TALKIN’ BASEBALL and FOOTBALL, and anything you’d like.

Big sports day today. Three playoff games. NFL football all over the place. I’ve just tuned on to the Red Sox and Angels. What do you know? Afternoon baseball. Is nice to see. I’m in a good mood today. Just came back from church to find myself tweaked by Harry. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Hope you’re all well and enjoying a beautiful day. Hope we’ll burn up the lines in spirited chat.

136 thoughts on “TALKIN’ BASEBALL and FOOTBALL, and anything you’d like.

  1. Monday, at 8:30 – they are always tough at Fenway.

    Is Eli playing? I know he was dressed.

  2. If I’m the Giants, I’d pull Eli for the second half. Giants up 28-0. Eli has a sore foot. Let him rest. This is like a free day off.-JD

  3. John – I just checked the score – he’s ahead 21 – 0 isn’t he? Is that enough for him to rest a bit now?

    I don’t like to watch football because there can be terrible injuries at any time, but occaisionally I’ll sneak a peek at Archie’s kids –

  4. John (8) They’re just racking them up, aren’t they – is Eli still playing??

    Still 5-1 in Boston – I knew this would happen when they got ‘home’.

    In order to get my World Series team, I need someone to take out both the Sox and the Angels.

    Have you chosen your finalists yet or are you going to remain impartial?

  5. Giants about to take it in again …. with Carr as the QB. It’s good he’s getting the reps. Chances like this don’t come every week.-JD

  6. 14. Why should we be upset? You go out of your way 2 times on this thread to knock Mets players, but you post articles about how great jeter is.

  7. Ray (16): A little sensitive, aren’t you? The Mets deserve to be knocked after this year. Others post about Jeter and that’s fine. Post about whatever you’d like.-JD

  8. 17. I guess I am a little sensitive about my team. A painful season has ended for the Mets. Do we have to relive it?. Is it really necessary to go out of your way to attack 2 bench players when they have nothing to do with what is going on now? If all you want to do is bash my team, i know where the door is.

  9. I turned to the Giants game at one point and they just scored a touchdown. When you look at how pitiful the Oakland Raiders have become in the last few years, do you get the feeling this is what the Philadelphia A’s under Connie Mack must have looked like around 1950?

  10. Dan (21): I was just thinking how pathetic the Raiders are. What a proud franchise it used to be when it had Stabler and Casper and Branch, etc.-JD

  11. Billy Wagner was in October form, putting two runners on base that scored in the eighth inning. A familiar sight to us Mets fans.

  12. 23. John, all Im saying is if i want to read about how great the yankees are and how much the mets suck, I could go to a yankee board for that. capish?

  13. Hi John (37) Heat went off here this afternoon in 35 units. I’ll be watching the game from the couch all wrapped up in the quilt until the repair man shows up to fix the boilers.

  14. 49 Could Sager’s wardrobe be any louder than Lindsey Nelson’s were, back in the day? :)

  15. 51 Craig Sager is the field reporter for TBS. He also is the courtside reporter for the NBA on TNT.

  16. Gil (52) I knew that, I’ve just never seen nor heard him before – Don’t think I want to hear him again.

  17. John (57) Talking about umpires, did you know Terry Tata? He’s from Cheshire, now retired.

  18. John (60) He recently had a no hitter going until the late innings when someone – I forget who – made an error that turned into a hit.

    We can’t go into OT – there’s still another game to play!

  19. 52 Speaking of the NBA, even though I’m not as big a fan of that league as I am of MLB, the AFL (Australian Football League) or the NFL, TNT’s “Inside the NBA” with Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith is easily the funniest pre and post-game league show on TV.

  20. 61 Denard Span seems to have figured out what former Mets Kurt Abbott and Timo Perez couldn’t in the 2000 WS, about Mr. Pettitte.

  21. John (66) I was very impressed by the Angels this afternoon. Cool, calm and determined.

  22. 68 Annie: Two ways to look at that Angels’ 9th inning…
    1) Epic comeback or…
    2) Biggest Red Sox choke since ’86 WS Game 6…two outs, none on and a two-run lead when Erick Aybar started the winning rally today; just as there were two outs, none on and a two-run lead when Gary Carter started the Mets rally.

  23. John (70), Gil (69) I think it was definitely an ‘epic comeback’ very cooly executed, too.

    Well, well, now the fun starts in this game…First Alex, now Posada…

  24. You have to wonder how much more potent the Twins attack could be if Justin Morneau were healthy and playing…

  25. John (80) Me too, except mine were baseball, golf (US won) and horse racing – the Breeder’s Cup Challenge from Lexington, KY.

