On the market ….

With Boston and St. Louis making early exits in the playoffs, the focus is on the outfielders Jason Bay and Matt Holliday, and where they might land. Left field in Citi Field is a possibility, although not a seemingly strong one.

Yesterday, Bay acknowledged possibly playing elsewhere, but that seems to be more posturing than anything else. Bay loves Boston and the feeling is mutual and the two already had talks this season. I’m figuring he stays in Boston based on what has been written.

However, as much as the Cardinals would like to bring back Holliday, that might not happen because of the pending free-agency of Albert Pujols in two years. The Cardinals aren’t big spenders, but the Catch-22 is in order to retain Pujols they have to be serious about winning and protecting their big bat in the line-up.

Even so, I can see the Cardinals passing on Holliday because they could figure they could get somebody later. That’s how many of these teams think. In addition, the Cardinals’ first priority will be manager Tony La Russa and pitching coach Dave Duncan.

Of the four names mentioned here, personally I like La Russa and Duncan on the Mets best, but I know that won’t happen. The odds are best with Holliday.

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  1. If La Russa retires the new talk is Duncan may go to work for the Reds where the old Cards GM is running the show.

    As much as I have mocked Holliday’s defense he would be a great fit for the Mets.
    $iti field would not scare him after playing in Colorado.

    The big problem is Boras may not let Holliday sign early. Even if the Mets really want Holliday they need to have a back up plan in place.
    They need to plan the way the Yankees did.
    They traded for Swisher who many thought would start at 1B until they signed Texiera.
    Also when Nady went down Swisher was ready to take his place.
    Let hope Omar has learned the lesson about not having enough depth.

  2. Sign Holliday, Harden (if his contract demands are reasonable due to his injury history,) and LaRoche to a 2 year deal to play 1b. Sign Greg Zaun as your platoon catcher with Santos. Try and trade for a middle reliever.

  3. Scott,

    What makes you think Omar has learned his lesson?

    We have not had any depth for years now. We go into a season 2 years in a row with Alou and then scramble to replace his bat when – surprise! – he gets hurt and is out for a long time. Then of course we complain how our lineup was hurt when one of our premier power bats was on the shelf.

    As I said before and will say it again he is a snake oil salesman.

  4. Scott (1): I questioned Holliday’s defense, too, but on second thought believe he’ll win more games with his bat than lose with his glove. The Mets need a guy who can rake. Holliday can be that player. … If the wallet is open, he’s as good a choice as any,-JD

  5. John(5)

    I would hope that the GM and the owners have learned their respective lessons.

    Do I think they have?


  6. From what I have been reading, The Mets are looking to reduce payroll by at least 10mm this year. With 30mm coming off that means there is 20mm to spend. They need to fill #2 starter, Lf, catcher, setup man, loogy. Thats a lot of spaces to cover with 20mm. Halliday or Lackey will eat most of that by themselves. There are too many inflated contracts on this team already.

  7. Ray (7): I’ve heard the same, but also that the Mets are willing to spend. Holliday and Lackey would cost a lot, but make the Mets better. However, I don’t think they’ll put them over the top as there are too many other holes. Your shopping list is accurate.-JD

  8. it would be the same dog and pony show.

    trot out the big bopper ( hitter or pitcher )
    and surround them with chum and say here ya go!

    the 20xx version of the new york mets!