TALKIN’ BASEBALL: Trying to get it in.

It’s not raining now, but the forecast is not good. It’s a crucial game for the Angels, who gift-wrapped Game 1 last night. Three errors and there should have been four. I could have driven to the Stadium, ran onto the field and caught that pop-up. It was in the air that long.

AJ Burnett, 13-9 with a 4.04 ERA in his first season with the Yankees, gets the ball tonight.

“By all means I know how important my start is,” Burnett said. “I have the least amount of postseason experience, but I’m looking forward to it.”

Play ball … or cancel it and let’s go to the movies.

119 thoughts on “TALKIN’ BASEBALL: Trying to get it in.

  1. i c both pitchers only went 5 snf it id s vold night.

    i hope the california angels get the split

  2. John (5) I kind of like Cano’s cold weather costume – at least it empowered him to drive Swisher home. Temp outside my office window is 35 degrees. Hope we get to have a complete game tonight.

  3. Despite another cheap right field porch homer and the multimillion dollar investments playing so well, so far, don’t count out the Angels yet in their battle against The Corporation.

  4. John (10) I think it is too soon to tell. But I love the process – think Tim’s book title.

  5. Gil – what brings you North? The All American Game – or something else?

    Oh yes, I’m a daily reader of the Times and don’t miss much. He’d be finished for good if it was my decision.

  6. The tenor is in his apartment building talking to his neighbor, who is Jewish and the two observe a prospective tenant being shown around.
    The Jewish neighbor, an NYU prof, jokes to the tenor, about the prospective new neighbors: “Don’t worry, they’re not Red Sox fans.”
    To which the tenor replies — thinking somehow that the neighbor will wink and nod and participate in his anti-Semitism: “That’s OK. As long as they’re not Jewish.”

  7. 20 Me, too, Annie. Makes me sick. A guy publicly portraying himself as a “patriot” is a bigot when fewer people are around.
    I’m up North on an extended family visit.

  8. By the way, what is wrong so far with Chone Figgins and Bobby Abreu? And what’s up with the Angels beating themselves last night?

  9. Here’s an interesting question:
    What would’ve happened if the Mets — not the Yankees — had acquired Bobby Abreu in ’06 from the Phils instead of Shawn Green?

  10. 29 Yep. Pretty bad for a guy known for having one of the most discerning batting eyes in the game, huh?

  11. Another question: Why, with a short porch in right, is Abreu dead set on hitting everything to the opposite field?

  12. Gil (32): I don’t have a problem with him hitting to left. Burnett was pitching him on the outside. If he tries to pull that pitch he’d hit a DP grounder to second.-JD

  13. Angels can’t catch a break. The wild pitch goes into the stands, so Aybar can’t score.

  14. With a man at the plate who swings at anything, why even risk boucing one in the dirt, as Burnett just did? Glad he did, though.

  15. What is Saunders doing?
    He MUST put up a zero here, Molina and the Corporation offered him an out by bunting, he gets ahead two strikes on a .217 hitter, falls behind and then gives up a base hit to him?

  16. John (53) Lucky for all of us – Yankees get to fly away to California and the Phillies and Dodgers play tomorrow at 8PM – are all the football games over by then?

  17. John (56) It really is, isn’t it? Glad I took a quick nap this afternoon – and can sleep late tomorrow AM – no choir.

  18. Come on, Halos. Hold on.
    But I’m not sure why Fuentes isn’t in the game to pitch to Cano.
    And PLEASE don’t walk Cano to load the bases…

  19. Can you imagine how that last play would’ve gone — the slow nubber out in front of the plate, if it had been the ’09 Mets in the field?

  20. 62 Of all times to bunt, why didn’t have Scioscia bunt with Morales, with a runner at first and none out, instead of with Mathis with one out and giving away the second?

  21. WHAT?????!!!!!!

  22. The second base ump must have an appointment at a Manhattan strip joint that closes at 12:30.

  23. The Corporation gets the calls again. It got it against the Twins on Mauer’s fly ball down the left field line in ALDS Game 2; it got the call last night on the Torii Hunter grounder and it got it again tonight on that DP ball.

  24. Oh, Darren.
    If only Willie Randolph had the good sense to start you in NLCS Game 3 back in ’06 and had left Steve Trachsel off the post-season roster, we’d have celebrated at least a pennant in Queens…

  25. Anyone else remember Gary Matthews Jr.’s illustrious Mets career? Lasted all of one Opening Day at-bat in 2002. Flied out and then was released.

