TALKIN’ BASEBALL: Game #4 and the Jets.

Let’s face it folks, the Mets’ real rival are the Phillies, not the Yankees, and fans of Flushing could get an in-your-face reminder of what separates Philadelphia and New York, and it isn’t the Jersey Turnpike.

The Phillies can wrap up their NLDS with Colorado tonight and move on to the next round against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Cliff Lee, the pitcher the Phillies weren’t afraid to pursue while the Mets waited for John Maine and Oliver Perez to get healthy, and Mike Pelfrey to get his head on straight, can wrap it up tonight.

After the playoffs, move on over to the Monday Night game and let’s talk about the Jets and Dolphins.

79 thoughts on “TALKIN’ BASEBALL: Game #4 and the Jets.

  1. Kinda sad to see this series end. Brian Anderson is a very smooth announcer and such a pleasant contrast to Chip Carey.

    I’m looking forward to the Jets running wild tonight. the DVR awaits me.

  2. 2 Sam: Good call on the announcing team. Brian Anderson turned a nice phrase a second ago describing Jimenez’s No. 1 pitch as his “Sunday best.” I like Anderson’s smoothness as opposed to Caray being such a “yukker.”

  3. seriously, going out and getting cliff or on of the holiday brothers would still land us in last place.

    every pitcher after johan was useless and then they shut down johan cause he was hurt too. then we had the lineup where every hitter except the light hitting castillo was either dl’d or useless.

    this team has a huge amount of issues that one player will not cure.

  4. 5 agree, dave, but signing John Lackey to be the No. 2 starter and then eating Castillo’s salary and signing Chone Figgins and slotting him behind a potentially healthy Jose Reyes in the No. 2 hole would be improvements.

  5. Sam: Just did a little research and found that Brian Anderson is the lead TV play-by-play voice of the Milwaukee Brewers.

  6. Sam G (2): Thinking the Jets should have their way with the Dolphins tonight. Then again, I thought the Cardinals would beat the Dodgers. … I do feel bad for Pennington.-JD

  7. 8 If the Mets ate Willie Randolph’s contract after they fired him, what’s the difference in eating Castillo’s if no one will take him in a trade?

  8. John (9)Gil(11) thought it was cold here until I saw the blanketed crowd in Colorado.

  9. actually osama bin gil the and nobody gives a crap about your pathetic research vbbout an announcer. you,are besides being a hater of your own country and a person who shows no respect to people who lost friends and relatives in 9/11 and little things that let them know that their countrymen haven’t forgotten, you are also an arrogant piece of crap always thinking incorrectly that you are better and smarter than anyone else, and also you have a real problem thinking that everything that happens is done to you or because of you. most people get over that at age 6 or 7. only sickos like you never get over it. have a rotten eventing….

  10. Harry (14): Hi Harry … I see you’re bringing more charm to the table. You can be such a smart guy when you want to be, then you cross on over to the dark side.-JD

  11. 16 JD: When does a manager decide to cut a player loose when he determines the player has nothing to contribute but ill will toward others, is a completely negative force around them, continues to be a cancer in the clubhouse and repeatedly ignores requests and warnings from the manager to stop his childish behavior?
    Just asking.

  12. Gil (17): Very interesting question. When there’s production he’s more apt to have a longer leash thinking he’ll snap out of it. The leash becomes shorter when the ill will dwarfs the production. Sooner or later, a cut must be made,-JD

  13. gil(6)

    i just wish they had a plan.

    any plan.

    I don’t count the current plan of pretending to do something but not really wanting to.

  14. 18 I can’t be the only one here who sees much more ill will than any production — and no definitely no inclination or desire to snap out of it, despite repeated appeals.

  15. 19 dave: They’ve had a plan, but it’s been guided more by their hearts than their heads and has been marked more by rose-colored optimism than black-and-white realism.
    After the magical ’06 season, conventional wisdom said an aging and historically injury-prone Moises Alou wasn’t the answer to the departing Cliff Floyd in left; an aging Shawn Green with limited range wasn’t the answer in right; an untested rookie in Joe Smith wasn’t the answer for the highly effective Chad Bradford; and that Guillermo Mota’s steroid-adided renaissance in ’06 was a mirage.
    Yet, Minaya managed to pick the wrong option in all these scenarios.
    It continued in ’08 when his answer for the bullpen woes was to keep the same cast of characters, then add a journeyman Luis Ayala and plug him in as closer.

  16. 21 Oh, JD, I forgot. The player is also so insecure about his own intelligence he lashes out at someone else’s and can only advance an argument by screaming obscenities. Makes for quite the head case.

  17. Sure is interesting how two key players in this NLDS could’ve both been Mets: Jayson Werth and Yorvit Torrealba.
    Only a week after Werth was given free agency in December of ’06, the Phillies snapped him up, then after the ’07, the Mets medical staff squashed the Torrealba signing.

