No big names coming ….

The names are enticing with Matt Holliday and Roy Halladay, Jason Bay and John Lackey. Any, and all would make the Mets a better team in 2010. Except, I don’t believe any will be playing in Citi Field next summer in the home whites.

Bay appears to be staying in Boston and Holliday will be costly. The Mets don’t have the prospects package, nor the inclination to pay a package similar to the one they gave Johan Santana, to acquire Halladay. And, reportedly Lackey doesn’t want to play in New York.

More and more I believe the Mets are hoping their injured players return and the best they’ll get in a middle-tier free-agent pitcher to plug into their beleaguered rotation.

It is premature to say the Mets don’t have a plan, but there isn’t a lot of reason to be optimistic right now.

One thought on “No big names coming ….

  1. Last year when we had the money and could presumably afford to buy the players to make us a good team we went out and got the best closer in the game for considerably less than he expected.

    We traded for a one year rental to back him up and returned everyone else that brought us such a good team the year before.

    I expect more of the same. We will go out and try to get one player at a discount. If they won’t come we will be told, see we tried! Sorry it didn’t work out.

    80 wins here we come.