Talkin’ Baseball: The Playoffs continue.

No real surprises last night in the first day of the Division Series. The Yankees, Phillies and Dodgers all won as the home teams rolled. Of the three losing teams, I see only the Cardinals of rebounding to take their series.

Obviously, the defending world champs aren’t a media darling. They have another afternoon game today. Cole Hamels is starting and could give the Phillies a chokehold in their series with the Rockies.

24 thoughts on “Talkin’ Baseball: The Playoffs continue.

  1. TBS is carrying the division series and I pity Ron Darling who is stuck with Chip Caray as he does the Yankee games.

    However, I would send roses to whoever put together the studio experts:

    Cal Ripken
    Dennis Eckersley
    David Wells

    I could listen to them for hours – they are that good.

  2. John (2) OK, you know him personally, I only know what I see or hear on TV. How about the others?

  3. Torrealba with a home run? Isn’t he the catcher the Mets ace medical staff said wasn’t healthy enough to trade for?

    It’s hard to predict what moves would have been made if the Wilpon’s had offered guaranteed money to Vladimir Guerrero. But he has been healthy enough to play in the field until this year when he DH’d. Not sure if he could have.

    Let’s hope these series are at least exciting. No 3-0 splits please. And maybe the manager of the winning series between St Louis and Los Angeles can be awarded the Sgt Schultz “I see nothing! Nothing!” award for ignoring all the pills and syringes in their locker rooms.

  4. 4. Torrealba hit a dinger but he certainly has been nothing special not even average. Another Schneider at best.

  5. A very quiet Citizens Bank Park. Hope it stays that way.
    Annie: I thought the guys matched pretty well on the Yankee game. The real boring guy is the play by play guy on the filly/Rocks game.

  6. Harry (6) I have to say I haven’t really watched the Phillies/Rock game today – listening to WFAN – it’s their last day in Astoria where they’ve been located for 22 years – moving the station to lower Manhattan in a new facility w/other radio stations. Francesa is getting nostalgic.

    I will watch the Dodgers at 6 and Boston at 9. Have no idea of who I want to be playing each other on Oct. 28th – do you?

  7. I don’t agree about the teams going on. I think the Rockies have an excellent chance with the Phillies (and Hamels is doing nothing special so far to dissuade that opinion), and the Cards I think should be the favorites with LA.

    To me I am looking for

    As my championship teams. I just can’t buy the starting pitching on the Dodgers or the bullpen of the Phillies right now.

  8. Matt Holiday will look right at home in the $itifield left field in 2010, won’t he?

  9. Not sure where to post this but here goes.

    On free agency

    The Mets will not lose their number one pick if they sign a type A free agent, they would lose their second round pick. Being that the Mets would pick 7th in the second round it is almost the same as a late first round pick.

    Only played 10 games in LF he played 124 in RF
    and DH’d for 14.

    and tonight we get to see John Lacky in a pressure situation.

  10. What a great ending to the Cards-Dodgers game! Can’t say I’m shedding any tears to see Mets nemesis Adam wainwright denied.
    How bad are you feeling right now if you’re either Colby Rasmus, foolishly making the second out at third base in a crucial spot, Matt Holliday, muffing the game-ending out in left field, or Ryan Franklin, blowing the save?

  11. JD Question for you.

    I keep hearing the Marlins may not be able to keep Dan Uggla for financial reasons.

    Everyone knows he is not a very good fielding second baseman but you have seen him play live more than any of us.

    Could Uggla play first base or left field.

  12. Scott (16): I don’t know about left field, but I think he could play first base. He would certainly provide the power needed at first base for probably the cost of $7 million a season. He’s arbitration eligible this year and next. If the Mets believe they must add a first baseman, I think they would rather get an established first baseman rather than try to make a position change, which is what they did with Murphy.-JD

  13. 15 LOL! A fellow Mets fan told me the same thing earlier, Scott! Nice line. By the way, I hope the Mets will make a run at tonight’s Angels’ starter, John Lackey and their 2B, Chone Figgins.

  14. Gil (14): Holliday didn’t have to make that error in the ninth inning to prove he’s a defensive liability. We saw this season that left field is a tough position to play at Citi Field. I like Holliday’s power, but I believe his price, plus his defensive shortcomings, might scare off the Mets.-JD

  15. Gil (18): Lackey would be a huge plus. He would also probably be the highest priced FA pitcher in the market. Will the Mets be willing to splurge? They say they will, but actions speak louder than words. Lackey does have an injury history, which might give the Mets pause.-JD

  16. FIFTH INNING: Good bunt by Chone Figgins. A fundamentally sound player, he would be an upgrade at second base for the Mets. However, I can’t see the Mets going after him with two years remaining on Luis Castillo’s contract. The Mets aren’t in the habit of eating contracts. In fact, an argument could be made if GM Omar Minaya hadn’t been signed to an extension he might have been gone.-JD

  17. 19 JD: Could Holliday possibly be any worse in left than Daniel Murphy?
    20 JD: Did JJ Putz’s injury history give the Mets pause?
    21 JD: Didn’t the Mets eat Willie Randolph’s contract?

  18. Gee, you don’t think there was any meaning to that pitch to Hunter, do you?
    Wonder if Lackey will retaliate tonight or another Angels pitcher does tomorrow.

  19. Darren Oliver is still an enigma to me.
    A mediocre starting pitcher
    who at age 35 after being out of baseball for a year has become an elite relief pitcher.