  18. Gil (29): I don’t recall the circumstances about Werth. He would have been a great pickup. …. Torrealba flunked a physical, and there was also speculation of a failed drug test. Mets were lucky there.-JD

  19. 30 Didn’t know about the drug test. Werth missed all of ’06 with an injury, but his previous years with the Dodgers and Blue Jays could’ve at least earned him a minor league deal or an incentive-laden Major League one with the Mets.

  20. 32 Tsk, tsk, JD. Haven’t we learned anything from watching the Phillies play the Mets the last three years? NEVER count them out. :)

  21. Watching the Jets-Dolphins now. Halftime. Jets up by a field goal. One must certainly like how Rex Ryan has changed the culture with the Jets. This is a team that plays with confidence and passion.-JD

  22. 40 No, but on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” show in a few minutes, there’s the story about Rush Limbaugh’s attempt to buy the St. Louis Rams and many African-American players saying how if that happens, they’d never play for the Rams. Al Sharpton and ex-Dolphins legend Mercury Morris are scheduled to appear.

  23. Gil(23)

    I think you trust the team too much.

    This year was it for me. I have no goodwill towards the team. I no longer give them the benefit of the doubt.

    Omar took a team that was in bad shape, briefly brought excitement and we are now in the same place he started.

    Bad decisions, bad plan, bad team.

    I assume we will be better next year, if only because I don’t expect all the players to be hurt. But the head is still rotten.

  24. Watching MNF. Something I havent done in a while. I see a Giant castoff is referred to as a crafty veteran. We cut Allen cause he was not reliable.

  25. how is it that the fins are wearing blood red?

    do teams not have any honor? why is it that no professional team wears their team colors anymore?

    If you dont like the colors change them. It is your brand.

  26. Gil (41): And, if any African American players say they won’t play for the Rams if Rush owns them that’s a crock, too. They’ll play because it is an NFL job. And, they’ll be happy about it, too.-JD

  27. 42 dave, I agree with you about the Mets being rotten. Still, I think they’ve had a plan — it’s just been flawed and has failed on many levels.
    I love the team, but I hate the direction management has taken it the last three seasons and the awful decisions it made since the end of the ’06 season.

  28. Gil(49)

    At this point I live in Missouri. They have to show me. Last year I saw that they overpaid for Ollie. I was ok with trying to get him as he seemed just as good as the other garbage that was left, but they panicked and gave him a stupid contract.

    I also wanted them to get an OF, even on you could legitimately platoon. Instead they gave us Sheffield.

    They also need a bench. They got Cora which is great. He has bled for us. The problem is the bench screams for more than one player.

  29. Gil (53): Sharpton and Jackson have no interest in racial equality or even a peaceful dialogue between the races. Their agenda is to divide and convince the black man whitey is out to get him. Then they come for the fireworks. That’s how they justify their existence.-JD

  30. In case you haven’t noticed, this team has had the same issues every year.

    1) weak rotation
    2) no one in the rotation that can get out of the 5th inning
    3) good pen that gets blown out by all star break.
    4) unbalanced lineup.
    5) horrible defense
    6) unreasonable reliance on injury prone old players
    7) over reliance on gimmicks to soothe the fan base.

  31. cont

    8) weak bench filled with one dimensional players who do not belong on a major league roster.

  32. john(58)

    Yes. sorry if i am not clear.

    just venting. it will take most of the postseason to do that.

    stress at work wont help me calm down.

  33. 54 Dave, you’re right on all those counts, brother. The three things I was most dismayed about was 1) Jerry Manuel prematurely anointing Daniel Murphy as the everyday left fielder — before spirng training started; 2) signing Oliver Perez instead of Derek Lowe; 3)signing Tim Redding — the ultimate in garbage pitchers — to a deal.
    I was excited when they traded for J.J. Putz, but by the season’s second month it was obvious he was damaged goods and the medical staff didn’t due its due diligence. The scouts also didn’t do their due diligence on Jeremy Reed, who contributed nothing and Sean Green, who managed to be worse than Aaron Heilman.

  34. The jets/dolphins is always a tough game. it doesnt matter who is good or not.

    it is like giants/skins or giants/dallas.

    always a touch game. great rivalries.

  35. FOURTH QUARTER: Would like to see the Jets control the ball on the ground a little. Take some pressure off Sanchez and chew some clock. …. What Gil and I did tonight was a little impromptu exercise in which different viewpoints can be argued without threats and insults. Right Gil?-JD

  36. Even though I’m a Cowboy fan, I like the Jets, too. Love Mark Sanchez. He’s the new David Wright — when he wasn’t striking out a ton and only hitting 10 HRs a year…

  37. Shake it off, Mark. You’ll get ’em next week. Take care, dave and JD. Chat with you again soon…By the way, Suzy Kolber was much cuter with short hair! :)

  38. Miami took down the Jets’ D a notch tonight. I thought the Jets’ defense wouldn’t wilt down the stretch like that. …. With NE losing, the Jets had a chance to open some ground. Missed opportunity. Two straight losses by the Jets mean they must regroup.-JD

  39. Wow — it’s like Rip Van Winkle here. I must have gotten hit in the head or something, because I can’t remember a thing. It’s all just a blur to me now.