Not a good forecast ….

Proving they can play baseball in the afternoon, that’s when the Yankees and Angels will play tomorrow should tonight’s game be rained out. Then, they’ll fly to LA to play tomorrow afternoon. Of course, if Philly and the Dodgers weren’t already scheduled for tomorrow night, that’s when the Yankees would play.

Had today’s game been scheduled for this afternoon, there’s a chance they could have gotten it in. But, no, it has to be at night to placate the networks. But, if you’re going to prostitute yourself you have to do what they say.

So, the fans and players in New York have to sit through the slop, and the fans in LA get to see two tired teams play in Game 3. But, FOX is happy.

5 thoughts on “Not a good forecast ….

  1. I’ve never advocated this before but maybe it’s time to play the World Series and perhaps ALCS in a neutral warm weather or dome site. Or start one game at 1PM EST and the other at 4PM.

    Or perhaps the Yankees can petition the taxpayers to build them a $2 billion stadium with a retractable dome. Think how much Sterling, Waldman and Kay can gush over how great this is. The Mets missed an opportunity to build a new stadium right but if GM Jeff Wilpon ever gets us into the NLCS we will be numb with shock, not cold.

  2. i say let us build hermetically sealed stadiums in all cities.

    we can have artificial sun, artificial grass and artificial wind.

    we can go all in and have artificial umpires, artificial players and artificial fans.

    this way the networks can have what they want. they can have a season that lasts 230 games a year. this way there is more programming. they can program the players to play based on the roll of the dice contralled by their profile for different situations. they can program the fans to chear, wave etc on cue. this way when the camera pans to the stands there is always something good to see.

  3. If you could get enough people to watch during the day then FOX would put the game on during the day. And by the way, how much warmer was it at 3PM as opposed to 8 PM. And don’t you think the players would be pissed off if MLB said the heck with the money, lets play at 2 som Delcos stops his 30 year tirade. I’m sure they’d all volunteer to take a pay cut to play during the day. And the temp was 48 at 3 PM and 47 at 7 PM, boy Delcos it sure proves your point that it makes it a difference.