Be careful what you wish for ….

A lot of Mets fans are hoping the team will take the plunge on free-agent outfielder Matt Holliday, whose defense prowess is why the Cardinals are down 2-0 in their NLDS with the Dodgers.

Holliday dropped a line drive for what should have been the final out in Game 2 yesterday and enabled the Dodgers to rally in the ninth inning. That the Dodgers rallied is not a surprise, as they won 23 games in their final at-bat this season. It was how sudden that was shocking.

There’s no doubting Holliday’s offensive ability, but his defense has been suspect and left field is a difficult position to play in Citi Field. Not that the Mets are going to splurge on what it would take to land him, but defense is a priority.

So, is his glove worth the risk just to have his bat?

3 thoughts on “Be careful what you wish for ….

  1. Lets look at left field Delcos. Couple years ago the Mets gave the job to Alou, a fine bat whose fielding days were long gone. Last year they gave left field to Daniel Murphy who didn’t have a clue what to do out there. Then they gave the job to Gary Sheffield a guy who hadn’t played in the field for years and quickly shoed why when he got to the outfield. Meanwhile they wouldn’t pay a few bucks on other lousy fielding outfielders like Abreu or Dunn, both of whom drove in 100. So would the Mets have been better with either of them? Yup. So wouldn’t they likewise be better with Holliday? Unless of course you have an option of a guy who is a stud fielder for them out there. Would you rather have Pagan because he runs faster but is fundamentally a disaster area?

  2. I think the Mets need someone who can hit 25/30 hr and plus 90 rbi and is a solid fielder with about 270/280 avg.

    more power would be nice, but they need this.

    the team needs to upgrade their defense. it sucks. you dont want a power team that is a defensive liability.

    that may get you to the post season but you won’t win.

    come to think of it that is the 10 year plan for the mets.

  3. Would the Mets be better with Halliday? No doubt, but there is no way in my mind that Halliday will ever be worth the contract he is going to find this offseason. If we can get him for a reasonable deal of like 3×40 or something I could see him making sense, but if he gets anything close to the 5 or 6 year deal they are talking about for 15+ per? No thanks, not even close.

    However, his defense is not that big of an issue, is it great? No. But LF is not the big issue defensively in Citi, RF is the big defensive position.