Is this something they’ll regret?

One of sport’s premier hitting instructors, Rudy Jaramillo, is on the market after 15 years with the Texas Rangers.

It has been reported the Mets will not talk to him, that they are satisfied with the results of Howard Johnson. Just a thought … how come they can’t have both? Couldn’t Jaramillo work as an organizational instructor on all levels? Wouldn’t he be a great influence on the growing number of Latin players in the Mets’ employ?

If the Mets are going to talk to Kevin Towers, they might as well talk to Jaramillo. This might be something the Mets could regret down the road.

12 thoughts on “Is this something they’ll regret?

  1. Why do we need to talk to an unemployed hitting instructor?

    Our team did very well this year. Why change anything?

  2. For more bad news, check what I posted on the Reyes thread after listening to the whole interview. I bet Omar is relieved that the focus will now go where it really belongs.

  3. Marty Noble has some interesting things to say in his mailbag at He says because of all the players who have come up through the mets system the last year who play fundamentally bad baseball, All Mets prospects will now be undervalued. He mentions Pagan, Murphy, Fmart and Gomez. When Omar was hired he was allowed to fill the player development positions with his cronies and now we see the fruits. Despite what I said in the last post, Omar is not blameless for this mess.

  4. I read that too.

    We see with our own eyes that the team has no fundamentals.

    Omar is front and center for who to blame. He is the GM. It is supposed to be his show. Maybe the wonder biy has to sign off on major deals, but he can’t run everything.

  5. 6. Hate to burst your bubble Ed but Pagan was drafted by the Mets in 2000 and played in their system until he was sold to the Cubs before the 06 season. Another untrained Met farm hand is correct by Noble..

  6. I have been hearing that the Mets drafting theory is that they want the younger ballplayer rather than the college player, because they can teach them before they get bad habits! Stopped laughing yet. They do it because they are cheaper!

  7. 9. They drafted Davis out of college. A very good program at ASU. I bet he shows a lot more savvy than the ones who were taught by met minor league management.

  8. (9) Take a look at the drafts the past few years. You will see quite a few college guys.
    and lots of teams draft high school guys. for the same reason you note. Many college guys do pick up bad habits.

    Ike Davis was noted as having some bad habits. Seems they have been corrected. I wonder how that happened.