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This Day in Baseball History

This Day in Baseball History

The 1975 World Series between Boston and Cincinnati was one of the most compelling in history. The tone of the series was set in Game 3 on this date when Cincinnati’s Ed Armbrister and Boston’s Carlton Fisk became entangled on the former’s 10th-inning sacrifice bunt.

Interference was not called on Armbrister and the Reds went on to win to take a 2-1 Series lead.

There would have been plenty of dramatics to follow, including Game 6, which is arguably one of best games in World Series history. Had the Red Sox gotten that call then Fisk’s dramatic homer might have ended the World Series in Game 6 and not prolonged it.


They Said It

They Said It

With poor weather forecast, New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi, anticipating rainouts is considering going to a three-man rotation. That might be to the Yankees’ advantage as their staff is not that deep.

Said Girardi: “In the 10-day forecast that I looked at, it looks like we have some rain in the forecast, so that can change things. But we are definitely considering possibly going to a three-man rotation in this round, but we’ll have to take a look at it and see how it goes.”

The change isn’t etched in stone, but it’s easy enough to change if Girardi wanted to go with four starters.



6: The Phillies have won six of their last eight road playoff games.

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  1. A few months ago I rented this series from Netflix. What a treat! Graphics were sparse by today’s standards. 34 years ago I didn’t like Curt Gowdy as a broadcaster, looking back he seems fine (must have been college age rebelliousness). One unfortunate omission was in game 2. There was a short rain delay before the start of the ninth and someone interviewed Johnny Bench. Bench said he would try to take Bill “Spaceman” Lee the other way, which he did with a double to start a 2 run rally to win the game. But that interview isn’t included.
    Game 6 is the most remembered but I think every game in that series has something worth seeing.
    A side note is the first two games at “Cozy Fenway Park where no lead is safe” is there was much pre game talk about the “Green Monster”. There were no home runs in those two games. Game 3 at Riverfront, a larger ballpark, had 6.

  2. It would be nice to see the yanks and phillies in the series.

    two teams i dont want to see win it all.

  3. I hate the Phillies, but damn them, they have more heart and soul than the team we root for, that’s for sure.