Mining the Rockies for gold ….

According to published reports in Denver, the Colorado Rockies aren’t expected to bring back pitcher Jason Marquis (won 15 games and averaged 6 2/3 innings per start) or outfielder Brad Hawpe (who is scheduled to make $7.5 million next year).

MARQUIS: Would upgrade rotation.

MARQUIS: Would upgrade rotation.

Some consider Marquis a No. 3 starter, which would be true depending on the rotation. However, because there’s no other reliable arm outside of Johan Santana, Marquis would have to be a No. 2 candidate with the Mets.

Hawpe, who hit .285 with 23 homers and 86 RBI, would be more than a capable replacement in left field for Angel Pagan/Fernando Tatis. A definite upgrade. Hawpe is a productive player who doesn’t make considerable money, but I’m not so sure the Mets will want to deal for him if they can sign somebody else.

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  1. Jason Marquis had a very nice year. He will be overpaid by someone. I hope it’s not the Mets. He has been Trachselesque for his career. A number 4 or 5 starter is what he projects to in a normal year. Hawpe would be nice but it was alarming to see him benched against the Phills lefties, but he would be a good lower cost addition. But I don’t see him as a solution.

  2. Those humidors at Coors Field must really work. Looking up Hawpe’s career splits he is an 887 OPS+ at home vs a 864 when he’s Willie Nelson (“On the road again….”).

  3. we could use a guy who can get us 15 wins.

    we have no staff.

    dont want hawpe. if he only hit 23 hr’s in coors he will hit 5 here.

  4. (3) Ollie and Maine have won 15 games for the Mets. And they are already signed. No need to make a mistake in overpaying for Marquis.

  5. Wins are a team stat, and not necessarily pitcher dependent.

    Like Steve said, Ollie and Maine have won 15. How much of that was due to the team supporting them?

    Marquis will be overpaid. We do not need Omar doing that again.

    GOOD NEWS – Ollie is reportedly rededicating himself to baseball and is moving to New Mexico.

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Hawpe actually does had pretty good splits.
    And I doubt Citi will have that much an impact, so long as HoJo and Jerry don’t mess with his swing like they did with Wright. You wanna blame Citi for DW, fine, but it ain’t that, it’s the coaches changing his approach that messed him up.
    Go back to the old way, and a number of balls will still go out.

    Heck, even Castillo hit one out to left. If he can, DW should be able to, a lot more frequently.

  6. Steve/Ed,

    Don’t know about Marquis. Just saying we could use 15 wins on this team.

    As for Hawpe, Coors is known to inflate numbers, esp hr’s. Since our field is known to be big in today’s world, his numbers would suffer.

    My point is 23 hr’s are marginally a good power guy. 10/15/5 hr’s are not.

    If he had monster power numbers I would sign him knowing that they would not be that good in the real world. Unspectacular numbers like that in a power friendly atmosphere do not translate well.

  7. I wary of Marquis. He had a great season this year but I think it may have been a fluke. Looking at his career numbers doesn’t lead me to expect a repeat of this year.

  8. Oh yeah, Trachsel won 15 too and it was one of his worst years as a Met. Wins/Losses are a very poor way to judge pitchers.

  9. Marquis is durable, having pitched at least 190 innings in 6 of the last 7 years (with 167 the fewest). He used to give up 26 to 35 home runs a year but 15 each in his last two at Wrigley and Coors. Saying a guy is overpaid is relative: people have been saying that players are overpaid since the Grover Cleveland administration. It would be great if the Mets could get Halladay or Beckett or Tommy Hanson but you need innings eaters. I sometimes feel we have gone so far in devaluating wins that they are now under appreciated. They do show something and are easy to calculate (I couldn’t compute an ERA+ if my life depended on it). I interest in have the Marquis of Staten Island in the middle of the rotation.

  10. FYI – WFAN reporting that Jose Reyes tendon surgery will take place tomorrow in Dallas.