TALKIN’ BASEBALL: NLCS Game #1: Phillies at Dodgers

Game #1: Philadelphia at Los Angeles.

Game #1: Philadelphia at Los Angeles.

The Phillies didn’t exactly sprint into October, but they are here and they know what’s at stake. And, even before the first pitch, they know it will be tougher this season.

It is always tougher to repeat, and the Phillies aren’t boasting of slicing through the Dodgers in five games as they did last autumn.

“Believe me, we came back here to win,” said Philllies manager Charlie Manuel. “I have more determination probably than I had last year, and I mean that from the fact that that’s how much I want it, and I think I know how much our players want it.”

The Phillies are trying to become the first repeat champions since Joe Torre’s Yankees won three straight, 1998-2000.

“When you repeat, you basically have to go through a tougher season to get there,” said Torre, now manager of the Dodgers. “You’ve got a bull’s-eye on your back. Everyone seems to put on their Sunday best to play you. You always get the best pitchers matching up.”

In at match-up of lefthanders, Clayton Kershaw starts for the Dodgers against Cole Hamels.

Kershaw lost twice to the Phillies this season, but he said he’ll still attempt to be aggressive.

Kershaw was 0-2 against the Phillies in the regular season, but he plans an aggressive approach.

“I’m not trying to sit up there and walk people or try and pitch around someone else,” Kershaw said. “You can’t go out there with that mindset. They’ve got a great lineup. But the pitcher’s job is just to go right after them with your best stuff.”

25 thoughts on “TALKIN’ BASEBALL: NLCS Game #1: Phillies at Dodgers

  1. Hi John – This makes my day after all the nasty weather here today – sunshine and baseball:)

  2. John (1) Yes, I just hope that if they have the same bad weather tomorrow, they call the game early. But, they probably won’t.

  3. Dodgers or Phillies…Can I wish for both to lose? Of course if our Mets were to play like the Phillies I’d love them to death. Just a respect/hate if you know what I mean. At least the ALCS choice is clear.
    Is there such a thing as a sport that is fan-friendly? Or maybe “once is a while treats its fans as people?”. All these days off make you think the last game was played in the Harding Administration. Would mlb really lose that much money if they started a series 48 hours after the previous one was complete?

  4. Dan (4): Can’t really think of any major league sports that are fan friendly. Minor league ball, I guess. … High school soccer? It’s all about the dollars, but that’s nothing new. … It really is disgusting the World Series could end Nov. 5 on purpose.-JD

  5. John (5) I follow Professional Golf, but that’s a whole different situation – not a team game – and the players themselves are individual contractors. However, fans are treated quite well even at the big tournaments.

  6. Is Orlando Hudson injured or have the Dodgers decided that Belliard is just better? Interesting idea for the Luis Castillo heters who have pined for Hudson.

    Reminds me on how 30 years ago my CO’s wife talked one evening about how horrible it was to go to the Ice Capades.

  7. THIRD INNING: It will be an interesting winter regarding Manny Ramirez. Will the Dodgers keep him or let him go? There will be some interest, but you have to wonder how much the drug suspension will cost him.-JD

  8. John (8) rumors flying around here (WFAN) this afternoon re: whether Joe Torre would even be around the Dodgers next season – seems there are some ownership issues since the McCourts are divorcing.

    As for Manny and the drugs – who knows?

  9. John: Peter Gammons told Michael Kay yesterday that Torre has found the Dodgers are “a living hell” I find that hard to believe.

  10. Dan (12): Every team has its “hellish” moments and pain-in-the-ass executives. The Dodgers aren’t perfect. No team is. But, if they are winning and that solves a lot of problems.-JD

  11. That’s true John. Torre was more than willing to return to Yankees but they didn’t offer him enough money and years.

  12. gammons said more would be coming out over the next few months about torres situation in los angeles. Maybe mccourts divorce will lead to a fire sale like with the pads this year.

  13. I think I want the Dodgers to lose this series more than I want the Phillies to lose. If the Phils were in Flushing, we’d love this team. Well, maybe not Brad Lidge.

  14. A lengthy but interesting game –

    Final Score: Phillies 8 Dodgers 6

    Tomorrow’s NL game is at 4:07 PM
    The AL game is at 7:57 PM

    See you then.