It’s about heart ….

In watching the Phillies play, I would think Mets fans would fall in love with this team if they played in Citi Field. They show the heart and hustle and spunk Mets fans demand from their team, but haven’t received in a long time.

The Phillies make things happen, and as powerful as they are, it isn’t always with the long ball. In that regard, they and the Angels are the playoff teams having the grit Mets fans desire for their team.

The Yankees?

The Yankees are the Yankees, they’ll always be good because they can’t accept losing. Mets fans would love that mentality from their management. But, the Yankees, and their fans, also carry a sense of entitlement with them that is annoying.

I believe, that after the disappointment of the 2006 season, the Mets carried with them a sense of expectations of winning. That’s good, but the reality was they overestimated themselves and believed they were better than they were, which isn’t good.

Hopefully, and I have my doubts, the Mets learned from the 2009 train wreck. If they believe that just being healthy will put them over the top, they are mistaken. This team has talent, but not enough. It lacks the pitching, the fundamental base, and all too often, the heart of a champion.

There were far too many times this season when they mailed it in.

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  1. Which is why I am so unhappy that we brought back most of the management. I know we had injuries and all and that is why the SEASON was lost, not because of Jerry/Omar and company. The problem is not that we had a losing season nor that we finished so terribly, the problem I have is that the team mailed it in time after time after time and just didn’t even try to be competitive. Baserunning issues, hustle issues, lack of desire issues, these were not only driven by injuries.

    Heck, we had players that were getting what may be their only chance to prove that they belong on a major league diamond mailing it in and not playing good fundamental baseball. I don’t expect these guys to just morph into all stars and turn into world beaters, but for a team that ended up full of guys that should have been out to prove something they just proved that they didn’t care.

  2. If they mailed it in then why did they sweep houston in the last series? The astros mailed it in. The Mets were just bad, imo.

  3. The Phils have a great offense. Thier pitching is still suspect. Hamels didnt impress. They got some breaks too. Clueless Joe left Kershaw in there way too long. In the 9th inning Blake hit a bullet right to the second baseman with a man on first no outs that ended up a DP.

  4. Teams that win always seem to have had more heart. More likely they were just better and/or they got the breaks.

  5. theres a very interesting article in the post today about how the jacket got Kazmir straightened out this summer. A must read.

  6. I believe you make your breaks.

    There are few hungry players on the team.

    Murphy is one. You can complain about lack of power, skills or whatever, but he comes to play and seems to try and improve.

    Last year it was widely reported he spent extra time in the cage or in the field to get better. This year his bat improved late in the year and his fielding at first although raw is much better than what i expected from someone with the hands of stone.

  7. Lack of Heart?

    How about lack of talent? How about having a bunch of banjo hitters in the lineup for most of the season?
    How about having half the starting rotation injured?

    Heart, or grit is the most overrated “stat” that fans and the media use to describe a player. It’s BS, plain and simple. It’s used to try and make a marginal player who has a couple of good games into something more than they are. David Eckstein is a prime example of this. Yes, he has good playoffs, but he is not a guy you want in your lineup everyday. Why you ask? Because he stinks.

    You wanna know why the Phillies win? Because they have several good baseball players. Utley, Howard, Werth, Rollins (who was atrocious the first half). It’s quite simple.

    You want to know why the Yankees win? Because they have several good ballplayers. It has nothing to do with “Heart”. It has to do with TALENT.

    The Mets this year did not. They had back-ups to back-ups playing significant innings. They had guys playing out of position.

    Give me a team of good baseball players, guys who can hit and play defense, and they will win.
    Field a team of crappy players who have “heart” and they will not. Field a team of 8 David Ecksteins, and you will get a team that would finish behind the Nationals.

    These guys weren’t “mailing it in”. They simply did not have the talent, or the proper training, to play in the major leagues.

  8. The Mets have no depth. No young guys on the field with the exception of Murphy who have any expectation of playing time.

    The manager does not reward good play with a spot in the lineup and bad play with a spot on the bench.

    The GM every year builds a team that cannot win. Every year has been a hope and a prayer. We hope that key players will stay healthy. We pray that key players will perform to expectations.

    This is why my expectations for next year is 75-80 games.

  9. JamesSC (1) and Ed (7): There is some talent on this team. Much of it was hurt this season. However, they played without passion for much of the second half. …. I don’t buy the Houston sweep. The Mets may have mailed it in at the end; the Astros used FedEx. … Yes, Ed, talent is the overriding variable, but when it is lacking teams can compensate by hustling and playing fundamental ball. The Mets, even injured, had enough talent to win more than they did down the stretch. Had it not been for the injuries, their lack of intensity could have, and maybe should have, cost Jerry Manuel his job.-JD

  10. Talent matters more but heart and grit matter some. It is also reflected in the will have a double instead of a single more often if you leave the batter’s box running all-out.
    2009 was a bad test because of the injuries but 2007 and 2008 the lack of heart and grit were seen in the standings.

    Let’s go Angels! And I suppose I want the Phillies. They don’t have Manny Ramirez.

  11. But John, fundamentals have nothing to do with desire.

    If a guy doesn’t have fundy’s, but has desire, or hustle, it will not help.

    How many baserunning blunders were caused by hustle? Or trying to do too much? I think a lot of them. Look at Pagan. I think a lot of Pagan’s mistakes were his trying to impress. Problem is, his desire overrode his lack of fundamentals.

    Look at Murphy, and some of his errors. He wanted to make plays, but tried too hard. Couldn’t cover up the fact he didn’t have the fundamentals.

    Heck, I think Delgado’s hip was worsened by his hustling on that triple early in the year. What business does he have trying to go for 3rd? Yet, if he had stopped at 2nd, many would have blasted him.

    Reyes gets killed as a “stat compiler”, but you know what, the dude busts his butt trying to get the extra base. Yet when he gets thrown out, Jerry, fans and media bash him. Where is the balance? Do we want guys trying hard or not?

    Fans see a guy like Eckstein have a good series against the Mets and rave about him. Some announcers (see Morgan, Joe; Buck, Joe) do the same. Yet if you watch him over time, you see that he is simply not good. There is a reason he has played for 5 teams in 8 seasons. And it is not “grit”.

    Or look at Omir Santos. People thought hwee was the answer early on. Does anyone really still think that is the case now? Does anyone really want him as the #1 catcher next year?

    I don’t think the team had enough talent to win many more games than they wound up winning. Even if they “showed more heart”.

    A winning team is viewed as having heart. A losing team is viewed as having none. The problem is that heart has little to do with EITHER situation. The team with more talented ballplayers usually wins.

  12. 9.Delcos, Yes they should have won a lot more games with all those great pitchers they ran out there after Santana went down. The Immortal misch, Pelfry, Figgy, Redding and your favorite, Parnell. They could have run the table with that group. Then Wright gets beaned and when he comes off the DL develops a flinching problem. Ed makes a great point, Most of the mistakes were made because of trying too hard.

  13. Oh My!! The Phillies lost their heart and their grit. Chase Utley doesn’t have heart or grit anymore.
    Oh My… tha angels are no longer the team Met fans long to have. They have lost their heart and their grit. Only teams like theMets who have quitters on their team, make game losing errors on a throw from second to first, and only losers and quitters like the Mets have their 3B and SS stand still and watch a ball drop from the sky. The teams with grit and heart like the Phillies and Angels would never never have that happen to them.