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This Day in Baseball History

This Day in Baseball History

It was Game 3 of the 2003 ALCS in Fenway Park, one of the most intense games in one of the most intense rivalries in all of sport.

Headhunter Pedro Martinez and punk Manny Ramirez were the biggest instigators in a brawl filled game between the Yankees and Red Sox. Ramirez waved his bat at Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens after a pitch that was no where near the Red Sox outfielder which caused the benches to empty.

In the scuffle, Martinez threw 72-year-old Yankees coach Don Zimmer to the ground. The game later featured a scuffle in the Yankees bullpen involving a Red Sox grounds crew member. The Yankees would win the game and Clemens got the decision.

The Yankees would go on to the World Series where they would lose to Florida.


They Said It

They Said It

The Cardinals are the first playoff team to see winter as they offered no resistance in Game 3 of their NLDS with Los Angeles to be swept out of October.

Said Los Angeles’ Casey Blake: “Anytime you win a series it’s good. But to sweep the Cardinals, it just doesn’t happen. I would have never guessed we would have swept them.”

The Dodgers will play the winner of the Colorado-Philadelphia NLDS, which is tied at a game apiece with Game 3 tonight in Denver.


0: Extra base hits by Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols in the NLDS vs. Dodgers.

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  1. Yes, the Cardinals lost but their fans showed something with the class ovation for Holliday in his first AB. Meanwhile retarded, egotistical disgusting supposed Mets fans such as Osama bin Gil from orlando still curse Castillo for a dropped ball months ago.

  2. Delcos: You’re showing your Yankee colors… “Headhunter” Pedro…. “punk” Manny… but just plain old Roger Clemens???? This is not Yankee land….

  3. Harry –

    Unfortunately the Mets aren’t in the post season, therefore their fans have no reason to watch – so some of them say.

    However, it is not the time to criticize others who are fans of the teams involved and/or simply real baseball fans for following the games themselves.

    FYI,during the post season most writers don’t have the time or inclination to play favorites – we just go with the news of the day – i.e. The Dodgers and Padilla, yesterday.

  4. But some people here do play favorites. Like bringing up crap like how much joy jeter had beating the Mets in the world series game 4. Then theres the praise and worship of jeter that goes on, and the reviews of bernie williams musical career. Are you insunuating that Mets fans who hate the yankees are not “real Baseball fans?”. This is a Mets site last time I checked, and there are 2 people here who like the bankees. Unfortunately one of them runs the site.

  5. Getting back to Pujols. Does this mean Wright gets some slack now for his lack of power numbers with no protection?

  6. Harry (2): Chill bro …. Pedro was a headhunter then. Manny, then and now, is a punk. Clemens? Well, he’s a liar and a cheat, but on that day he did nothing wrong. …. Let me say this one more time. There IS NO Yankee blood in me. Just call them as I see them.-JD

  7. Ray (4):: It is a Mets’ site, yes, but we talk about a lot of things. For example, Annie likes to talk golf and sometimes moves over into the Yankees. That’s fine. … Harry, for example, likes to bash Gil. … It’s an open forum here. It’s a Mets’ site, but we talk about other things. For example, there’s football today. …. But, I’m not a Yankees fan. I’m a fan of nobody. I talk about what I think and see and experience.-JD

  8. 7. John, I understand your point. What you dont understand, because you are not a Mets fan, is the hatred mets fans have for the yankees. Chiti and I are not the only ones who have complained about it. Why on a Mets site would you post an article about how wonderful it was for jeter to hit a home run to help the yankees beat the mets in the world series?

  9. (7) Maybe not a Yankee fan, per se, but you definitely display a reverence for them that, as others have pointed out, seems to belie the purpose of a “New York Mets” report.

    Moreover, wouldn’t it be nice if your reporting of this all-so-important game in Mets history mentioned that Pedro threw a 72-yr-old man to the ground _after_ he had been attacked by said 72-yr-old man first? Or, are you still having that fantasy in which you wake up and look like John Sterling?

  10. I am a Met fan who does not see a bias towards the bronx from our host.

    He is not a Met fan which of course rubs some the wrong way.

    For the games in 2003 that are in question here, I don’t think I saw them so I have no comment.