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This Day in Baseball History

This Day in Baseball History

Now, here’s something everybody should remember. In a playoff game at Shea in 1973, Rusty Staub homered twice in the Mets’ 9-2 rout of Cincinnati, but that got lost in the dust around second base.

Pete Rose, who played with the temperament of a boiling teakettle, slid hard into second base and came up swinging at Mets shortstop Bud Harrelson in a classic playoff moment.

The Mets would win that series and go on to lose to Oakland in the World Series.

Growing up in Ohio, Rose was always one of my favorite players, but even so I never saw the reason for him to go after Harrelson. But, you had to admire Harrelson, who despite being outweighed by over twenty pounds, held his own in the brawl.

I’m sure you guys have some thoughts on that day.


They Said It

They Said It

Not a power hitter, Derek Jeter hit his 18th postseason homer last night to tie Mickey Mantle and Reggie Jackson on the all-time list as the Yankees beat the Twins, 7-2, in Game 1 of the ALDS. A point of clarification, however, Mantle hit all of his in the World Series, a record that should never be broken.

I covered Jeter from 1998-2005, and learned to appreciate his ability to perform under pressure. No question, Alex Rodriguez has more pronounced baseball skills, but if he had Jeter’s composure under the gun there’s no determining what he would produce.

Jeter is a very special player, one who’ll, if he stays healthy, get 3,000 hits and go into the Hall of Fame. Even if he didn’t play another inning, he’s already in Cooperstown.

Last night was another October moment for him, and he had the park buzzing.

Said Jeter: “It felt just like the old place. We couldn’t have drawn it up any better for us.”



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  1. About Derek –
    I’ve followed him for a long time myself and think that we won’t see a player like him for a long time if ever again.

    Totally dedicated to his family and his profession, it is amazing how he has kept his own counsel in the worlds’ biggest baseball/sports/gossip market all these years.

    He’s the kind of guy who makes both parents and employers very happy – just ask Dorothy, Charles and George.

  2. Nobody here gives a you know what about Jeter, He has no family. Hes single. why dont you shut up about jeter already. You seem like a nice lady, so I have restrained myself. You were right yesterday. You are in the wrong place to sing the songs of Jeter. A real mets fan hates the bankees. Yankee fans should construct a church so they can worship at his feet. disgusting.

  3. Delcos, if you delete this post, I will be very unhappy. Mets fans dont want to hear about this. Especially this year.

  4. Please no more Derek Jeter.
    Yes I know he will be a first ballot HOF.

    I bet he even eclipse’s Seaver’s record number of votes on the first ballot.

    But this is a Mets centric blog and I don’t give a RATS …..