Pedro wants the ball ….

I’m not second-guessing the Mets’ decision not to bring back Pedro Martinez. I thought it was time to move on also. However, in light of the collapse of the Mets pitching staff, Martinez’s success with the Phillies shows they might have made a mistake.

Martinez finds himself in position where he could get the ball in the pivotal Game 3 of the Phillies’ NLDS at Colorado tomorrow.

The decision will be announced between Martinez, Joe Blanton and J.A. Happ. Martinez thinks it will be him.

“I’ve been around long enough to know that it’s my turn,” Martinez said. “I’m supposed to get some action in there. And I’m looking forward to getting an opportunity to help this team. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do that.”

Martinez was 5-1 with a 3.63 ERA this season in a couple of months with the Phillies. If used the right way, meaning as a back end of the rotation starter, he could be valuable, and his numbers will get him a job if he wants to pitch again.

Did the Mets make a mistake?

8 thoughts on “Pedro wants the ball ….

  1. Pedro would have been languishing on this team as we fell apart and very unhappy. I think it was the right move for both sides in the end. If we were hanging in contention we would have missed Pedro as a healthy Pedro even at his age can still get folks out, but as the season turned out Pedro would have been wasted and useless.

    That being said, I think Pedro is hurting his team with these comments. Blanton has been a good pitcher for his team and Happ has been often, Pedro shouldn’t be running his mouth about how he “should” get the ball which will only cause drama if he doesn’t.

  2. BTW, I still have to wonder if Pedro can pitch an entire season, and I know PEDRO thinks he can pitch an entire season and I know Pedro thinks he can still be an ace which is part of the reason why I am glad we didn’t pick him up even if he could have helped.

  3. No.

    I think it was time to part ways.

    He is not the future, and IMO not the present.

    He has done well with the Phillies for the backend of the season for a modest investment.

    He would not have saved this season. We are a seriously flawed team.

  4. As James said, Pedro has basically pitched less than 1/3rd of a season. It was the warm part of the season which he loves. I’ve got to think if he’d been a full season’er he would have broken down by now. If the Mets had signed him in June would he have lasted till September? nahhhh.

  5. 1. If you would have listened to Pedro’s press conference you would have known that he was nothing but eloquent in his words. And of you would have watched the game yesterday you would have known that Happ got hurt and was therefore a very unlikely candidate to start game 3 and Blanton was used in the pen and was therefore also an unlikely starter in game 3. I don’t think you can criticize the guy for knowing he was statrting when he was the only starter avaialble for Saturday’s game, and especially since the manager did indeed announce it officially.

    Delcos: did the Mets make a mistake? The Mets made so many mistakes this off season that what’s the sense of bringing it up.

    3. dave, Pedro may not be the future but was Sheffield, Anderson Hernandez, Livan Hernandez, Freddy Garcia, Elmer Dessens, Takahashi, I’m sure there’s another dozen names but…..

  6. I’ll second guess the decision — the Mets should’ve signed Pedro and not Tim Redding or Livan Hernandez. Good for Pedro that he might get the ball against the Rockies. I’ll be cheering for him.

  7. Pedro is one of my favorite gardeners and pitchers. He’s still under 40 and can still pitch. Whether the Mets made a mistake or not is their call.

  8. Francesa pointed something out today: That Pedro hasn’t been the same since Charlie Manuel left him in there for 130 pitches against the Mets. Incidentally, that was following a 119-pitch effort on his turn before. In other words, he threw 249 pitches within a six-day stretch.