  26. 70 The shame of it was, we ALL knew it — except Willie Randolph.
    Trachsel had his chance to shut down the Dodgers in NLDS Game 3, but instead handed a 4-0 lead right back and the Mets had to bail him out.
    Then, in the NLCS, Randolph actually structured the rotation so that Trachsel was set up to have pitched a potential Game 7.

  27. As the great Bob Murphy used to say…”Fasten your seat belts.” Especially with Brian Fuentes coming in to pitch.

  28. 80 Randolph, Peterson, Minaya, et. al. should’ve known, as the rest of us did, that Trachsel spit the bit in that game against the Dodgers.
    That was a sign.
    The Mets could’ve chosen then to leave him off NLCS roster.

  29. Threw A-Roid an 0-2 fastball right down the middle of the plate. Great pitch selection there.

  30. I just don’t get it.
    Fuentes throws a perfect breaking pitch to strike out the last hitter when he was ahead in the count, but he never thought to do that to A-Roid?
    Even my high school coach instructed pitchers NEVER to throw strikes when ahead in the count 0-2. Waste a pitch and get a hitter to chase it.

  31. FYI, this just in: CNN is reporting that criminal charges will soon be filed against the father of “Balloon Boy” for that shenanigan the other day that cost the state of Colorado precious time and financial resources…

  32. Remember the other night when we were talking about East vs West Coast TV viewing? It is 930 out West. Those fans got to see the whole game. How many people called it a night an hour ago? And, how many more would have had it been a week day? The scheduling is to the advantage of the WC viewer. A lot of young kids are missing a classic game. Too bad. MLB continues to show nothing to its future fans.-JD

  33. John – This post season has had some pretty interesting games starting with the Metrodome 163 play-in game, hasn’t it?

  34. 93 Dude, REAL fans will hang in there and watch this game. Tomorrow’s Sunday. Far fewer people have to get up and go to work than on a weeknight.
    Plus, the team’s involved in this game represent the country’s two biggest TV markets. This game tonight started at the entirely reasonable time of 7:57 p.m.

  35. Gil (96): Sorry Gil …. 8 pm is not a reasonable time. It should have started at 7. … And, none of this real fan BS …. This game started at 8 because that is the time that gives FOX the most money. If you’re 8 or 9 years old, you missed a great game.-JD

  36. John (93) I agree with you – and of course there will be fewer future fans because of the MLB way of doing business. It’s a shame, because baseball is a game for a lifetime. Those of us who have watched for years have wonderful memories, don’t we?

  37. Annie (98): We do have some memories. Think of all the great moments that have happened over the past 20 years that young kids missed. Those are the moments that would have kept them baseball fans forever. Baseball is too shortsighted. It cares about today’s dollars only.-JD

  38. 97 If you’re 8 or 9 years old and a fan, you’re likely staying up much later, because it’s not a school night.
    Also, you’re forgetting that anyone can also DVR this or any other game and watch its conclusion anytime they choose.
    If people really want to do something, they’ll figure out how.

  39. Gil – I always watch sports live – it’s the only way for me. I’ll get up at the crack of dawn every summer to see The British Open LIVE, and horse races from England. And the Olympics from China. I believe sports are meant to be seen live in real time, not on tape.

  40. Never like the idea of putting a runner on to load the bases with the winning run on third….Too much room to walk in a run.

  41. 100 102 If there wasn’t a demand among consumers to see programs — including live sports events — after they’ve aired, VCRs and DVRs would never have been invented.
    Sorry, but while of course it’s preferable to see a sporting event as it’s unfolding, it’s better to be able to watch a recording than to miss it entirely.
    Exhibit A: The Mets 2006 NL East Division clincher and their post-season victories. I taped all those games and glad I did because I recently watched and relived them. I don’t have to be at a network programmer’s mercy to re-air them.
    And also at age 8 or 9, if it were a weekend night and the Mets were playing this late in a playoff game, my parents would’ve let me stay up to see the end.

  42. What has happened to Vladimir Guerrero? Beaten by a no-name rookie with the game on the line? Is this really the same man who used to strike fear into the hearts of every NL pitcher?

  43. Feeling really bad about this series now. Angels defense gives it away. Not only was there a bad throw, but the third baseball couldn’t field the ball cleanly. Had he, there was a play at the plate.-JD

  44. The Yankees have won this fascinating game that went late into the early morning hours.

    Final Score: Yankees:4 Angels:3

    Tomorrow’s Game Phillies vs. Dodgers at 7:57 PM

  45. You have a SURE OUT at first base and you throw…TO SECOND???!!!
    That looked like the Mets.
    If you get an out at first, then there are two outs and runners at second and third.
    I’m sick of teams folding to The Corporation because they beat themselves with bad play.
    Yes. the best team a rich ownership can bankroll is this much closer to buying the pennant.