If they’re going to have instant replay, then do it right ….

It’s one thing when a player makes a mistake or a manager a bad decision. That’s part of the game. It’s expected. It is the human element.

It’s also expected umpires will blow calls, but in that case, there’s a vehicle in place to get it right. Baseball has introduced technology to work with the human side. Unfortunately, it’s only used on home runs, but the game is far more than the long ball.

CUZZI: Blown call could alter playoffs.

CUZZI: Blown call could alter playoffs.

Who knows … perhaps it would be the Tigers playing the Yankees had plate umpire Randy Marsh got it right and called it a HBP on Brandon Inge with the bases loaded Tuesday in the Metrodome. Replay got it and the Tigers should have had a run. Maybe they beat the Twins, maybe they don’t, but we shouldn’t be wondering.

And, who knows what Phil Cuzzi saw a ball when he ruled Joe Mauer’s ball off Melky Cabrera’s glove foul instead of fair, which it was by close to half a foot if not more. Later, when it was too late, the umps admitted they got it wrong. Worse, Cuzzi was the extra umpire used for the postseason.

Instead of a runner on second and no outs, the Twins had a man on first with no outs. The Twins eventually loaded the bases with no outs, but with the human element, did not score. They lost in the bottom of the inning.

Had the play been ruled correctly and the inning unfolded as it did, the Twins would have scored. The ump’s admission does not remove them from the brink of elimination.

“The left field umpire Phil Cuzzi saw the ball foul and called what he saw, rendered the ball foul decision,” crew chief Tim Tschida said. “Afterwards, like any close play, we went in and looked at it and it’s a clear indication that an incorrect decision was rendered.”

There’s a vehicle in place to get it right and it should be expanded.

Unlike football where the action takes place anywhere and the view is often obstructed by fly bodies, baseball has fixed locations in the foul lines and bases. It’s far easier to correct plays. Even on trapped balls in the outfield, there’s rarely another body to blur the view.

If the goal is to get it right, then MLB should use everything at its disposal to ensure the game is correctly called. There’s too much at stake otherwise.

7 thoughts on “If they’re going to have instant replay, then do it right ….

  1. Unless you can complete the review like tennis does in seconds, forget it. Five minutes for a review is going to ruin the game and its not fair to the pitcher.

  2. 3. So you’re for unlimited replay?
    So a guy hits a ball down the right field line the ump calls it foul, bases loaded two out bottom of the ninth score 5-3, now the replay shows the ump screwed up, who decides how many runs would have scored? you gonna make everything a ground rule double. All three runs might have scored. How you gonna get it right?
    You gonna have replays on pitches, balks, where are you gonna stop? Don’t say not on them, after all if the issue is getting it right you have to do it to everything. Man, the game would suck….
    You gonna limit the # of replays? NFL has a limit, tennis has a limit, But if you put on a limit, then you won’t get it always right, defeating your purpose.

  3. i vote for simpler times.

    the umps should be professional and get the call right.

    let the replay be for the fans at home.

    if the ump screws up let them get extra training or get sent to the minors if they are really bad

  4. Harry (3): I’m for getting the call right. Your scenario can be addressed without it being a federal case. You’ll never have unlimited replay because you can’t do balls and strikes, but you can have increased replay to get as many calls right as possible.-JD

  5. 5. I don’t think umps are worse. i think there are so many cameras and super slo mos and all that, that a lot more of the errors are seen. The fair ball was a horr ible call in the Bronx but the Twins didn’t even notice it. In the early days of TV with one camera, nobody but some fans in the corner would have ever known. .. Plus, no ral Met fan would objext to bad calls. Afterall, a very bad call at first base in the 86 nlcs helped the Mets significantly.
    And no good Royal fan is objecting the the call that gave them game 6 of the 85 eorld series. Who talks about a series being decided by a good call?