Mets notebook: Reyes under the knife today.

Jose Reyes will have surgery today on his torn right hamstring tendon, scheduling the procedure for today in Dallas. The surgery will be to remove scar tissue on the tendon, and will be performed by Dallas Cowboys team physician Daniel Cooper.

The prognosis is he should return in time for spring training. Reyes will not have surgery on the torn right hamstring muscle. The club is hoping it will heal with rest.


The Mets are close to naming Tim Teufel to the managing job at Double-A Binghamton, according to published reports. The Mets are also close to signing Wally Backman and Mookie Wilson to minor league positions.


The Mets don’t plan on talking with former Rangers hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo, who spent the last 15 seasons in the Texas organization.

Jaramillo once interviewed for the Mets’ managerial position, but was bypassed for Willie Randolph.

14 thoughts on “Mets notebook: Reyes under the knife today.

  1. I am not a doctor but play one on tv.

    If he has a torn hammy why are they hoping that it will heal all by itself?

    It is good to see that former Mets are coming back to be part of the org.

  2. Gammons on espn radio yesterday when asked if the mets would get Jarimillo, Omar loves him said ” But Omar is not the GM, Jeff Wilpon is, Omar is only there to take the heat.”
    I know thats not news to most of us here. To see Gammons shout it out to the world is a bit surprising, though.

  3. dave (1): Your guess is as good as mine about the hammy. My thinking is if they’re in there, fix it all. But, I don’t make those decisions.-JD

  4. Jeff in charge? Looks like I choose a bad week to stop drinking. No sense in talking to one of the top hitting coaches, according to the junior Wilpon.

  5. Dan (5): When you don’t hit homers or score a lot of runs, you should be looking at everything. Maybe he could be an organizational hitting instructor. Could hurt. All I know is that Texas bunch has always been able to hit.-JD

  6. I just listened to the whole interview. Gammons also had this to say: He doesnt think the Mets are going to add ANY players this offseason. Also, they are going to cut the scouting budget. He also said Omar wanted Manny but Wilpon said no.
    Hoo boy, its starting to feel alot like 1978 in Metsland. I predict many empty seats next year.

  7. i wouldnt want manny either.

    he is a cancer. he is a bandaid.

    the problem is the drafting, player development, fa signings, teaching, execution.

    somehow i think omar is involved in those things.

  8. 8. dave, You are right about Manny. Gammons went on to say that his bat has noticably slowed down lately. Omar is responsible for the things you listed. That said, if gammons is right about the mets not making any changes and reducing the payroll of the scouting dept. That falls on jeffy. He controls the checkbook.

  9. 9) Ray

    yes. Omar is not solely to blame. If I were the owner and I saw where all my money went the past 4-5 years and how others’ view my organization and the value of my organizations I would not want to spend money either.

    Of course I would have fired Omar in September, but that is another matter.

  10. 11. Dave the really sad part is all of the front office and managerial/coaching talent out there right now for the taking. Towers, Riccardi, Larussa, Duncan, Valentine, Jaramillo. Jeffy is missing a golden opportunity to get top baseball people and hes going to pick now to be frugal?

  11. I read that Reyes surgury was successful today, so at least there is some good news.