Who should the Mets target?

Let’s be reasonable now. We know some players the Mets simply won’t have a chance to acquire because they don’t want to spend the resources, either in prospects or salary.

Several media outlets have reported Tampa Bay is willing to part with 25-year-old outfielder B.J. Upton, who had an off-year in 2009.

Not a bad choice. But, in looking at the Mets’ hole in left field, is he the best option or do you have somebody else in mind?

16 thoughts on “Who should the Mets target?

  1. I’ll be honest with you JD, I don’t like anyone in the free agency market. I don’t think Lackey is all that great for the $$$ it will cost. Bay does not impress me. I wouldn’t mind Matt Holliday for left field. I wouldn’t mind taking a chance on Rich Harden even with his injuries if he is willing to take a deal that takes that into consideration. I think they should target a Right handed compliment to Murphy at first as a stop gap until Ike Davis is ready in 2011. Upton is a bit of a head case if I recall correctly, and he really has had two off years in a row. He’d have to come cheaply. Isn’t he D.Wright’s buddy from high school? Maybe that would help him out.

  2. Realisticly, I dont think that Holliday or Bay will be coming over. Yesterday I brought up Abreau for the LF spot. He is a proven run producer having driven in over 100runs in 8 of the last 9 years. He has enough speed to fit the stadiums dimensions. He stole 30 bases last year. Not to be overlooked is that he has played in New York and had no problems. He can probably be had for a 2 year contract for 18 mil or so.

  3. (2) Ray, I think Abreu would be a good fit for next year. I doubt Holliday will be available unless the Mets want to over pay, which I don’t think they will do. Holliday will probably re up with the Cardinals.

  4. For the pitching, thats more tricky. Lackey is the obvious choice, but how much will he cost? Some say too much. I say maybe not. The yankees wont be in the running. Boston has plenty of pitching too. If the Mets make a play for him, thier main competition will be the Angels. Wilpon and Omar said the other day that things will develop slowly this winter. They will wait it out until the price drops. If they dont get Lackey, there are other options but he is my choice.

  5. Why do you place restrictions on the Mets, like they’re some small-market club? Didn’t they make Beltran one of the highest-paid players in the game when signing him? Wasn’t Santana’s contract the richest ever given to a pitcher at that time? When Delgado was a free agent, they offered him a better deal than the one he eventually signed, and I’d dare argue that they paid Pedro more than anyone else was willing to.

    Simply stated, I don’t agree with your premise regarding reasonability.

  6. I don’t pretend to understand the business/financial part of sports. Nor, at the moment do I have any idea of the real condition of the Mets and or Sterling LTD funds. Others can make these decisions.

    For a new left fielder, I’d leave it to the scouts to evaluate the available talent for their teams.

    As a lifelong athlete myself, I simply enjoy watching other athletes as they play their sport.

  7. 5. Tiffany, I am just going off what I heard Jeff and Omar said during the wfan interview. They will spend, but they are going to wait out the market. Those contracts you mention were in a different time, and what did all those big contracts get them anyway? Whats your plan?

  8. i wouldny mind abreau, but if he is a type a, i dont want to give up a first so i can pay him.

  9. The choice here is simple.

    What is the plan?

    does the team go out and get ppl so we get a wildcard? Are we good enough for that? I am not so sure. If we do that then we lose out on the first round. Our drafting is not that great anyway so that may not be a bad thing.

    Or do we decide we need to fix the minors and build up depth. keep our picks ( and sign them ) and get secondary talent and wait.

    i think the team will be the former. unfortunately that is what we have done for 4 years and look where we are.

    this team sucks.

  10. 7. Have to agree with Tiffany on the do ray mi. Even last year they spent the money, they just spent it on the wrong guy. They were the only big bidder on KRod and OP. What they wouldn’t do is buy the guys who were “unwanted” and cheap relatively, that would have helped the team, Dunn or Abreu.

  11. 10. I didnt say they werent going to spend money. I just dont see them blowing the competition out of the water like the Yanks did last year. Speaking of Krod, thats what Im talking about. They waited and got him for half of what he was asking. Unfortunately they did the same with Ollie and still paid way too much.

  12. by the way chiti, how would you fix the mets holes. I am the only one who has answered the question so far.

  13. Lackey and Bay. Bay is great. He’s a bona fide top level run producers. Abreu is good too but not as good as Bay and he’s older. Lackey is a proven performer. This was his 5th straight good year. Get them both, get Reyes and Beltran healthy (and Putz and Maine and Perez too) and the Mets are right back in the thick of it.

  14. (7) My comments about the dollars weren’t directed at you — they were directed at Delcos, who occasionally bumps his head and slips into a Cleveland-speak routine that falls somewher between Pete Franklin and Mike Trivisonno.

    The Mets have money, and the Mets spend money — they just don’t always do it wisely.

    My plan would be three basic steps:

    1.) Banish the Wilpons from the day-to-day operations and allow a baseball man to develop and implement an organizational philosophy that goes beyond “win now” and “Los Mets.” This would extend to player development and, notably, the coaching staff.

    2.) Bring back Putz and Delgado. Without them, the laundry list of needs becomes too overwhelming. Besides, if healthy, both improve areas of weakness into areas of strength. Moreover, they buy time until better options are available.

    3.) Acquire a front-end starter.

  15. Sadecki: Thanks for the opportunity. You have filled two holes and you leave the team short since there are so many more.
    CATCHER: A one year sign of a veteran, even a return of my beloved Schneider. One year no more no less. Tholeeeeee goes to AAA for a full year to improve his catching.
    FIRST BASE: Nothing. If Davis is the future as so many claim based on one nice but not spectacular season then you can’t bring in a guy there. Murphy is the guy in prepartion for trade next Winter or becoming the Ty Wigginton of the next few years. Aguy who can play anywhere because he can’t play anywhere.
    SECOND BASE: Nothing in the majors… One of the supposed prospects playing shortstop is moved to 2nd immediately to prepare to take the job down the road.
    SS/3RD: Nothing…
    Left Field: I like ytour Abreu idea but for one year. Like Thole, FMART plays in AAA for a year if he can stay healthy.
    CENTERFIELD: Nothing
    RIGHTFIELD: Nothing unless I can get 2 ready for prime time kids for Francoeur. And nothing includes not giving this guy a multi year deal. He hasn’t earned trust based on his career. Good numbers for a team out of the hunt is not worthy of a three year deal.
    STARTERS: You can sign this Lackey for too many years based on his inability to pitch close to 30 starts the last 2 or you can try to sign Piniera who can show guys like Pelfrey how pitching to contact can really work.
    BULLPEN: You need 5 guys (maybe 4 if Parnell can get his head on straight). Good luck.
    Omar since he is in a ridiculous situation of having to win now or get the axe is banned from trading his top prospects since he will only care about 2010 and not long range. The first failing of Jeff the buttinsky owner this off season was probably the biggest mistake. Either he gives the guy another several years or he should have axed him.

  16. Harry,

    I think your proposal is very reasonable.
    I do think we need 2 starting pitchers that can be relied on as well as a stronger bench.

    We should re-sign Cora.