    Just got a call from the condo Prez – heat in half an hour.

  26. I take it the giants crushed the raiders. Dont understand why eli even played..

    I hope this team comes back and beats the yanks.

    amazing how this old roids pitcher for the bronx can come thru in the post season.

  27. I don’t believe that. Jeter did it again. I just don’t believe it. How could Punto have made a mistake like that?

  28. 90 Don’t forget, JD, the Angels started the winning rally while they were two runs down, with two ou and none on, against Papelbon.

  29. Twins have beaten themselves this entire series. They can’t get out of their own way. Sickening to watch. Kinda like the play of a certain NL team…

  30. my x boss used to curse arod. good numbers zero in the clutch.

    reminds me of a certain 3rd baseman for the team i follow.

  31. 97 glad to know you’re well, dave.
    This Twins meltdown is sad.
    They’re gonna be thinking all winter of that top of the 11th the other night with the bases loaded and none out…

  32. Had to turn off the game after the Twins used 4 pitchers to face 4 batters.

    How can you call that baseball.

    I hope the Phillies and Rockies play better.

  33. 106 Doing Well tks JD

    I was watching the Red Sox / Angels
    and had to be somewhere at 4:00
    I left with the 2 outs in the top of the 9th
    Thought the game was over.
    I can’t believe I missed the comeback.

    It may be time to buy a DVR

  34. Now here’s an instance of scheduling in which I DO blame Bud Selig…why won’t the ALCS start until Friday? You’ve got two teams playing in baseball-only stadiums, so there’s no conversion from any football configuration or football scheduling conflicts to worry about. Why not just start the series on Wednesday?

  35. Gil (109): That’s a lot of down time. Too much laying around. It’s all TV. They staggered the scheduling so they could televise it all on one network.-JD

  36. 11o Interesting how Todd Helton recently was quoted as saying that the long layoff in ’07 between the end of the NLCS and start of the WS hurt the Rockies and broke their momentum.

  37. SECOND INNING: There’s no excuse for this game being played at night. Baseball is not a game where you should see the players’ breath. …. If the Rockies go all the way, imagine what the weather would be like in two weeks.-JD

  38. John (110), Gil (109)

    Just checking my notes American League series is on FOX, National League is on TBS.

    Yankees will play Angels on Friday, no time given yet.

    (Phillies/Rockies due to play Today, tomorrow and Tuesday if necessary – National League Series starts on Thursday)

  39. 113 Well, JD, you do know that if the WS goes beyond five games, it’ll be going on into early November.
    But of couse MLB is far too greedy to preserve the 162-game schedule and still end the season in September by having scheduled Sunday doubleaheaders during the regular season, as it did back in the day.

  40. Scott (116): The WBC is all about selling T-shirts around the world. A waste of time. Only the foreign players like it … and in the Mets case who is to say it didn’t contribute to several of their injuries?-JD

  41. 1116 Scott: The WBC didn’t prolong Spring Training. Plenty of players who didn’t participate stayed behind and played in their clubs’ scheduled games. Season still started first week of April.

  42. John (122) Tomorrow is a Federal Holiday -would MLB consider playing the game during the day due to the weather?

  43. Annie: You have to start thinking like a TV exec. Prime time gets you the highest ad rates and biggest ratings! :)

  44. Gil … this is why your comment the other day about start times on the West Coast don’t hold water. …. This game won’t end before 130 EDT….That’s 1030 out West. …. TV sets all along the Eastern Seaboard are turning off with the exception of those in Philly. There is no excuse other than greed why this thing started at 10 EDT. … Start the damn thing at 5 in Denver, Or 6 at the latest.-JD

  45. I’m sticking to my opinion, JD. If you start the Rockies’ game at 5 or 6 p.m. local time, it butts up against the Broncos’ home game. What if you live in Denver and you have season tickets to both teams? What about the traffic snarls around metro Denver? What if you’re just a Denver fan and you want to see both your NFL and MLB teams play on TV and not have them competing with each other?

  46. Gil (132): Doesn’t matter. Let a few people in Denver be put out. Meanwhile, millions are turning off their sets in the East. Me included. I need to get up early tomorrow. Night all. We’ll do Game 4 tomorrow and Jets at night. Take care.-JD

  47. 132 Gil
    Whatever the reason.
    In Denver the Broncos are king.
    Football fills the sports pages 12 months of the year.