If the Mets want La Russa ….

If the Mets are serious about evaluating all aspects of their operation, then they can’t afford to ignore Tony La Russa and Dave Duncan, the Cardinals’ manager and pitching coach. But, if this is the direction they take, it must be done quickly and decisively.

LA RUSSA: Enticing.

LA RUSSA: Enticing.

As a manager, I’d take La Russa hands down over Bobby Valentine, and Duncan could be one of the best pitching coaches in the business. I’d be willing to say better than the Jerry Manuel-Dan Warthen tandem currently in charge.

La Russa, who has won seven NL Central Titles, two pennants and one World Series, a significantly more impressive resume than that of Manuel. La Russa has been there and won. He’s one of the few who could come in immediately command everybody’s respect.

However, getting La Russa has to be accomplished quickly and neatly. There can’t be a long courtship as the uncertainty could chase away whatever free agents the Mets could be considering. Also, if the Mets come up empty they would have all but pushed Manuel out the door which would severely limit the respect he needs in the clubhouse.

11 thoughts on “If the Mets want La Russa ….

  1. It is the way the Mets should go, but it is too logical. The Mets only use puppets in the managers position, don’t you know that by now? On a side note, I can imagine that LaRussa and the NY media would be like oil and water. Which is no big deal to me, I could care less. But it would be a train wreck to watch!

  2. Steve (3): There’s no doubt La Russa would have a problem with the NY media. He has a hard enough time in St. Louis where there is only one or two writers covering the team.-JD

  3. LaRussa is too thin skinned to make it here. Can you imagine if his drunk driving incident happened here! What would the Post headline have been?

  4. wonthedamngame (6): I have to agree on that one. The Post would have had a field day. But, managers that come here always think they can make it. It’s the ego they have.-JD

  5. JD
    Why even propose bringing in LaRussa to manage when everyone in baseball already knows of his problems with the media.

    The Mets contacting LaRussa would truly show that Met management was incompetent since it would mean that they know of his problem with the media and would completely disregard it.

    Sadly itt would mean the have become the Dolans.

  6. If Larussa were hired (which I don’t expect to happen) would his problems with the media be as severe as has been stated here? I remember listening to the Michael Kay radio show about 5 years ago when Kay just ripped Larussa as overrated, so called genius in his most condescending voice. Yet when I’ve heard him in recent years, he is more respectful of Larussa’s accomplishments. Winning a second world series and having other teams such as the Yankees exposed as juicers as big as Larussa’s may make people see the light. Plus Larussa has a law degree. I assume he will realize he is smart enought o know how to adjust.

  7. Scott (8): Have to mention because La Russa will be free and the Mets are in need of a makeover. He’s been a winner, which is why he should be considered. Have to consider everybody if you’re overhauling.-JD