Jets in OT vs. Buffalo. Five picks by Sanchez. A learning experience for the rookie. …. Elsewhere, the Giants proved they are not the class of the NFC afterall. That would be New Orleans and Minnesota.-JD

  3. Yes, I heard the Giants took a big hit, but what I really enjoyed was Tom Brady playing his game in the snow…

  4. LA Pitcher Kuroda replaced by Scott Elbert in the 2nd inning – score now Phillies 5, LA 0.

  5. i c that my gmen got crushed.

    fell asleep last night.

    to be honest i wasnt that interested.

    i find that if it is not the mets i dont care much about the teams playing nor the game.

    i see the dodgers are getting it handed to them today. I switched to some sort of monty python thing on ifc.

  6. i saw something earlier on sny.

    they were doing a greatest hits of the minor league system

    it was nice to c some talent, but really we know who they are.

    none are likely to make a big impact on the club next year.

  7. dave (10): True enough. There won’t be much of an impact until 2011. That’s something that needs to be considered in putting the team together for 2010. It’s why they are likely to stick with Murphy (while they wait for Davis) rather than go after a first baseman.-JD

  8. Hi Dave – I’ve been listening to Ronnie and Buck during these innings – Not much going on on the field now, but you never know in baseball what’s going to happen next – never.

  9. john(11)

    yes. i agree on murph. davis seems like our next 1b. no sense getting someone good if u think u have one in house.

    i do think we need to get an of. we dont really have anything. i do not consider the oft injured fmart.

  10. Thanks Dave, yours too.

    Just saw the picture of the night, Charlie Manuel blowing bubble gum bubbles.

  11. john

    what do u think of these ex mets coming back or being promoted. i read something where tim tuffel might be able to help reese havens in AA adjust to 2b

  12. dave (16): I like the idea. These guys were part of Mets history as productive players and they could add something. It’s worth it to give them a chance.-JD

  13. John (20)
    Absolutely, Lee has been like this from the start.

    Makes me wonder what would have happened if Charlie had left Pedro in the other day…

  14. John (22) I’m people watching along with this predictable game.

    Manny looks ridiculous with that ‘thing’ on his head, and Joe Torre looks very worried and is still chewing those prune pits (I think).

    Do you have a favorite football team?

  15. Annie (23): Not really on the football. Colts and Steelers, I suppose. Would like to see the Giants and Jets do well. Giants were smoked today; Jets giftwrapped their game to Buffalo.-JD

  16. John (24) I rarely watch a football game because of the injury factor, but I like to see the ‘local’ teams do well even though the Jets and Giants are playing in New Jersey.

    I pay attention to the Patriots because they are ‘local’ for me too (even though I find Bill Belichick to be a bit neurotic and weird) Jim Nantz and Phil Simms were doing that game today –

  17. Tonight we’ve seen a lopsided game where LA just couldn’t do anything right, and Cliff Lee couldn’t do anything wrong.

    Congratulations Cliff, it was a gem.

    Final Score: Phillies 11; Dodgers 0

    Tomorrow, 2 games
    Yankees vs. Angels 4PM
    Phillies vs. Dodgers 8PM